3.0 from Infrabal

What is Infrabaldan 3.0?

Infrabaldan 3.0 is a program offered for the purpose of healthy weight loss and slimming, provided that it accelerates the metabolism . The device contains intense infrared lights. It is an application made by pedaling the person in bed for 40 minutes. Infrabaldan 3.0 provides effective weight loss proven by clinical trials.

As Sculpture, we help you get in shape by providing fast and effective weight loss thanks to the Infrabaldan program we apply to you. You can apply the program that enables you to reach physical perfection through our expert team.

How Weak with Infrabaldan 3.0 ?

With Infrabaldan 3.0, attenuation is achieved quickly and effectively. Infrabaldan 3.0, which accelerates the metabolism, provides intense sweating. Thus, high heating is provided in the body and with the effect of Infrabaldan 3.0 lights, dense fat deposits move under the skin and begin to melt and turn into a liquid state. The program is very effective for healthy weight loss.

Thanks to the fat burning caused by the rapid sweating created by the light and movement, you can quickly lose weight and maintain your body balance. Call us now to get a quick weight loss with our Infrabaldan program.

Does Infrabaldan 3.0 Eliminate Cellulite?

Infrabaldan 3.0 is also very effective for cellulite treatment . Cellulite is one of the most important physical problems that women want to get rid of. Infrabaldan is one of the programs that helps to eliminate cellulite. It ensures the removal of toxins, tightening and recovery of the body. It is recommended to apply the Infrabaldan 3.0 procedure 2-3 times a week, in packages of 10 sessions in total.

Is Infrabaldan 3.0 Reliable?

Infrabaldan 3.0 is a reliable application. Infrabaldan is the only licensed slimming system used in the treatment of obesity in the world, designed to lose weight in a healthy way and to get the body in shape, and approved by the scientific community. As Sculpture in Turkey, we offer you this special and effective weight loss program with our expert staff. You can contact us if you want to benefit from the program, which has many benefits as well as the solution of weight and cellulite problems.

What is the Purpose of Infrabaldan 3.0?

The purpose and benefits of Infrabaldan 3.0 can be listed as follows:

  1. It improves your body shape and overall appearance, reduces excess body fat. Thus, your body will be balanced and you will have a physically pleasant appearance.
  2. Tightens and strengthens your muscles; It increases the fat burning rate of your muscles. With the strengthening of your muscles, you will have a vigorous physique.
  3. It accelerates and improves your metabolism and, over time, accustoms your metabolism to burning fat more effectively. As the metabolism gets used to fast fat burning, it will be harder to gain weight.
  4. Along with cleansing your body of toxins, it also increases the spontaneous production of melatonin, the so-called youth hormone. With the secretion of the youth hormone by your body, your skin health is also balanced.
  5. It reduces the symptoms of depression, stress and tension. Infrabaldan contributes to your comfort both physically and spiritually.
  6. As a result of your organism producing more of the stamina hormone, which increases muscle adequacy, it increases your energy level and body resistance, increasing your energy level. Thus, you feel more rested.
  7. Your organism gets used to not storing fat and burning fat instead of sugar. In this way, it does not produce lactic acid, which makes you more comfortable in all physical activities as well as getting tired more difficult, increasing your performance in jobs that require physical exertion.
  8. As a result of Infrabaldan treatment, your body gets used to not storing fat and burning fat instead of sugar. Thus, it does not produce lactic acid, which allows you to enjoy all physical activities more, as well as to get tired more difficult. This will significantly improve your quality of life.
  9. Your metabolism will get used to burning more calories from infrabal, not only during the treatment, but also after the treatment, and you will continue to burn calories even while you are resting. The metabolism will get used to the burning of wood, which will make it difficult for you to gain weight.
  10. It is the world’s only patented technology developed as a result of scientific research in its field. You can benefit from our Infrabaldan program with confidence.

Where Is Infrabaldan 3.0 Applied?

Infrabaldan 3.0 Turkey application center is Sculpture. With the program offered to you by our expert team, you can start losing weight quickly, effectively and permanently. You can contact us for your problems such as cellulite, low energy, excess weight. You can benefit from the Infrabaldan program, which will bring you peace and health both physically and spiritually. You can call us now to get more information about this program that we offer you as Sculpture.

40 minutes

10 Sessions