Live Well with Sculpture

Private Sculpture Clinic

All applications that focus on the goals of living well, aging well and looking the best for their age at all ages have been carefully thought through, and all of the products and devices used are carefully selected from among the leaders in their fields, award-winning and certified.

Treatments We Apply in Our Polyclinic

Private Sculpture Polyclinic, which always adopts the principle of offering innovative, different and personalized solutions, was founded by Güray Akar in 1998 and has always been the pioneer of the sector in the fields of Body Shaping, Medical Aesthetics, Aesthetic Surgery and Healthy Nutrition.

Private Sculpture Clinic


Sculpture Founder- Güray Akar

Dermatologist - Prof. Dr. Halis Bulent Tastan

Dermatologist Dr. Şeyma Demirci

Aesthetic Surgeon - Op. Dr. Kunter Erten

Dietitian - Su Sevilgen

Dietitian - Berna Akşehirlioğlu Yangın