Sculpture Aesthetics Clinic

All Treatments Focusing On Being “More Charming, Groomed, Fit and Healthy” are thought out individually and thoroughly, and all of the products and devices used are carefully selected among the leading, award-winning and certified ones.
At Sculpture Aesthetics Clinic, each doctor and specialist fulfills his/her practice with an aesthetic perception of a sculptor to create smiling faces and bodies.”


For A Healthy Life...

Charming and Healthy

All of us have areas in our body that we would like to change. Although they are minor details, they can have a big impact on our lives. You can transform small changes into big innovations at Sculpture..

Groomed and Healthy

You can discover many miraculous applications at Sculpture to strengthen your body, increase your stamina, feel more energetic during the day, eliminate pain, relieve stress or refresh yourself…

Fit And Healthy

It is possible to achieve the body of your dreams and to be fit with Sculpture. With the ‘fine’ craftsmanship of Sculpture, you can have a body that fits you better and increases your self-confidence..

Treatments We Apply in Our Polyclinic

Founded by Guray Akar in 1998 as the first Beauty Clinic in Turkey, Sculpture Aesthetics Clinic, has always aimed at offering innovative, impeccable and personalized solutions; and has always been a pioneer of the industry in Body Shaping, Medical Aesthetics, Aesthetic Surgery and Nutritional Consultancy.

Body Shaping

Cellulite Treatment, Regional Slimming, Skin Tightening, Muscle Building, Stretch Marks

Medical Aesthetic

Skin Regeneration, Mesolift, Dermal Fillers, Skin Tightening, Spot Treatment, Hair Treatment

Aesthetic Surgery

Butt Aesthetics, Breast Lift, Genital Aesthetics, Upper Arm Aesthetics,  Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Eyelid Aesthetics, Gynecomastia, Liposuction, Nose Aesthetics, Leg Aesthetics, Hair Transplantation, Ear Aesthetics, Breast Aesthetics, MonaLisa Touch, Face and Neck Lift

Skin Care

Forll’ed Care, Hydrafacial, Coolifting, OXYjet CryO2 Power, OxyGeneo, Omnilux, Jetpeel, Hydradermie Youth, Microbalding (3D Hair Technique), Eyebrow Design, YUMILashes Eyelash Keratin

Sculpture Aesthetics Clinic

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