The definition of alloblast can be made as “The cells (fibroblasts) obtained from the foreskin of newborns are multiplied and injected into the area needed”. Alloblast production is carried out in a high-tech laboratory environment. Thanks to a number of bioengineering techniques, the cells that people need most are injected allogeneically. GMP-approved laboratories create thousands or even millions of fibroblast cells based on a high-tech system. The process, which is done around FDA approval, goes through some processes in accordance with the fibroblast production technique.

The cells produced are approved by the Ministry of Health and Europe and complete the quality control processes. State-of-the-art technology is used for the specialized cells derived from the new foreskin. The area that people need is determined and an allogeneic treatment method is performed. The method, which is generally applied in one session, involves collagen and elastin producing cells.

What is Fibrocell?

Duringthe fibrocellprocedure, fibroblast cells obtained from the person’s own tissues (skin biopsy behind the ear) are used. In a high-tech laboratory, various techniques are used to inject the necessary cells into the area of need.

Fibroblast cells are generally located in the middle layer of the skin. Skin regeneration plays a key role in a dynamic and healthy skin appearance. The firmness, brightness, youthful appearance and elasticity of the skin can be met thanks to these cells. Special proteins and hyaluronic acid cause the secretion of glycoproteins that provide moisture capacity.

What are the Differences Between Alloblast and Fibrocell?

The differences between fibrocell and alloblast procedures determine which method people prefer. In alloblast treatment, allogeneic fibroblasts are generally used. In fibrocell treatment, people’s own tissues behind the ear are used. Other differences are as follows:

  • The cells used during allogeneic fibroblast administration are younger and healthier. These cells do not encounter any adverse conditions until the moment they are taken into tissue culture.
  • The result of the alloblast procedure is 4 times faster than the other procedure.
  • Cells obtained from baby foreskin have no allergy and side effects. This is because the cells obtained from the baby foreskin have not yet acquired a baby-specific identity. In this way, it can be applied to other people with confidence.
  • Fibrocell is applied 2 times in total in patients. All procedures for fibrocell application must be as previously determined. Applications should be made by appointment.
  • Application sessions should be done within a certain schedule. If the patient fails to show up for his/her appointment, he/she is not entitled to a session.
  • One session is considered sufficient for alloblast application. However, in cases of demand, the number of sessions increases.
  • With alloblast treatment, the results are visible very soon after the application. This period is a maximum of 3 months. This results in a younger, healthier and more dynamic texture. The cells will not be exposed to any environmental impact until the moment they are taken into tissue culture.
  • In both fibrocell and alloblast applications, attention is paid to the additive in tissue suspensions. For a completely natural regeneration, the necessary training in both procedures must be done correctly. In our clinic, all the necessary steps for alloblast are carried out in full.

Alloblast Application Stages

The application of the alloblast on the body is as follows:

  • The patient comes to our clinic and topical pain-relieving creams are used for her skin. The cream will produce a numb feeling in that area.
  • After the application is decided, the desired product comes to the clinic within 2-3 working days.
  • Alloblast is administered as an injection into the desired area of the patient.

Things to Consider After Application

Among the things to be done after alloblast is to keep the area away from water. In addition, no pressure should be applied to the area for 24 hours. Care should be taken not to apply cosmetics and make-up products to the area for 72 hours.

In the first 3 months after the application, applications such as dermaroler and laser should be avoided. At least 3 weeks are required for applications such as low-density hyaluronic acid injection.

Alloblast Cell Therapy

If both healthy and young cells are implanted into the skin, excessively aging or irreparable tissues will begin to regenerate themselves. Damaged tissues can be restored with these cells.

Alloblast application, which is obtained from cells in the foreskin of newborns that have not yet identified with themselves, is one of the methods applied by our clinic. If you want to have detailed data about alloblast application, you can contact us from our contact information.