Baby Face Beauty

What is Baby Face Beauty?

Baby face beauty is our application where we reach a “Baby Face” face appearance, where we remove skin dullness and stains with nano-particle special patent gold serums, which we send to the lower layers of the skin using thulium laser technology. Within the scope of baby face beauty , you can have a brighter and younger looking skin.

What are the benefits to the skin with Baby Face Beauty?

In Baby face beauty, we list the details about the skin’s gains as follows:

  • Within the scope of our treatment, by opening micro channels in micron diameter on the skin with laser beams, vitamin C, which will answer your skin question,
  • retinol,
  • tranexamic acid,
  • Resveratrol,
  • We bring ingredients such as Lasemb ampoules with nanoparticles containing stem cells to your skin.

In this context, we provide you with a healthy, bright, fresh and young skin with the effect of thulium laser and the antioxidant, antiaging and illuminating effects of the products.

For What Purposes Is Baby Face Beauty Used?

We list the information about the usage purposes of baby face beauty as follows:

  • Doing classic skin care,
  • Cleaning the pores and tightening the pores,
  • skin tone whitening,
  • remove wrinkles,
  • Benefiting from anti-aging care,
  • pigment reduction,
  • scar removal,
  • Detailed care in the neck and décolleté area,
  • neck rejuvenation,
  • Melazing,
  • skin rejuvenation,
  • Preventing the formation of fine wrinkles and lines,
  • antioxidant skin care
  • Getting rid of enlarged pores,
  • jowl recovery,
  • Hand care,
  • Balancing sebum in oily skin,
  • Removing acne and scars,

It is possible to benefit from baby face beauty to achieve all these purposes. Within the scope of our application, we find the necessary solutions to all your problems and provide you with a healthier and more aesthetic looking skin.

How Long is Baby Face Beauty Application Period?

Baby face beauty processing time is 15 minutes. Baby face beauty, which is a painless method and can be applied in a short time, is an ideal choice for those who want to protect their skin health and rejuvenate within the limited time frame of daily work.

What Makes Baby Face Beauty Different From Other Lasers?

We list the details about the distinction of baby face beauty from other lasers as follows:

  • Shorter treatment time compared to other laser procedures, effective treatment in 15 minutes,
  • Since it is a painless method, there is no need for anesthesia,
  • Due to the low redness effect, the person can return to his daily life and work immediately,
  • It gives effective results on all skin types,
  • It can be applied in all seasons regardless of summer or winter,
  • A care and healing effect from the inside out due to the laser effect and the meeting of the dermocosmetics we use with the skin,

With our baby face beauty application with thulium laser technology, which reflects such differences from standard laser procedures, you can have a radiant, even color tone, wrinkle-free, spotless, healthy and smooth skin.

How is Baby Face Beauty Applied?

We list the necessary steps to apply baby face beauty as follows:

  • We carry out our baby face beauty application in two stages.
  • In the first step, by considering the condition of the skin, we open 6,000 microchannels per minute on the skin surface of the skin with a thulium laser light.
  • In this context, we prepare the appropriate pharmaceutical product (Lasemd ampoules) that we have chosen specifically for the problem of the skin.
  • We continue the Thulium laser application for 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Then, in our second stage, we feed the skin type-specific products to the skin and apply a 10-minute special mask or Lasemd cream.

Within the scope of these stages, at the end of the 15-minute process, you can have a brighter, tighter, less wrinkled and balanced skin tone.

How Many Sessions of Baby Face Beauty Should Be Applied?

The number of baby face beauty sessions is expressed as 3-4 sessions with intervals of 2 weeks. On the other hand, the results obtained in a single session of our treatment are at a satisfactory level. Those who want to benefit from the application regularly have the opportunity to benefit from 3 sessions at 2-week intervals. It is possible for all skin types to receive treatment throughout the year in the areas of cosmeceutical release, skin color and texture improvement, wrinkles removal, acne removal, pigmentation scar removal.

What are the Advantages of Baby Face Beauty?

Baby face beauty opportunities :

  • Observing the obvious results and tightening of the skin after our 15-minute thulium laser application,
  • To get an effective result with the special LESEMD cream at the end of the procedure,
  • Protection from the long-term redness effect of classical laser treatments,
  • Opportunity to return to work and social life on the same day,
  • Getting rid of more than one problem such as wrinkles, dullness, acne spots, uneven color tone, dryness, excessive oiliness, through a single method,
  • Opportunity to benefit from the process again in order to protect the health of the skin after eliminating the problems,
  • Getting treatment with the right products and technological steps with expert support,
  • Depending on the skin analysis, getting a definitive solution with special patent gold serums with nano-particles that offer a definitive solution to skin problems,

Within the scope of our baby face beauty treatment, where you will gain such advantages, we aim to meet the needs of your skin and make you look younger and more dynamic.

How to Remove Sunspots with Baby Face Beauty?

With Baby face beauty, we use our thulium laser application, which has effective results to remove sunspots. We perform skin scanning with this non-peeling laser system. Then, we apply the serums that are suitable for the type of your skin spots and your skin type. Thanks to the micro channels we opened with the laser system, the serums can easily reach the lower layers of your skin.

In this context, we fight the stain from the inside out. Within the scope of our treatment, where you can see clear results after the first session, you can observe that the spots on your skin disappear at the end of 3 sessions with intervals of 2 weeks. If the spots disappear completely, you can maintain your glowing, healthy and spotless skin appearance by choosing the necessary sunscreen creams in summer and winter days.

How to Tick Up with Baby Face Beauty?

With Baby face beauty, we provide the skin-tightening special ampoule ingredients to meet your skin with our thulium laser application to recover the jowl. We ensure that the appropriate content reaches your tissues through the micro channels we apply with the laser, by choosing the appropriate skin type among the options of vitamin A, vitamin C, resveratrol, intra-stem cell nanoparticle lasemd, and tranexamicacid. In this context, we achieve the effects of tightening the pores and recovery on the skin that has lost its elasticity, by fighting the skin problem from the inside out, completely without needles and pain.

Who Can Benefit From Baby Face Beauty?

They will be able to benefit from Baby face beauty :

  • Those who have sunspots and freckles,
  • People with transitions with different color tones throughout the skin,
  • Those who have sagging and acne problems under the neck,
  • Those who have sagging and wrinkles on their skin,
  • Those who complain of pale, dull and uncared-for skin instead of a bright skin expression,
  • Those who cannot prevent the problem of excessive oiliness despite using more than one product on their skin,
  • Those who have a perforated and enlarged pore skin structure when viewed from the outside,
  • Those who want to protect their skin from the effects of aging that may occur in the future by taking care of their skin from the inside out,

All these individuals have the opportunity to get rid of skin problems and sagging effects by taking advantage of our baby face beauty treatment, which we offer effective results and achieve a younger, smoother and healthier skin appearance.

15 minutes

4 Sessions