Biodermogenesi - Stretch Mark Treatment

Biodermogenesi – What is Stretch Mark Treatment?

Get rid of stretch marks with Biodermogenesi® Device!

Stretch marks come to life and tan.

The Department of Dermatology at the University of Pisa has proven in clinical trials that Biodermogenesi® regenerates collagen and elastin, increases mitotic cells, reconstructs the cracks by filling them gradually, and also ensures the tanning of the cracks by producing melanin again.

Cracks: Stable Results Over the Years.

In the follow-up of 30 patients, it was observed that the results obtained more than five years after the end of Biodermogenesi® treatment were stable. In addition, thanks to the tanning obtained after the Biodermogenesi® treatment cycle, the color difference between the cracks and the surrounding healthy skin has completely disappeared, thus allowing the cracks to be visually eliminated.

More breasts and a firmer body.

A significant increase in the quality and quantity of elastic fibers found in the skin tissue was observed when biopsies performed by the University of Pisa were treated with Biodermogenesi®. Therefore, it is very clearly seen that it increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces ptosis (sagging) and reshapes the body, and thus ensures that the recorded body harmony is regained. Biodermogenesi® has also shown incredible results in treatments on the chest. After the sessions, it was observed that the breasts stood firmer, rounder and more upright.

A wider and Moisturized face.

When the Biodermogenesi® method is applied on the face, neck and décolleté, it reduces the biological age of the skin and makes it look more elastic, moist and bright. In addition to reducing wrinkles, Biodermogenesi® lifts the facial contours, increasing the harmony of the face.

Why Biodermogenesi®?

Scientific research has shown that:

Tanning 100%

All patients who participated in scientific studies saw that their stretch marks were tanned. In all of the biopsies performed, it was observed that new melamine production took place in the region of the cracks.

Elastic Skin 100%

After the biopsy samples taken from the patients, a significant increase in elastin and collagen was observed in the treated areas in terms of quality and quantity.

Filling 83.55%

Clinical trials conducted in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pisa have proven that the crack pit is filled by 83.55% (minimum: 72% – maximum: 100%).

Stabilization more than 5 years

As a result of follow-up on 30 patients 5 years after the end of Biodermogenesi® treatment, it was documented that the aesthetic results obtained stabilized over time without any regression.

45 minutes

10 Sessions