Bloomea - Emerald Sparkle

Bloomea / EmeraldGlow definition can be made as “An effective application to make the skin look much brighter and healthier than it is”. Bloomea / EmeraldGlow is a very preferred method today.

Skin health is among the issues that need to be taken into consideration. However, in some cases, skin health can be neglected and lead to an aesthetically troubling appearance. For example, too cold or too hot weather, stress, genetic structure and unfavorable nutritional conditions can adversely affect the skin. The fact that these factors are so many necessitates that the solutions sought are also many. Individuals often use creams and different chemicals to regulate their skin. However, Bloomea application can give much more effective results than creams.

Bloomea innovative skin resurfacing treatment has received design and innovation awards. This method, produced and used by the French, also came to Turkey. It is possible to gain a natural beauty with a method that has a history of about 10 years. In addition, it is also possible to remove scars and scars from the past thanks to Bloomea.

This method, recommended by our experts, has a very innovative and modern perspective. Bloomea, also known as the rejuvenation method, has a very hygienic application. This is because the head that enables the procedure to be carried out is disposable. Therefore, in each operation, the old head is removed and discarded and the new head is inserted into the device.

Bloomea / Emeraldt Ishimmer Macro Exfoliation

Among theapplication steps of Bloomea / EmeraldShimmer, the exfoliation phase is in the first place. A separate tip is used for each session. This is an important condition for sterilization. In this context, care is taken to renew the emerald tips.

The Bloomea emerald device emits a high frequency from the first moment of operation. In this way, disposable granulated tips can act on the exfoliation surface. Irregularities on the skin surface will be eliminated with this device from the first moment. A single phase of annihilation will not be enough. Therefore, a separate stage is applied for each layer on the skin. There is no pain sensation in the procedure, which is completely painless and painless. The only thing that individuals feel during the application is a slight friction.

The initial stages of implementation will feel mild. The later ones will be felt a little more. Sessions are applied at levels that will prepare the skin for the next stage. The main purpose of the preparation process is to get the most efficient result at the end of the application. The general name given to the preparation process is Bloomea emerald glow exfoliation.

Bloomea / Emeraldt Ichirp Microvibration

In the emerald sparkle, microvibration is applied as the second stage. It is during this stage that the emerald tips are stripped from the exfoliation tips. The underlying silicon layer is exposed during the microvibration phase. High levels of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen are used during this stage. All these substances are combined in a single cream and applied on the skin. As we know, these substances are the basic resources that the skin needs to have a supple structure.

As a result of the application of the above-mentioned substances to the skin, vibration therapy, the frequency of which is increased, can be started. This process will be more intensive than the previous process. This is because it can address the deepest part of the skin. The purpose of giving high frequency during the procedure is to support collagen and elastin substances.

Bloomea / Emeraldt IShimmer Light Therapy

The use of light in the emerald glow is done at 633 nm wavelengths. The Bloomea / EmeraldGlow sessions emit a red led light during their application. These led lights renew the skin by exfoliation and vibration. In this way, controlled damage to the skin is removed and healing is achieved. A single session of light therapy lasts an average of half an hour.

Benefits of the Process

Thebenefits of the Bloomea / EmeraldRadiance procedure on the skin are stated below:

  • As mentioned in the introduction, the emerald glow application provides the removal of damage on the skin surface.
  • The skin gains a natural glow as a result of this application.
  • Disturbing appearances on the skin are eliminated as a result of the procedure.
  • Elimination of skin tone inequalities is possible with the emerald glow device.
  • During the application, the pores are tightened, the skin is stretched and people are given the opportunity to look the way they want.
  • Cracks that appear periodically or permanently on the skin can be removed with this method.
  • The scars on people’s skin as a result of surgical procedures are also among the areas of the Bloomea device.

Bloomea / Emeraldt IShimmer Session Details

It is not possible to talk about clear data on the number of sessions. This is because the Bloomea radiance application is applied in different sessions for each skin. The number and intervals of the sessions may be affected by the disorders that people have experienced in the past and the extent of these disorders. In this context, it can be said that the main reason for their change is the individuals themselves.

However, if information about the sessions is to be given in general, it can be said that the application may take an average of 4 or 5 sessions. In order to achieve permanent and visible results, the plans made by our experts should be strictly followed and the sessions should be continued without interruption.

The length of this application, which generally consists of 4 or 5 sessions, varies between half an hour and an hour. The main factor affecting the length of the sessions is the needs of the individual.

One of the issues that people are most curious about the sessions is the pain. There is no pain or pain sensation in any of the sessions. People will only experience a simple feeling of friction and the process will be complete.

Bloomea / Emeraldt IWho is the shimmer suitable for?

Among the individuals for whom the application is most suitable are people who want to improve their skin quality and those who want to tighten their pores. In addition, people who want to create a natural glow on their skin can also benefit from this application. Those who have different color tones on their skin and want to put these tones in order can realize their wishes thanks to the Bloomea emerald device.

Our experts will create a professional glow depending on your needs and wishes. If you want to eliminate the appearance of blemishes on your skin and look younger by making your skin look firmer than it is, you can consult our experts. Thanks to our skin services provided at affordable price ranges, we appeal to both men and women.

Minimizing wrinkles due to aging can be achieved thanks to the Bloomea emerald glow application. Especially problems in areas such as face, neck, décolleté and hands can be eliminated with this device. The solution method for stretch marks that occur as a result of intense weight gain and loss or pregnancy is the same device. If you are in search of this beauty, you can choose the Bloomea procedure.

It is not possible to give clear price information about Bloomea / EmeraldGlow applications. This is because prices vary depending on the treatment of individuals. You can contact our customer representatives to get the most detailed data about Bloomea applications that can be combined with different applications in combination. You can get support from us for the miracle of emerald sparkle.