Cellulite Mesotherapy

Cellulite mesotherapy is a treatment method that improves microcirculation and prevents the formation of edema in the tissue. This method, which we apply under the most hygienic conditions in our center, breaks down the fat and shrinks the fat nodules. Corrects the appearance of cellulite by restructuring damaged connective tissue.

Today, about 85% of women have cellulite for various reasons and these women who have cellulite benefit from mesotherapy for treatment. Regional excesses in the body, especially in the legs and buttocks, fluctuations occur due to cellulite. Cellulite mesotherapy application is a method performed with a mesotherapy gun and can be combined with devices consisting of a combination of radiofrequency, vacuum and infrared.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a circulatory disorder that can be seen in men and women of all ages. It usually occurs due to hormonal factors. The main cause is the connective tissue bands that hold the skin, trapping the fat and thus causing the dimpling effect.

Mesotherapy needles used with cellulite formula serve to destroy fat cells, not connective tissue bands. The hardened connective tissue is corrected by melting fat deposits. Thus, instead of the resulting cellulite and rough appearance, a spotless and smooth appearance is obtained.

Why Does Cellulite Occur?

The causes of cellulite formation can vary depending on many factors. In general, the causes of formation are listed as follows:

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Hormone disorders
  3. Circulatory disorders
  4. Connective tissue weakness
  5. Improper nutrition
  6. Eating high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods
  7. Consuming excessively sugary and caffeinated drinks
  8. Alcohol use and inactivity
  9. Rapid fat tissue storage during puberty
  10. Pregnancy

What is Cellulite Mesotherapy?

Cellulite mesotherapy is a treatment method consisting of injections with a special mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic remedies, medical drugs and plant compounds. This mixture is placed under the skin in the area where your cellulite is most prominent.

Mesotherapy treatment reduces body fat and eliminates the uneven appearance of cellulite on the skin. It also provides tightening in the loosened sections. Mesotherapy restores the collagen structure and restructures the body.

Initially, this therapy aimed to inject healing substances into the skin to correct problems such as pain, inflammation and skin damage. Based on the same idea, it is now used as an anti-cellulite treatment. It targets the main areas where fat tissue is stored and eliminates cellulite in this area.

The drugs used in cellulite mesotherapy disrupt the structure of the fat cell membrane and the fats together. It is the presence of proteins and enzymes in these drugs that has the effect of destroying the structure of fats. The broken down fats are then metabolized by the body and some can even be reused by the liver. Some are digested by the cells and the rest is excreted by the kidneys. Even in a single session, many fat cells are destroyed and melted.

Is Mesotherapy Effective in Cellulite Treatment?

The effect of mesotherapy in cellulite treatment is one of the most efficient methods. Mesotherapy is essentially a mid-skin treatment. Drugs administered orally or by injection do not reach adequate concentrations in the problematic area and create the potential for systemic side effects. Since mesotherapy is a procedure performed with small injections into the problematic area, it provides the opportunity to apply the dose of medication to the problematic area without systemic side effects. Thus, cellulite mesotherapy method is a highly effective method in the treatment of cellulite, both without side effects and thanks to the drug injected directly into the problem area.

What Does Cellulite Mesotherapy Do?

The function of cellulite mesotherapy is to accelerate and regulate blood circulation, to transmit the signals of fat breakdown and to regulate the organization of connective tissue thanks to the drug cocktail that can be created according to the condition of our patient. Due to all these effects, mesotherapy improves microcirculation and prevents the formation of edema in the tissue. It breaks down fat or shrinks fat nodules. Improves the appearance of connective tissue.

How is Cellulite Mesotherapy Applied?

The application of cellulite mesotherapy is the application of these active substances to the area with thin and short needles as a result of mixing the active substances that will activate microcirculation and regulate the connective tissue. The number of doses to be injected in cellulite mesotherapy may vary according to the size of the area to be treated, the multiplicity and localization of the problem. Substances that will activate the microcirculation and correct the connective tissue are injected into the problematic area with the help of thin, small needles and the appearance here is corrected. It helps to remove cellulite-causing fats from the body. It improves the appearance by removing the deformation of the skin.

Side Effects of Cellulite Mesotherapy

The side effect of cellulite mesotherapy is a very mild pain. The drug we inject has almost no passage into the systemic circulation. The very slight redness that occurs when we apply the cellulite mesotherapy procedure and the bruises that may occur afterwards are completely temporary.

Cellulite Mesotherapy Sessions

The number of sessions of cellulite mesotherapy is determined according to the stage of cellulite and the structural characteristics of our patient. Generally, 10 sessions of this treatment is sufficient. However, it should not be forgotten that cellulite treatment is continuous. Cellulite mesotherapy, which is repeated at regular intervals together with a balanced diet, regular exercise and quitting harmful habits, provides a smooth appearance.

What are the Benefits of Cellulite Mesotherapy?

The benefit of cellulite mesotherapy is to accelerate blood circulation in the cellulite area, regulate circulation, break down fats and regulate the organization of connective tissue. All these benefits are provided by the drug mixture used in mesotherapy. This medicine contains many useful ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, minerals and herbal remedies that will correct the problem in the area with cellulite.

This drug, which is injected into the area with cellulite with the help of small and short needles, will improve microcirculation and prevent the formation of edema in the tissue. It breaks down fats and shrinks fat nodules. Since it corrects the damaged connective tissue, it therefore eliminates the appearance of cellulite. It gives you a much younger and much healthier body.

Which Areas Are Treated With Cellulite Mesotherapy?

The areas treated with cellulite mesotherapy are the abdomen, bra bulge areas, inner thighs and knees, buttocks, legs, upper arms and fat deposits on the chin. Cellulite formation occurring in these fat stores can be treated with mesotherapy method. Cellulite mesotherapy is a treatment with a very high effect rate that can be easily applied by patients who do not want to be treated with surgery. This healthy treatment method, whose effect can be easily seen even in one session, completely eliminates the side effects of surgery.

Who Cannot Have Cellulite Mesotherapy?

There are some age groups and patients for whom cellulite mesotherapy cannot be applied. People who cannot apply cellulite mesotherapy can be listed as follows:

  1. People with heart failure
  2. People with diabetes
  3. Obesity patients
  4. People with liver and kidney disease
  5. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  6. Patients on anticoagulant therapy

Pb Serum

Pb serum is a type of serum whose active ingredients are enzymes. Enzymes are part of the biological system of a different healthy person and help to restructure the body where necessary, as well as repair and rejuvenate the body.

Pb serum is a drug of Spanish origin and is effective not only in enzyme therapy but also in the treatment of many diseases. It is a serum mostly used for correcting fat tissues and burning fat.

Celluphase Treatment

Celluphase treatment is a treatment method that eliminates the sagging and size of the double chin area. It is a non-surgical method and attracts a lot of attention. The results are visible in a short time after the application.

Is Cellulite Mesotherapy a Painful Procedure?

The pain of the cellulite mesotherapy procedure is not so great that the person who has it done cannot endure it. Since we already work with short and small needles, the effect of most needles will not be felt. We also use local anesthetic creams in the application area to ensure the comfort of the patient during the application.

Cellulite mesotherapy is a treatment method that has almost no side effects, but its function is to provide significant positive feedback in the area with cellulite.

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