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Cosmelan – Dermamelan Spot Treatment

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment, which is extremely important for spot treatment and preferred for those who want to have a smooth and healthy skin structure, is performed in our center in a safe, fast and hygienic way. With this impressive treatment method, you can have a smooth skin structure.

Cosmelan – What is Dermamelan Treatment?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan is a kind of peeling that is extremely successful in the treatment of stains as a result of the penetration of the peeling and suppressive enzymatic substances in its content into the skin, by definition. Cosmelan – Dermamelan is a method especially recommended by dermatologists and used as a part of topical treatment. The treatment, which includes the arms and legs, especially the hand, face, neck and décolleté area, is preferred for the removal of stains in these areas.

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment causes the skin to equalize with the original skin tone and inhibits the production of melanin. Thus, this special treatment reduces the amount of melanin in the skin and prevents the formation of stains. It is extremely effective especially for the treatment of blemishes caused by amelasma or sun exposure.

Why is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment Used ?

Cosmelan – The use of Dermamelan treatment is to remove dark spots on the skin. Dark spots commonly seen on the skin are commonly called age spots or black spots. These spots can be seen on the face, neck and décolleté, as well as on the arms, legs and abdomen. They can be seen not only in black tones, but also in red, brown or gray tones. These types of spots occur as a result of excessive secretion of melanin, the pigment that provides the color of the skin. Although these stains differ in terms of shade and size, the common point of all of them is that they cause aesthetic discomfort and create a bad appearance. Although these types of stains are generally tried to be removed with methods such as make-up, it is extremely useful to have Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment, given that these methods are not permanent and the damage that make-up materials can cause to the skin.

Cosmelan® is applied for superficial stains and Dermamelan® is applied for deeper and more intense stains.

How Successful Is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment ?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment has a very high success rate . Within the scope of the treatment performed by experts, it is possible to minimize and even eliminate skin blemishes, as well as to achieve a healthier skin appearance. Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment provides the removal of spots with peeling, as in the chemical peeling method for spots on the skin. The spots that occur as a result of being in the sun for too long can stay on the skin for a very long time. Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is a very successful method for such stains.

What Causes Dark Spots on the Skin ?

There are many reasons for the formation of dark spots on the skin , and everyone has these spots. The exact causes of skin spotting are not known precisely. However, even harmful UV rays from the sun and even strong rays from items such as light bulbs cause the pigment-producing cells or melanists in the skin to be stimulated. People with dark color have a more active melanocyst structure than light skinned people. Under normal conditions, these melanocytes produce pigment at high rates. However, this production is further increased by an increase in the increased hormone level or by the effect of light.

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is extremely effective for removing such spots, as these types of spots can be seen at any age and in everyone. It gives effective results according to the spots caused by harmful rays, pregnancy spots, age spots, spots caused by the sensitivity of the skin and other formation reasons. The main effect of Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is to suppress the enzyme called tyrosinase, which plays an active role in the mechanism that causes the skin color to turn a dark color, especially in certain areas. As a result of the suppression of this enzyme, the formation of melanin in the skin decreases and the color of the darkened parts of the skin becomes lighter. As a result, effective treatment of blemishes is provided.

On Which Skin Types Is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment Applied ?

Since Cosmelan – Dermamelan is easily applied to all kinds of skin in terms of skin type , you can achieve a healthy, lively and clean skin appearance with the hygienic and healthy application in our center. Since it can be applied in all seasons, there is no need to observe any seasonal difference. At the same time, the treatment method that does not cause wounds on the skin prevents the disruption of your daily operations and allows you to continue your daily life. Thus, you will not be left behind from school or business life. The types of spots you will get rid of with Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment are as follows;

  • Age-related spots,
  • melasma spots,
  • Dark spots on the skin,
  • acne spots,
  • You can apply Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment to remove the spots caused by the sun and similar harmful rays.

On Which Areas Is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment Applied ?

Application areas of Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment vary. You can choose Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment for different areas, as spots will occur in many parts of the body and these spots can cause discomfort. Areas to be treated with Cosmelan – Dermamelan ;

  • facial area,
  • Neck and décolleté area
  • abdominal area
  • Leg, arm and hand regions are covered by the treatment.

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is also effective for the removal of spotting in the abdominal region, especially after birth.

Cosmelan – What are the Benefits of Dermamelan Treatment?

Cosmelan – The benefits of Dermamelan are seen in many ways for those who have the application. Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment benefits can be listed as follows;

  • After the procedure, there is no wound on the skin, so there is no pain or a situation that will affect daily life after the procedure.
  • It is also suitable for skin with very sensitive skin structure and can be applied easily.
  • Within a month after the procedure, the skin softens and starts to get rid of its spots.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It does not contain chemicals that can harm the skin.
  • Provides equalization of skin color.
  • It is especially effective for removing deep stains.
  • It acts to achieve a tight, healthy glowing skin appearance.
  • It provides regeneration of the skin and thus causes the removal of dead skin.
  • Since it is possible to apply in all seasons, you can have it done whenever you want.
  • The process does not contain peeling acids such as TCA.

Along with these benefits, applying Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is offered to you by our center in a healthy, easy and practical way.

How is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment Applied ?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is applied in a single session. In this respect, it is possible to save time in terms of time. After the skin analysis to be carried out under the supervision of doctors and specialists, a decision is made to determine which kit is suitable or not. Each kit will be applied to a single person and is used individually.

Cosmelan – Dermamelan process carries 2 stages in the application phase. In the first stage, mask application is made, in the other stage it is possible to use the follow-up cream. Mask application must be done by a specialist. All applications made in our center are applied by experts.

The mask is kept for 8-12 hours on average, depending on the skin structure. Skin type and stain density are effective in determining the duration of the mask, this time will be told to you by experts according to your skin structure. After the specified time is completed, the skin should be washed with warm water. The second stage that comes after the Cosmelan – Dermamelan mask is washed is a kind of care stage. In this context, the person should apply the follow-up cream on the area where it is applied regularly. It is necessary to use the cream regularly in order for the stain treatment to show its effect.

Cosmelan When Does Dermamelan Show Its Effect ?

The effect of Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment may differ for each person according to the skin structure. The effect of Cosmelan – Dermamelan will manifest itself visibly within 1 week in general. In 2 to 3 weeks, the skin will have a much brighter and more vibrant appearance. The darkness of the skin color and the disappearance of all the spots on the skin are realized within the scope of these periods. However, within the relevant time, your skin will have a healthy appearance and you will get rid of blemishes.

Cosmelan – Does Dermamelan Harm the Skin?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is not a harmful method and has no health barriers. However, depending on the procedure, minor redness may occur on the skin after the procedure. For those with sensitive skin, short-term itching may also occur. In addition to the itching sensation, burning can also be seen rarely. However, these symptoms are minor and all symptoms resolve spontaneously within 72 hours at the latest without any intervention, and the skin regains its normal and healthy structure after the procedure.

Cosmelan – What Should Be Considered During Dermamelan Treatment?

It is very important to pay attention to the application of Cosmelan – Dermamelan . All stages of the treatment offered by our center are carried out meticulously. However, the person to whom the treatment will be applied should also pay attention to certain points. Paying attention to these points before and after the application is important in order to prevent negative situations as well as making the application healthier.

Male patients should stop shaving at least two days before the application. Attention should be paid to the recommendations to be made by the experts after the mask is cleaned. You should not be worried about the feeling of redness that can be seen after the application, and such symptoms should be expected to disappear. If it is necessary to apply methods such as laser for other reasons after the application, these applications should be suspended and waited. Especially in very hot seasons, it should be protected from the burning rays of the sun, and if it is necessary to go outside, sunscreen creams should be used.

For whom is Cosmelan – Dermamelan Treatment Not Applied?

There are those who are not suitable for Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment due to health reasons. These people;

  • Those who have open wounds in the area to be treated,
  • Those with chronic skin disease,
  • those who are pregnant,
  • breastfeeding mothers,
  • Those who are allergic to the substance in the mixture,
  • Those who will show an active reaction on the skin at the application site should not undergo this treatment until the aforementioned conditions are resolved.

Cosmelan – Does Dermamelan Process Have Side Effects ?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment does not show any symptoms in terms of side effects . In this respect, it can be applied very easily for patients who meet the necessary conditions. However, it is recommended that people with conditions such as allergies still pass the necessary tests before the application.

Although the procedure does not have side effects, this situation results correctly only when performed by experts. In this respect, by choosing our center, you will not create side effects under any circumstances and you can have the procedure done in a healthy way. You can get support from our expert staff during the process that will be determined according to your skin structure and spots, and you can safely achieve a flawless skin appearance with Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment.

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