Ellanse Smart Fill

Ellanse smart filler has been developed to eliminate facial volume losses and get rid of wrinkles. It creates a tightening effect on the skin. It also creates shine and lifting effect. Fillers not only add volume, but also support the production of new collagen in the skin. Do not be bothered by the appearance of smile lines, the decrease in skin fat tissue, and the appearance of visible changes in our skin with age. Thanks to Ellanse smart filling application, you can get rid of all unwanted effects and have the skin you desire.

What’s Inside the Ellanse Smart Fill?

Ellanse smart filler content is 30 percent polycaprolactone and 70 percent carboxymethylcellulose with carrier and volume occupant properties. After the application, it continues to show its effect between 1 year and 4 years. It is also an absorbable filler. It is among the new generation collagen stimuli. It has water-soluble polymer content. The substance named CMC melts and disappears after an average of 1 month after the procedure. Then, type I collagen production begins in the skin. This type of collagen is most abundant in our skin. Type II collagen, which is one of the other collagens, appears after the application. Stimulating the production of type III collagen is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other fillings.

What Is Ellanse Smart Fill Used For?

Thanks to the use of Ellanse smart filling, it is possible to solve the following problems:

  • Decrease in fat tissue in the skin,
  • Laugh lines descending from both sides of the nose,
  • pitting,
  • Lower sagging in the cheek area,
  • Clarification in smile lines,
  • Fine and deep wrinkles on the skin surface are eliminated thanks to the Ellanse smart filling application.

Where is Ellanse Smart Fill Application Used?

The places where Ellanse smart filling is applied can be listed as follows:

  • cheek area,
  • The temple and under the eyebrows,
  • Unhappiness lines at the corner of the mouth,
  • circumference of the cheekbone,
  • Applications for advancing and raising the forehead area,
  • Lines in the nasolabial area,
  • To correct the contour of the nose,
  • Filling can be applied to the back of the hand to improve weakness and aging-related collapses.

What Should Be Considered About Ellanse Smart Fill?

Ellanse smart filler has things to consider. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Blood thinners should not be used before and after the procedure. For this, painkillers and aspirin should be avoided. In addition, tablets containing vitamin E, omega and ginko biloba should not be used.
  • The entry points of the needles are open to infections. For this reason, you should not wash the area for 1 day. You should avoid hand contact.
  • You should not enter the sauna or Turkish bath until 1 week after the procedure.
  • It is necessary to avoid lying on the treated area for 1-2 weeks.
  • Hard massage should be avoided.
  • It is necessary to wait at least a few weeks before peeling.
  • If procedures such as radiofrequency or laser are planned, they must be done before the procedure.

What Are the Side Effects of Ellanse Smart Filling?

Ellanse smart filler side effects are minimal and usually these effects go away on their own in a short time. It is considered normal to have small bruises after the procedure. You don’t need to worry. In a day or two, the bruises will disappear spontaneously and will be restored. Edema may also occur after Ellanse smart filling application. It takes an average of 4 days for edema to go away. Other than these, side effects are very rare. It can be safely preferred as it is a safe procedure with zero side effects and risks. It is among the most preferred filling processes and has application areas all over the world.

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