Enriched Stem Cell Therapy

What is Enriched Stem Cell Therapy?

Enriched stem cell application can be applied to the scalp as well as to stem cells from various parts of the body. Since it has been determined that stem cells are 500 times more abundant in adipose tissue with scientific studies in recent years, the use of a person’s adipose tissue in stem cell treatments has become widespread. Our clinic, which applies the most up-to-date and high quality treatment methods in this regard, applies enriched stem cell therapy with specially developed serums without taking any tissue samples from the patients. These applications, which are carried out with the utmost care and accompanied by experts, are offered under the name of enriched stem cell therapy.

Thanks to the enriched stem cell therapy, there is the possibility of faster recovery and achieving the desired results in a shorter time. Scientifically, stem cell reproduction is carried out by applying the adipose tissue taken from the patients to various regions, while a similar application can be made to the scalp. In our clinic, where our experienced specialists serve, enriched stem cell therapy is successfully applied for both male and female patients, especially those with sparse and thin hair and complaining of hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy with Special Serum

Thanks to special stem cell therapy serums , our patients who apply to our clinic can reach the treatment results as soon as possible. The serums used to reconstruct the weakened hair strands and scalp are specially prepared with their scientific content and formula. Among these special serums, which can be used professionally in hair loss mesotherapy applications, the products used in our clinic’s enriched stem cell treatment consist of:

  • Stem C’rum HL
  • Dermaheal HL
  • Booster Hair

All three serums are internationally tested, approved and enriched stem cell treatment products that have been proven to help prevent hair thinning and shedding problems by making a positive impact on the hair loss of the person. If you want to experience a visible difference in your hair with these first-class quality serums, you can apply to our clinic with peace of mind and start your treatment with a specialist after the examination.

Enriched Stem Cell Therapy Application Areas

Enriched stem cell therapy applications are also carried out in many treatment methods such as rejuvenation or healing of injured tissues. For the enriched stem cell therapy, which is also used extensively in aesthetic applications, the applications applied to the scalp in our clinic come to the fore. These applications, which increase the healing and nutrition of the hair follicle and strengthen the thinning hair strands, can be applied to both male and female patients.

Enriched stem cell therapy can be applied directly to the hair follicles on the scalp, thanks to serums containing stem cell extract derived from adipose tissue. The serums, which instantly initiate a new cell synthesis in this region, are effective in providing a visible change as soon as possible. Thanks to the special serum support in each growth factor, it becomes possible to strengthen and reproduce the scalp and hair strands.

How Is Enriched Stem Cell Therapy Done?

Enriched stem cell therapy does not involve any pain or side-effects. In traditional stem cell therapy methods, fat tissue is taken from the patient and transferred to the area where the treatment will be applied. However, there is no fat tissue removal process in the enriched stem cell treatments performed in our clinic where our experienced specialists work. Therefore, our male and female patients who apply to our clinic to treat their weakened, weakened and increased hair loss can get maximum efficient results from this treatment, accompanied by serums, without giving up adipose tissue, thanks to the enriched stem cell treatment.

The application process is carried out entirely by our specialists in the field. The application is started by mixing the enriched stem cell serums drawn with the help of an injector with each other. The mixture obtained with these serums is applied to the hair follicles that need to be supported in the hair area of the patient. These applications, which are generally performed with microneedling systems, make it easier to obtain comfortable and beneficial results without causing severe pain.

Benefits of Enriched Stem Cell Therapy

Enriched stem cell therapy has many benefits for hair . In male patients who usually have male pattern hair loss, it is possible to prevent rapid hair loss and increase the volume of weakened hair strands by strengthening them. The advantages of special serums in enriched stem cell therapy applications, which have maximum benefits not only for the hair strands but also for the scalp, are as follows:

  • Revitalizes and renews hair follicle cells.
  • It strengthens the hair follicles and triggers the formation of new hair in the sparse areas.
  • It prevents shedding by increasing the volume of the hair that has started to fall out.
  • Reconstructs weakened hair strands and scalp.
  • It gives maximum support against hair loss.
  • It strengthens the vellus strings by feeding them.
  • It thickens thinning hair strands and gives volume.
  • It is a fast and cost-effective treatment method.

By applying to our clinic, which is increasing its popularity in the sector day by day, you can reach effective results for your shedding and thinning hair without delay. Before you lose a large part of your hair, you can get bushy, lively and strong hair in a short time by getting support from our experienced experts at the right time. For this, it is sufficient to apply for the satisfaction-oriented enriched stem cell treatment performed by experienced beauticians in our private clinic.

Approved and Certified Stem Cell Therapy Serums

Certified enriched stem cell therapy serums are products that are used exclusively in our clinic and have proven successful in preventing hair loss. These serums, which are produced for the purpose of fully enriched stem cell therapy, can be mixed with each other and successfully applied to the scalp of the patients in a way that affects each hair follicle. You can complete your enriched stem cell treatment without any problems by trusting our experienced team in this field. Each of the special serums used in this treatment has been produced in accordance with international standards and has passed the necessary tests. Maximum results can be achieved in the shortest time by using these serums in the enriched stem cell treatment applied to the patients in the company of our specialists. In addition, it has been observed and approved that these serums do not cause any harm to both the hair strands and scalp of the patients who are applied in the long term.

Recovery Process in Enriched Stem Cell Therapy

The process of enriched stem cell therapy may vary according to the current condition of the patient. These applications, which are applied without oil filling and only with special serums, are performed with maximum efficiency. In enriched stem cell treatments using special products, the process of adaptation and synchronization to one’s own body is completed very quickly. In this way, stem cell production in the scalp can remain at a level that can be sustained for a lifetime.

Enriched Stem Cell Therapy with Expert Accompaniment

You can also apply to our clinic to get expert support in enriched stem cell treatment . If you have complaints such as hair loss, thinning of hair, thinning and weakening of hair strands and you are worried about losing your hair, you can consult our expert team and benefit from enriched stem cell treatment supplemented with special serums. There are no health problems or side effects in these applications, which are carried out using completely scientific and state-of-the-art equipment. You can also apply to our clinic to receive enriched stem cell treatment in a fast and reliable way.

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