Eye Contour Care

What is Eye Contour Care?

Personal Care should also be considered for the eye area and should never be neglected. Under the eyes and around them are among the most sensitive areas. Darkening under the eyes, oil glands, wrinkles may appear over time. Especially with age, the eye area will need more care. In order not to encounter unwanted symptoms around the eyes, regular care is required. Conditions such as genetic inclinations, lack of sleep, lifestyle, and fatigue mean that the eye area needs extra care. The eye area will be more sensitive in such cases.

Cleaning for Eye Contour Care

Cleaning is the most important step in eye care . Without cleaning, there will be no maintenance. Before care, the first step is to clean the eye area well using suitable products. You should avoid using harsh products for cleaning around the eyes. Even if you do not leave the house all day long, dirt, dust, cosmetic product residues will accumulate around your eyes. You need to regularly remove this accumulated dirt. Ear sticks are among the simplest and most effective products you can use for cleaning around the eyes. You can apply your products with this stick without difficulty. Since the eye area is more sensitive than other areas, ear sticks are suitable for application. When choosing a product for cleaning around the eyes, pay attention to the fact that this product is only produced for the eye area. If the product is for the body, it is also not suitable for use around the eyes. Remember to be very gentle during product application. You should avoid rubbing the eyes.

Moisturizing for Eye Contour Care

Moisturizing is essential for eye care . The eye area is one of the driest areas on the face. Especially in cold winter days, the eye area is more prone to dryness. Therefore, it needs moisture. Extra moisture will be required during the summer seasons as well. Moisture is essential for the eye area to look more lively and vigorous. In order to avoid problems such as wrinkles, bruises and darkening in the area, it is imperative that you moisturize the area in a balanced way. Make sure to do this regularly.

If you wish, you can buy moisturizing creams specially produced for the eye area, or you can make a mask yourself at home using natural products. Egg white is a good moisturizing product. Making a tea dressing also moisturizes the eye area and relaxes the eyes.

Is Just Home Care Sufficient for the Eye Contour?

It will not be enough to just care for the eye area at home . Even if you do self-care at home, professional care has its place. On the one hand, it is important to support your skin with natural products, but it is not possible to talk about full care without professional care. Care using special techniques and tools that you cannot find at home ensure that your eye area gets the care it needs. Therefore, professional maintenance should not be neglected. Not just around the eyes, the same goes for the whole skin.

Nutrition for Eye Contour Care

Nutrition for the care of the eye area should be healthy. Although you take the necessary steps for cleaning and moisturizing, if you have a problem with your nutrition, unfortunately, you cannot have a completely healthy skin and eye area. The vitamins in the foods consumed are directly effective in determining the quality of the skin. It is extremely important to consume fresh fruits and vegetables according to the season. The skin of people who eat healthy will be cleaner and brighter. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks for a healthier eye area. Instead, consume natural juices or mineral water. Some of the nutritional recommendations for the health of the skin and therefore the eye area can be listed as follows:

  • Drink plenty of water and drink fluids.
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible.
  • Fast food and other excessively fatty foods should not be consumed.
  • It should not be eaten late at night.
  • It should be fed with protein.

Sleep Pattern for Eye Contour Care

It would be impossible not to talk about the sleep pattern in the care of the eye area . One of the most important factors around the eyes is sleep. No matter how much care is taken, when the person does not sleep enough, there may be bruises under the eyes. Sleep should be adequate. Sleeping too much is just as problematic as sleeping too little. Not having a sleep pattern will also lead to swelling and darkening under the eyes. This causes the person to look older and tired than usual. With a quality sleep, you can regain your eye area health. You can even make yourself an eye contour care routine before you go to sleep.

What to Avoid in Eye Contour Care?

Among the things to avoid in eye care are the following:

  • People should not put their eyes on the products they do not know.
  • Maintenance should be done regularly.
  • Natural products should be preferred whenever possible.
  • The eye area is a very delicate area, it is necessary to be sensitive.
  • Take care to dry the eye area with a napkin, not a towel.
  • If you have made up, do not go to sleep without removing the make-up completely.
  • Prepare special masks and apply them.
  • Do not neglect to get professional care service.
  • Pay attention to your diet and remember that the skin is nourished from the inside.
  • Do not trust every application, do not take action without research, only entrust your skin to the experts.
  • If you have any problems around the eyes, solve these problems. Don’t let it grow.

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