Eyebrow Botox

Non-surgical eyebrowliftingis a procedure applied without any surgical procedure. The eyebrow botox procedure is performed by injecting toxin into the area to be applied by our doctors in our clinic. Thanks to this method applied to people with low eyebrow areas, a more tense and youthful appearance is obtained on the face.

Botox Ile KaHow long does it take?

The level of eyebrow lift after the Botox procedure is a few millimeters. Excessive lifting can create a worse appearance.

How Long Does Eyebrow Botox Lastrer?

Browliftproceduretime is approximately 10 minutes. Since it is not a surgical procedure, our patients who have this procedure applied to their eyebrows can return to their daily life immediately.

Eyebrow Botox GöDoes it also remove the z cover??

The application of eyebrow botox can also be performed to lift the eyelid in line with the desires of our clients. For our patients who are not satisfied with the fact that both their eyebrows and eyelids have fallen, brow and eyelid lift botox can be applied at the same time.

Eyebrow Botox GöDoes z cause swelling in the lid?

After botox applied to the eyebrow, an edema may occur on the eyelid. As a result, the eyelid may look both a little swollen and a little droopy. However, these effects lose their effect approximately 4 to 5 days after the Botox procedure. We advise our clients whose body is sensitive and who want to do eyebrow botox not to go to very hot and cold places after the botox procedure. Being in a place with a stable temperature will help the swelling and falls they experience due to eyebrow botox to heal faster.

How to Remove Swelling After Eyebrow Botoxl Geçer?

No medication, cream or ice is needed to relieve the swelling after Botox . Redness and bruises that may be experienced together with swelling will also disappear spontaneously. The recovery period is at most 1 week and no intervention is necessary. If the swelling and bruising have not improved after more than 1 week, we recommend that you contact our clinic and be examined by one of our doctors.

What are the Side Effects of Eyebrow Botox?

We can list the side effects that may occur after botox according to the area where botox is applied, the time elapsed as of the date of botox application and the prevalence rate:

Side effects caused by the administration of the toxin into the skin with a needle:

  • Burning, pain and mild stinging sensation at the injection site
  • Erythema at the injection site
  • Edema at the injection site
  • Mild subcutaneous bleeding in and around the injection site (may persist for 3 to 10 days and is not dangerous).

Side effects depending on the application technique and area:

  • Mild but temporary headaches after eyebrow botox
  • Failure to get effectiveness where Botox is applied (no change is observed after application)
  • Eyebrow and eyelid drooping
  • Visual disturbances (especially blurred and double vision problems)
  • Decreased tearing and dryness in the eyes
  • Inability to blink or close the eye
  • Lower eyelid drooping
  • Eye contour edema
  • Allergic reactions

What was the Permanence of Eyebrow Botox?r?

The duration of use of eyebrow botox is approximately 4-6 months. After these periods have passed, eyebrow and eyelid shadows may start to fall and wrinkle again. Performing eyebrow botox procedure for 4-6 months does not cause any health problems. Therefore, you can renew your Botox procedures every 4-6 months.

Can Eyebrow Botox Be Performed After PRP Treatment?

It is recommended by our clinic and doctors that at least 3 weeks should pass afterthe PRPprocedure in order to perform eyebrow lift botox. The reason for this long waiting time is that the health of our customers is more important. In particular, there are many common or uncommon
eyebrow botox
Botox appointments are made at a later date in order not to encounter side effects more frequently.

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