Eyebrow Design

What is Eyebrow Design?

We have many great alternatives from Eyebrow Vitamin to Eyelash Perming, Microblading (3D Bristle Technique) to Silk Lash application for eye-catching eyebrows and eyelashes that make the eyes stand out and add charm.

With the “3D Microblading Hair Technique”, you can have eyebrows that look like real eyebrows in a very short time, unlike the harsh effects of permanent make-up.

30 minutes

For Young Skin: 2 Sessions (14 – 1 time in 21 days)

For Middle Aged Skin: 2 – 3 Sessions (Once in 14 – 21 Days) For Worn Skin: 3 – 5 Sessions (Once in 7 – 14 Days)