Forlle'd Care

What is Forlle’d Treatments?

When our Forlle’d products, which contain “ultra small molecule hyaluronic acid” that can penetrate deep into the skin thanks to the Nobel Prize-winning micro-molecule technology used in its production, and which we prefer in our Skin Care rituals, are used regularly;

  • Moisture rate of the skin is 96%.
  • Increases skin elasticity by 55%
  • 40% in depth of prominent lines
  • 35% reduction in the appearance of capillaries

proven by clinical trials.

Prominent active ingredients in Forlle’d Products:

  • Patented micro-molecular hyaluronic acid with a diameter of 5 nanometers, where award-winning technology is also used.
  • The biomembrane lining the eggshell.
  • Bio-stimulating peptides.
  • Pearl protein.
  • Diosgenin, which gives women’s skin a velvety touch.
  • Platinum and gold ions are electrically charged vitamins and ionized minerals.

60 Minutes

As Desired Frequency