Fractional CO2 Laser

What is Fractional CO2 Laser?

Fractional CO2 Lasers can go deeper into the skin than other lasers and can be more effective in removing wrinkles, especially deep acne and scars.

When applied to the problematic skin area, laser beams stimulate the lower layers of the skin and promote collagen synthesis. Collagen, which is also synthesized by the heat from the laser, contributes to the development of a younger, smoother, more vibrant skin. No matter how aged the outer layers of the skin look, Fractional CO2 treatments always reduce the effects of aging and stimulate the loosened areas of the skin to alleviate the relaxation.

* Fine lines

* Facial skin relaxation

* Wrinkles

* Sun damage

* Acne scars

* Age spots

* Pigmentation issues

* Surgical scars

* Stretch marks during pregnancy and growth

* Brow lift

* Fractional CO2 Laser, which has many treatment areas such as eyelid lifting, is a method that can be used by many people who are frequently exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, whose skin is aging, who have irregular pigmentation problems, who complain of wrinkles and sagging, and whose skin texture becomes irregular.

30 – 45 Minutes

3 – 5 Sessions