Hair Mesotherapy

The definition of hair mesotherapy can be made as “The method of injecting all kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the scalp under the skin”. Hair mesotherapy is a proven procedure that can be applied to both men and women. Today, mesotherapy is often preferred to prevent existing hair loss and to strengthen the hair follicles. This application, which is widely used in terms of its low side effects, reduces the loss of people due to hormonal disruptions.

The cause of hair loss varies for each individual. While some people’s hair loss may be caused by genetic factors, some people’s hair loss may be caused by certain medications. Stress or mental disorders can also cause hair loss more than normal in some periods. It would be best to diagnose the cause of the spills and intervene in these causes and find a solution. Mesotherapy is the most useful method that comes to mind when it comes to hair loss solutions.

Thanks to the application, all necessary vitamins and minerals can be given to the scalp. The process performed by injection method ensures that the hair becomes rich in keratin and amino acids. Fine-tipped needles applied directly to the hair follicle will be beneficial in strengthening the roots of the hair. Thanks to the application, passive hair follicles are stimulated and cause the hair to thicken.

Mesotherapy can also prevent dandruff and regional hair loss. Ingredients such as zinc, copper and hyaluronic acid will provide a healthier form of hair. This method, which is often used by both women and men, will also help the hair look shinier.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Remove Hair?

It is not possible for hair mesotherapy to grow new hair where there is no hair follicle. Hair mesotherapy, which awakens sleeping hair, also has an effect on the circulation in the scalp. Hair mesotherapy, which aims to make all hair cells healthy, has positive results on many people. Individuals can easily see the difference that occurs when they compare their conditions before and after mesotherapy.

People who want to leave the practice in the most efficient way should complete the therapy treatment in full. Hair follicles will regain the nutrients they are deprived of thanks to the application. Therefore, hair will grow thicker and healthier.

Hair Mesotherapy Application

During the application of hair mesotherapy, the components needed by hair follicles are used. Implementation stages can be expressed as follows:

  • Injection is performed 2 mm to 4 mm below the scalp.
  • Minerals, vitamins, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. that the hair needs are prepared as a mixture and applied to the dermis of the skin.
  • The procedure can be used to accelerate blood circulation and strengthen hair cells.
  • During the application, the scalp is first softened by various methods. In this way, it is aimed to open all cells. This application, which is completed painlessly and painlessly, is applied in line with personalized plans. This is because each scalp needs different ingredients.
  • Scalp examination is effective in preparing the elements needed by the hair follicles.
  • The prepared mixture is given to the lower part of the skin with different session intervals and the treatment is completed.
  • After mesotherapy, individuals can easily return to their own lives. Mesotherapy, which does not require any surgical intervention, is frequently used due to its low side effects.
  • Minor redness and bruising may occur after mesotherapy. But this is temporary. The redness that disappears in a short time will not interfere with the daily life of the person.

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment Duration

The application period of mesotherapy may have different session intervals. Hair mesotherapy can last between 7 and 10 sessions. The duration of treatment varies depending on the structure of the individuals.

In hair mesotherapy, the treatment, which is intensive in the first stage, is started to be carried out together with protection treatment over time. The first sessions are applied only once a week. Over time, the sessions are reduced to once a month. After the treatment, annual protection sessions are applied to protect the hair follicles. These sessions can sometimes be single and sometimes double. Mesotherapy sessions vary between 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

In the first session, individuals’ hair analysis process is performed. In the following sessions, a personalized treatment plan is drawn up. It is possible for the hair to become healthy and lush between 5 and 6 months.

Women are more likely to undergo this procedure than men. However, the number of men who have mesotherapy application is also undeniably high. Mesotherapy methods for women and men vary depending on the mixture.

Hair Mesotherapy Effect

The effects of hair mesotherapy will start to appear after an average of 4 sessions. Experts predict that hair mesotherapy can provide benefits from the second session onwards. It is possible for the scalp to regain the moisture it needs and the hair to become softer thanks to these sessions. After three or four months of treatment, new hair follicles will start to grow. The formation and healthy growth of hair follicles is due to the components given in hair mesotherapy.

This application may vary from person to person. In genetic hair loss, treatment results can be seen later. The reduction of hair loss caused by stress or any other reason is faster.

In order to get an effective result after the application, each of the sessions planned by the experts should be attended. By getting the components it needs, the scalp can produce positive results and affect the aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy

The positiveaspects of hair mesotherapy can be expressed as follows:

  • With this application, healthy roots are nourished.
  • It accelerates blood circulation in the skin.
  • The disappearance of dandruff on the scalp is the result of this method.
  • Scalp diseases are eliminated with mesotherapy.
  • Those who want to have long and healthy hair can choose this method.
  • This application has a much more affordable price than other applications to strengthen hair follicles.
  • Mesotherapy does not cause a slight feeling of pain and the session duration is short.
  • The plan must be followed to the letter to ensure effective results from the implementation.
  • After the application, individuals can comfortably return to their daily lives. This is because the application does not involve any surgical operation.

Things to Consider in Hair Mesotherapy Application

Among theimportant information for hair mesotherapy is that it is an effortless treatment method. Experts will ask you some questions before the application. Questions include whether you take any medication on a regular basis, whether you take blood thinners, etc. Providing accurate and complete answers to the questions directed by the expert is of great importance for mesotherapy.

It is recommended to wash the hair before the session. This is because the hair should not be washed for one day after the application.

Harmful substances such as alcohol or cigarettes should be stopped after hair mesotherapy sessions. In addition, the scalp should be protected from sunlight for a while after the procedure. All items requested by the specialist must be completed before and after mesotherapy. In this way, the treatment can be completed smoothly.

You can contact us in a short time for the information you want to receive about hair mesotherapy. Our clinic offers you professional support in this regard and aims to protect your hair.