Hydradermie Youth

What is Hydradermie Youth?

With advancing age, skin cell activities slow down. Since the energy required for the cells decreases, the cells are renewed more slowly. As a result, the synthesis rate of elastic fibers decreases and the skin loses its youthfulness.

Hydradermie Youth Care is a method applied with the Hydradermie Cellular Energy device, which can be adapted depending on the person’s beauty goal, needs and skin type. Thanks to the dynamic ionization feature activated by the roller heads, it provides energy to the skin cells and supports the revitalization of the mature skin. device technology; Combined with GUINOT’s effective formulations, the active ingredients penetrate the skin in a beneficial way.

Another exciting feature of Hydradermie Youth is that it oxygenates the skin with thermal heat. While this application revitalizes cell activity, it accelerates cell oxygenation and micro blood circulation and supports the lightening and revitalization of the skin.

This exclusive patented GUINOT method supplies skin cells with energy.

With fatigue and passing time, the muscles are used less, the oval of the face sags and wrinkles become more pronounced. Lifting treatments have an action mechanism that adds tension to the dermis, which is the top layer of the skin, and repairs the skin.

Hydradermie Lift Care provides a relaxing experience as well as an effective one, with the drainage phase that ensures the excretion of toxins accumulated in the connective tissues and then the stimulation of the muscles and giving volume to the face. Effective solutions provide the effect of sports on the face, helping the oval of the skin to recover and tighten. In the care applied to the face and neck, from the first session, the skin gains elasticity and the depth of wrinkles decreases.

Your skin is revitalized, tightened; A lifting effect is observed on your face.