What is Lipostar?

Revolutionary technology in obesity and body shaping applications…


It can be applied in all areas that are desired to be thinned. Fatty areas, abdomen, lower and upper abdomen, sides, fatty areas around the waist, saggy areas, thighs and under the breasts are within the application areas of Lipostar.

What are the advantages of Lipostar?

Thanks to its reliable and effective use, it provides a permanent effect as it directly destroys fat cells. Visible results. It does not leave any traces after application. It does not need the human power used in radio frequency and cavitation devices.

Working principle of Lipostar:

As a result of long-term PEMF (Electro Magnetic Field Pulsed) tests to reduce fat and cellulite, Lipostar works as a new concept that provides physical triggering blood circulation, lymph drainage, nerves and muscles. In the physical effect illustrations shown on the side, the skin shows vibrational tendencies according to the magnetic energy movements from the inside. The spaces between the fat cells expand so that the connected tissues, also known as cellulite, are loosened and dissolved. The second working principle of Lipostar is the system that increases blood circulation. Thanks to magnetic energy, it increases blood circulation by activating the hemoglobin in the red blood cell.

Lipostar destroys fat and cellulite by activating the muscles in the skin tissue and the nerves in the blood cells, thanks to the current energy of 1-2 tesla created by the magnetic field penetrating deeper than 10 cm into the skin in a short time.

25 Minutes

8 – 10 Sessions