LPG Endermologie

What is LPG Endermologie?

endermologie ®: the only 100% natural, non-invasive, non-coercive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates the processes of cells .

Cellulite, which affects 90% of even the thinnest and most athletic women, is formed as a result of both fat storage in the fat cells and water retention in the body. As the storage fat cells develop, the connective tissue containing them causes the skin surface to deform. However, circulation is blocked, toxins accumulate and cellulite, which we call the inevitable orange peel appearance, occurs.

LPG®’s endermologie® ALLIANCE technology, which offers slimming, cellulite removal, tightening and skin rejuvenation together:

It helps to remove toxins and restore oxygen to the skin by stimulating circulatory changes to combat water retention in the body.

– It helps to relax the areas with muscle tension, eliminate stress and regulate the body-mind balance, provided that a comprehensive relaxation feeling is provided.

– By stimulating the storage fat cells (thinning cells) and fibroblasts (revival cells) simultaneously, it allows the treatment of cellulite and the recovery and tightening of the body.

After just 3 sessions with this brand new technology of endermologie® ALLIANCE that can help shape the body:

  • The skin becomes smoother and softer,
  • tightened by 71%,
  • There is a 67% reduction in cellulite,
  • It was observed that there was a 5.2 cm thinning around the waist.**

**endermologie® DERMSCAN study, 2016**

The smart technology of endermologie® ALLIANCE, which can help shape the body; It aims to give you the look you dream of in a short time, thanks to the mechanical skin stimulation that naturally reactive the cell metabolism.

45 – 60 Minutes

10 Sessions