Mint Lift

Today, this method stands out as a very frequently recommended aesthetic application by those who have a mint lift. Thanks to its special texture, face lifting procedures are performed thanks to the biodegradable thread. The thread, which is a special product called polydioxanone, always manages to take its place in the first place in face lifting procedures with its properties. Fusible yarn, which has no harm to human health, is produced with its patented structure.

The application, which is preferred for an effective and long-lasting facelift procedure, provides the best options for those who want to have a much younger facial contours thanks to its increased pulling and fixing power. As an aesthetic method with instantly effective and natural results, mint lift is also approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As an effective aesthetic method applied by specialist physicians in the field, it is now widely preferred worldwide. In Mint Lift application, the patented and awned structure of the threads gives natural results in terms of pulling force and stimulation of collagen formation.

What is Mint Lift?

In non-surgical face lifting procedures, although the methods applied with thread include minor surgical methods, they give much easier and successful results. One of them, Mint Lift, is produced on coating technology with a fusible, patented awned structure that is fully compatible with human biology. It is an effective and long-lasting face lift procedure thanks to PDO or, more broadly, polydioxanone threads. For facelift procedures, its structure with pulling and fixing power is important in terms of getting results in a short time and ensuring that the effects last for a long time.

Mint Lift, which is at an important point in obtaining instant effective and natural results, is produced from a material called PDO, which can melt smoothly. With its properties, it has a gradually better lifting effect.

The application, which provides an efficient solution in eliminating sagging and wrinkling problems that occur due to aging, is an easier procedure for those who want to get rid of the problem in question compared to similar face lift options.

How to Make Mint Lift?

In Mint Lift face lifting procedures, a specialist physician will need to apply with appropriate methods. For facelift applications against loosening and sagging of the face due to aging, the procedure is performed with PDO threads that are fully compatible with the skin. After the stretching process using special threads, it will be seen that the appearance improves significantly. It is one of the most important methods to reduce the signs of aging without surgery.

The fact that there is no scarring after the procedure is an important factor in the widespread use of this method. It is also possible for the patient to return to their daily life immediately after the procedure and benefit from the effective results of the treatment. Mint Lift application is at an important point especially among anti-aging treatments performed with surgery and fillers. The success of the intervention directly depends on the experience and expertise of the physician and the clinical facilities. You can safely choose our clinic for anti-aging applications and aesthetic procedures, especially Mint Lift application.

How Long Does Mint Lift Take?

Mint Lift, which is a prominent treatment method within the scope of face lifting procedures, has managed to become an increasingly popular application thanks to the fact that it can be applied in a short time and that patients can return to their daily lives early after the procedure. Depending on the application methods, the process can be carried out in different times. Improvement in nasolabial folds and marionette folds with Mint Lift will be among the main goals of the treatment.

The fact that patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the treatment is applied has increased the interest in Mint Lift applications, which are among the non-surgical face lifting procedures. Instead of not improving wrinkles and folds in its current state, it is also effective in preventing tissue sagging and delaying the process against the aging effect. With Mint Lift application, you can find a solution against the effects of aging in a short time and get the most effective results with new generation aesthetic methods with the support of our clinic.

Who Can Mint Lift Be Applied To?

Stretching and rejuvenation procedures to be performed using special threads with Mint lifting can be applied to people from almost every age group. The main factor taken into account in such treatments is that the general health of the people is appropriate and that they will not be adversely affected by the treatment. Mint Lift, which can be applied to all adult men and women, has no harm to human health with its special structure. In this way, it is among the most common non-surgical face lift applications preferred today.

What are the Benefits of Mint Lift?

The benefits of Mint Lift are quite high. In addition to the conventional aesthetic methods, the Mint Lift application enables patients to achieve the most effective results in a short time without surgery. The main benefits and advantages obtained in this context can be summarized as follows:

  • Since it does not require an incision site, it does not leave any scar.
  • Patients can return to their normal lives immediately after the procedure.
  • The patented awned structure of the strands gives natural results in pulling effect and stimulation of collagen formation.
  • It provides the best lifting and youthful appearance effect.

The expectations and demands of the patients are also very important in face lifting procedures to be performed non-surgically with Mint Lift threads. The most effective face lift procedure is applied with Mint Lift for all adults with a favorable general health condition.

Are There Mint Lift Harms?

Mint Lift has almost no harm. It is compatible with human biology and does not cause any problems in the long term thanks to its self-dissolving threads. Fusible threads, which are the preferred effective method in non-surgical facelift procedures, have been rendered harmless thanks to new generation technologies.

Although its damages rarely occur after unconscious and incorrect applications, it is among the most harmless applications in the long term according to the quality of the threads used. Thanks to the fact that it does not require any surgical intervention, it meets the expectations of the patients in the best way. The fact that patients can return to their daily lives as soon as possible after the procedure can be considered as an indicator of the success of the treatment.

Is Mint Lift Permanent?

The duration of the Mint Lift effect will vary according to the quality of the material from which the fusible threads are produced. Depending on the materials from which the fusible ropes are made, they will show a significant effect in periods ranging from 18 to 24 months on average.

It will show many differences in terms of both duration of effect and benefits compared to fillers or surgical facelift procedures. With Mint Lift methods, you can eliminate the deterioration of your skin against aging and get a much younger appearance. You can meet the best aesthetic results by visiting our clinic.