Morpheus8 is among the most frequently used methods for skin resurfacing recently. It reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process. It allows people to gain a younger appearance. It supports the reconstruction of tissues. In short, it can be defined as a skin rejuvenation procedure. It is the combination of micro-needles with radio frequency technology. After the application, people have a firmer skin. The body’s natural healing mechanism is used. New collagen and elastin production is stimulated. Numerous tiny needles are used to deliver RF energy deep under the surface of the skin.

What are the Effects of Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 has managed to become one of the most preferred devices thanks to its effects . Among the effects are the following:

  • Provides tightening of loose skin.
  • Removes fine lines.
  • Increases skin moisture.
  • It makes the skin look younger.
  • It helps to even out color irregularities in the skin.
  • Renews rough skin texture.
  • Provides the elimination of acne scars.
  • Reduces stretch marks.
  • Improves overall appearance.
  • Contributes to an even and radiant complexion.

You can achieve all these effects if you undergo Morpheus8 treatment in expert hands. Over time, gravity and other environmental factors can cause various skin problems. But you don’t need to worry about these things. Thanks to Morpheus8, you will say goodbye to skin problems and have a young and beautiful skin.

Which Areas can Morpheus8 be used for?

The areas where Morpheus8 is used can be anywhere on the body. It is okay to use it anywhere on the body that comes to mind. People most often prefer this procedure for the face and jaw line. However, Morpheus8 also produces great results for the neck, hips, abdomen, chin and other body parts. No matter which part of the body it is used on, this device allows people to get great results in every area.

How Many Sessions Should Morpheus8 Be Used?

The number of Morpheus8 sessions will vary for everyone. The number of sessions required varies according to many different factors such as the area to be treated, the skin problem in the area, how deep this problem is. However, experts have stated that at least 3 sessions should be performed. If people are having the Morpheus8 procedure for stretch marks, longer sessions are usually required. The duration of the session is planned after an analysis is made according to factors such as how deep the crack is, what type it is, and the characteristics of the skin.

Although the duration of the session is planned in advance, it is also very important how the body reacts to the Morpheus8 effect. Some skins react very quickly after the application and enter the healing process quickly, while some skins need a longer period of time. After performing the Morpheus8 procedure, the specialist will plan the session by looking at the reactions of the skin.

When Can I See Morpheus8 Results?

The time required to see Morpheus8 results varies according to everyone’s skin. However, a day or two after the application, people may notice positive changes in their skin. It is best to wait 3 weeks for optimal results. Typically 3. The best results are achieved in a week. The results include rejuvenation of the skin, lightening of the wrinkles, equalization of the color tone and regaining moisture. After the application, the person will see that his/her skin starts to take the shape he/she wants it to be a little more every day. After the planned session time is over, the person will have the skin characteristics that he/she initially aimed for.

What Can Be Done to Make Morpheus8 Results More Effective?

Morpheus8 is often combined with other treatments when the results are desired to be more effective . It is also possible to try other treatment methods with Morpheus8 at the same time. Of course, it is necessary to choose the treatment methods that the person needs. Morpheus8 is most commonly used with PRP and mesotherapy. In this way, the processes complement each other and increase the effect up to 2-3 times. It is especially combined by people with deep skin problems and those who want to get more effective results. For optimum results, 2 and 3 treatment methods have been used for a long time and no side effects have been observed.

What Should I Pay Attention to After Having Morpheus8?

It is very important to pay attention after having Morpheus8 . After the procedure, people should moisturize the treatment area. For this purpose, creams recommended by the physician should be used. Morpheus8 causes temporary drying of the skin and this is considered completely normal. After the skin starts to renew itself, there is no trace of dryness. People should also make sure that they do not expose their skin directly to the sun. Sunscreen creams that offer adequate sun protection should be used regardless of summer or winter. If there are additional products recommended by the physician, these can also be used.

If the face area has been treated, make-up is not applied after the application. Other cosmetic products should not be applied to other treated areas.

What are Morpheus8 Side Effects?

Morpheus8 side effects may occur in some patients. This is especially seen in people with sensitive skin type. After the Morpheus8 procedure, there may be problems such as redness and swelling in the treated area. This is considered completely normal. All side effects disappear spontaneously and do not require concern. A day or two will be enough for the side effects to go away. People should not interfere with this area.

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