Nose Botox

Botox applied to the nose is among the favorite applications of recent years. The fact that there is no incision, the healing time is almost non-existent; most of the time, even pain is not felt, puts this procedure in the first place among all medical aesthetic methods. Nasal botox is preferred to make the nose look more shaped and aesthetic than it is. Our clinic, where applications are made by specialist doctors, has been supporting its clients and patients in procedures such as botox for many years.

How Many Months Nasal Botox Can Be Usedr?

Botox for the nose is effective for a period of 2-3 months on average. After this stage, the active substance slowly starts to lose its effect. Therefore, the botox procedure should be repeated at regular intervals. It will be possible to say that it is not a one-time application. If the nose is suitable for botox, this medical aesthetic procedure is performed in regular sessions in our clinic.

Who Can Receive Botox?

People who can receive Botox

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Under 18 with parental consent
  • Those who think that the nose has no aesthetic appearance
  • Those who think that there is an unpleasant appearance with the problem of low nasal tip, excessive expansion of the wings of the nose during breathing, or who have wrinkles on the nose

people can be given botox. The aim of this procedure is to create a feeling of relaxation in the area by injecting Botox into the problematic muscles. Thus, it expresses a more aesthetic appearance in facial features and especially in the nose area. Individuals over 18 years of age, especially those with aesthetic concerns, can get rid of this unpleasant appearance with regular sessions.

Who should not have Botoxr?

People who should not get Botox;

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • People with muscle diseases
  • People taking any active medication should first give their medical history to the physician after consultation with the specialist and then get approval.
  • Those taking blood thinners
  • People who use any substance that will react with the active substance of Botox (the package insert of the drugs is examined by the physician).
  • Under 18 years of age
  • Those with nervous system diseases

Although Botox is a non-surgical procedure, the procedure should be performed by a physician since it has a medical aesthetic quality. The nasal botox procedure is finalized after the doctor finds the patient suitable after consultation and action is taken accordingly.

Nose BöBotox Worklemi Nasıl GerGet Czechir?

In order to get Botox in the nose, the necessary consultation should be made in our clinic first. The process works as follows.

  • Contact the clinic and come for an examination on a convenient appointment date
  • Determining the problems in the nose area, eliminating aesthetic concerns and determining whether botox gives results in accordance with the client’s demands
  • Examining the patient’s medical history and determining whether the patient is suitable for the procedure in question
  • Mutual expression of demands, informing the patient about what kind of nose they will have
  • Realization of the transaction on the appointment date

can be summarized as. Although the nasal area is among the areas where botox can be easily applied, you need to be sure about the experience of the clinic in order to avoid any side effects in the patient and to make it look restrained. From the moment you arrive at our clinic, we take care of you and give you answers to all the questions you are curious about.

How Botox is Appliedr?

For the way Botox is applied, the patient’s facial features should first be studied and a good evaluation should be made.

  • Preparation of the active substance and determination of the appropriate dose for the patient are among the main objectives of the procedure.
  • Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, procedures are performed under local anesthesia.
  • It is applied to low nasal tip, excessive opening of the wings of the nose while breathing and wrinkles on the skin on the nose.
  • The procedure can be performed on both men and women.

Botox Job to the Noselemi Acgeranium?

Although pain is among the most curious issues in Botox procedures, the fact that the patient is under local anesthesia during the procedure minimizes the pain. Botox procedure refers to the fact that the substance acting on the muscle creates temporary relaxation here, so that wrinkles are not experienced. The procedure can be called painless, and since it can be overcome with only minor redness, many people prefer the botox procedure.
Nose Botox
Although it is one of the most commonly applied Botox methods in our country, many of our clients apply to our clinic to renew their Botox after the procedure loses its effect. Consultations are carried out free of charge.

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