Onda Cold Wave Therapy

Onda Coolwaves

The renewed Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy , which offers the world’s fastest and most comfortable regional slimming and cellulite treatment, uses medical microwaves. It has the advantage of being the first and only body shaping process where microwaves are used for aesthetic purposes. Also known as cool waves . It is a treatment method discovered by Deka laser.

You do not need to go into surgery to get rid of the regional fat that bothers you and to shape your body. You can give your body the shape you want without the need for surgery. This treatment method directly targets the fat cells and ensures that the fat cells are safely eliminated. Fat cells are reduced without surgery. Patented title is used. The cooling unit, which comes into contact with the skin, gives the patient the feeling of massage and relaxes the person. The person does not feel any pain or pain during the procedure. It is possible to reach a temperature of 50 55 degrees in just 2 minutes. Therefore, the session period ends in a short time. It is possible to achieve visibly impressive results in a short time.

When Can I See the Results of Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy on Him?

You don’t have to wait to see Coolwaves cold wave therapy results on it. Because even after the application, visible changes occur. Immediately after applying Coolwaves cold wave therapy , there is a decrease in regional fat and an increase in skin quality. The skin’s collagen and elastin production is triggered, allowing the skin to recover. These effects occur thanks to the thermal heat of microwaves. Deformed fats mix with the urinary system and are naturally removed from the body over time. Seeing the main effect It happens at the end of the 3rd week. If deemed necessary 2nd session, It can be applied at the end of the 3rd week. As time passes, the person begins to see the effects of the procedure more clearly. The skin becomes more beautiful every day and the roughness on the skin decreases.

How Many Sessions of Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy Should Be Done?

Onda coolwaves cold wave therapy is a treatment method that can be effective in a single session. In some cases 2 or 3. A session may also be required. It will be necessary to wait at least 3 weeks for the application interval. The treatment is applied by drawing 15 cm x 15 cm areas and the application takes 15 minutes. As the number of regions increases, the application time will increase according to the area. This application, which is extremely comfortable, does not affect your daily life, and you do not feel pain during the procedure. Therefore, local or topical anesthesia is not required.

Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy Prices How Much?

An area of 15 cm x 15 cm is taken as a basis when calculating the Coolwaves cold wave therapy prices . Factors such as how wide the area will be, the estimated number of sessions, and the rate of fat and cellulite in the body are effective when determining the price for the therapy. It is possible to get an average price information as an examination to the doctor beforehand.

What are the Advantages of Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy?

The advantages of cold wave therapy can be listed as follows:

  • It has no side effects.
  • There is no pain or feeling of pain.
  • It is not necessary to use anesthetic cream.
  • Session duration is short.
  • One session of application is often sufficient.
  • Does not cause skin irritation.
  • A slight redness may be seen and this redness will disappear within minutes.
  • An effective direction
  • Visible effects are achieved after a single session.
  • As time passes, better effects begin to be obtained.

How Does Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy Work?

Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy is performed by sending special high frequency Electro magnetic waves to the fat cell. As the fat cells vibrate at high speed, high temperature rise occurs. This frequency is known to travel a thousand times faster than the frequency of microwaves. Being this fast, it shortens the session time. That’s why the target area heats up in just 2 minutes and reaches 55 degrees. The structure of fat cells deteriorates and the cells shrink. Since regional adipose tissue will decrease, cellulite will also disappear. While the loose tissue tightens, the quality of the skin also increases. In regional thinning, high-frequency fat cells vibrate more and the cells are damaged in a short time, causing the lymph to drain, that is, to sweat them. In addition, instant contraction of collagen fibers in the dermis and new collagen production are also possible.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that occurs when the adipose tissue in the lower layer of the skin is compressed between the connective tissues. As a result of this, an orange peel appearance occurs on the upper part of the skin. Cellulite is a serious problem. It’s not just about weight. However, it is common in people who are overweight. Anyone who is thin or obese can get cellulite. It is possible to encounter cellulite in areas such as the hips, hips, upper parts of the knees, the back of the calf and the inner parts of the legs. After middle age, cellulite occurs in the abdominal region, which draws attention.

Conditions such as nutrition, hormonal features, external factors and not doing sports are effective in the formation of cellulite. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely get rid of cellulite. There are different types of cellulite. When fighting cellulite, it is necessary to know the type of cellulite.

Why Does Cellulite Occur?

The causes of cellulite formation can be listed as follows:

  • irregular lifestyle,
  • Physiological differences,
  • Wearing very tight underwear
  • Not acting adequately
  • not exercising,
  • hormonal changes,
  • Always wearing high heels
  • Alcohol and cigarette use
  • Consumption of animal fat and margarine,
  • fast food consumption,
  • Consuming a lot of coffee, tea and cola,
  • genetic factors,
  • Consuming too many carbohydrates
  • Drinking less water can cause cellulite.

Factors such as gender, body fat percentage, age, skin thickness can also cause cellulite formation.

What are Cellulite Prevention Methods?

You can get rid of unwanted appearance thanks to cellulite prevention methods . Proper nutrition is the best method to get rid of cellulite. People should not consume fast food and should avoid foods that contain a lot of salt and fat. Nutritious foods, fresh, fat-free foods, grains containing plenty of fiber, legumes, vegetables and fruits should be consumed in abundance. Sugar and pastries should be avoided.

Cellulite massage can be done to prevent cellulite. Regular massage helps to increase blood circulation and revitalize the skin. Exercising will have a similar effect. Being in a constant state of motion causes deformation. Gravity always creates edema by collecting the blood circulation in various places, especially in the ankles. It is generally recommended to do sports such as pilates, tennis, swimming and running for the treatment of cellulite.

Water and Nutrition in Cellulite Treatment

Water and nutrition are of great importance in the treatment of cellulite . Water removes fat tissues, waste and toxic substances from the body. It is absolutely necessary to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day in order to make the skin look beautiful and get rid of cellulite. The quality of drinking water is at least as important as the level of drinking water. It is necessary to consume water that is natural and rich in minerals. It is necessary to drink more water, especially during periods of intense physical activity and sweating. It is very important to replace the lost water. Nutrition should contain minerals and vitamins. Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Therapy is also very helpful.

15 minutes

1 – 3 Sessions