OXYjet CryO2 Power

What is OXYjet CryO2 POWER Maintenance?

OXYjet CryO2 POWER maintenance, which is unique in the world; It is the application of applying OXYjet CryO2 POWER products under the skin together with cold oxygen by cooling the skin up to 10°C with 98% pure pressurized oxygen, where Anti-aging, Anti-pigmentation and Anti-acne treatments can be done.

The tightening and stimulating effect of cold pressure on the skin is used in a wide variety of skin treatments in medicine to relieve edema and reduce inflammation. It is possible to achieve the desired and perfect results on the skin with the effect of concentrated oxygen on the skin and the positive effect of care kits with special content formulated to be used with the OXYjet CryO2 POWER system.

What should I expect from the OXYjet CryO2 POWER application?

After the applications with the patented BODE OXYjet CryO2 POWER system, the moisture rate and quality of your skin will increase by 100%. In addition, with the storage of active substances in the contents of very special products used during applications, your skin will be revitalized and you will have a more beautiful appearance. You will have a ‘dazzling’ appearance thanks to this system, where it is possible to make effective applications on the entire face, especially around the eyes and lips, neck and décolleté.

What are the consequences of OXYjet CryO2 POWER maintenance?

  • It fills in wrinkles.
  • It reduces fine and deep wrinkles.
  • It is effective in solving the pigment/stain problem.
  • It has a positive therapeutic effect on acne-prone skin.
  • It improves the quality of the skin.
  • It increases the moisture content of the skin.
  • It accelerates the cell production of the skin, blood and lymph circulation.
  • With the positive effect of cold oxygen, a lifting effect occurs on the skin.
  • Eliminates redness caused by sensitivity on the skin.
  • It gives the skin a healthy, bright and perfect appearance.

Increase the effect of the application with personalized NORA BODE care kits!’

What maintenance is possible with OXYjet CryO2 POWER?

  • Protective and moisturizing Anti-aging care under 35 years old
  • Anti-aging care for over 35 years of age to remove wrinkles and define the face oval
  • Anti-Acne, care to treat active acne
  • Anti-Pigmentation, skin blemishes removal care

What are the NORA BODE products used in OXYjet CryO2 POWER maintenance?

In this system, the products used are of great importance. After the expert determines the suitable product for you:

  • SKIN VOLUME KIT or AGE CONTROL KIT: For anti-aging applications
  • ANTI-PIGMENT KIT: For applications to remove stains on the skin
  • ANTI-ACNE KIT: Individual care can be started by choosing the appropriate care kit for acne treatment applications. In the kits, there are professional products to be used during 3 applications and a home care product that supports the care.

Can skin care products of different brands be used with OXYjet CryO2 POWER?

NORA BADE branded products have been specially developed for use with this system. Their molecular structure is similar to that of oxygen. Due to these properties during OXYjet and CryO2 applications, it is possible for the products to go down to the lowest layer of the epidermis. The products do not cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Since the products used in treatments with a different product have not been tested by Nora Bode for compatibility, it is not possible to make any comments on the result.

What is the effect of ‘cool lifting’ used in OXYjet CryO2 POWER?

The CryO2 POWER app is a ‘cold’ app. During this application, a CryO2 ampoule attached to the application head is applied to the skin along with the cold and refreshing oxygen. With the positive effect of this special ‘cold’ application, the skin is tightened, revitalized and the face oval becomes clear.

What is felt during the application?

It is a very relaxing and comfortable treatment. All you feel is the gentle pulsating pressure and the soothing sensation of cooled oxygen to the skin.

How many sessions are required to continue the treatments?

Although the number of sessions is determined in line with the recommendation of the specialist who will perform the application, it is recommended that there be a minimum of 3 sessions. You can help the positive effect of the application to last longer by having a protection session once a month.

*The effectiveness of the system has been proven by the Fraunfhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology.

What are the stages of OXYjet CryO2 POWER application?

The unique OXYjet CryO2 POWER application consists of 4 very special applications with different effects:

  • Oxydiamond-peeling: With concentrated oxygen and diamond peeling heads of different sizes, the stimulation of the skin is increased and the dead skin layer is removed. During the application, cell divisions occur in the lower layers of the epidermis, and as a result, the skin regains its youthful appearance.
  • OxyCryO2-Cool Lifting: It is applied to the skin with a ‘cocktail’ special head containing cold-acting, refreshing active ingredients. Cold pressure tightens the skin, increases stimulation, reduces edema, relieves sensitivity. When oxygen is added to the application, it tightens the pores, removes the redness of the skin and defines the facial contours.
  • Oxyjet-pressurized oxygen injection: Cosmetic products with a special formula are sent to the lower layers of the epidermis with the help of high pressure oxygen. As a result of the application, the skin’s stores, which decrease over time, are filled with these special active substances. In addition, the skin tightens, recovers, pigment and acne problems are eliminated depending on the content of the products used. Pressurized oxygen invigorates the skin and gives energy. It helps to gain a healthier and refreshed appearance.
  • Oxyspray-oxygen spray: While the oxygen sprayed on the skin with the help of the spray refreshes the skin, the immune system of the skin is strengthened with the increased stimulation. It accelerates the healing time of the skin by calming the damage to the skin after microdermaabrasion or aggressive peeling. If NORA BODE fluid spray is used during the application, it can be seen that the skin is moisturized, smooth, refreshed and beautiful.
  • Oxinhalation-oxygen respiration: 98% pure oxygen increases the amount of oxygen in the internal organs with the help of a respiratory mask.

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