What is Schwarzy?

Schwarzy is a specially developed device on fat reduction through muscle building.

While your muscles are developing, getting stronger and shaped, you can say goodbye to your stubborn fat accumulated in these areas.

This particular device is effective for removing stubborn fat around the muscles. It can be used for both fat burning and muscle development. Studies have shown that the problem of regional adiposity in both men and women is as high as 80 percent. By creating an electromagnetic field, you will be able to say goodbye to these oils without long sports sessions with the Schwarzy device. Thanks to today’s developing technology, fat can be burned without exercise. This device, which is used in different body parts, starts to show its effect after a single session.

Why Are Strong Muscles Necessary?

  1. Muscle strength improves our overall health.
  2. Strong muscles allow you to perform power-intensive movements and activities without getting tired.
  3. Muscle exercises help burn calories, balance the fat/muscle ratio and stay in shape.
  4. Strong muscles help boost mood and energy levels while promoting healthy sleep patterns.
  5. Strong muscles help build healthy bones. This will help you maintain good posture and get rid of back pain.
  6. Strong muscles help you have a balanced and flexible body.

Designed to Relieve Regional Fat Along with Muscle Development

Regional adiposity is common in both men and women, regardless of age. It is known that there is more genetic fat accumulation especially in areas such as the hips, hips and belly. In addition, there may be regional adiposity due to hormonal and metabolic reasons. The problem of regional lubrication is frequently encountered in mothers who gave birth, those who have a sedentary lifestyle, and those who eat fast food. Schwarzy is designed to eliminate these fats that accumulate in the body and cause unsightly appearance, and to strengthen the muscles.

Reduces the Risk of Disease Occurrence

The risk of disease formation is reduced with the use of Schwarzy. Studies have shown that the use of this tool reduces the occurrence of the following diseases:

  1. pregnancy problems,
  2. Paralysis,
  3. Heart disease,
  4. Hypertension,
  5. You can take precautions now to avoid getting type 2 diabetes.

The above-mentioned diseases are caused by the effect of excess fat on the body. Schwarzy ensures the removal of excess fat from the body. The tone improves, the metabolic reaction is stimulated. In this way, preventive measures are taken against diseases.

Suitable for use in different parts of the body

Schwarzy usage areas vary according to the wishes of the person. The most used areas of the tool are arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen. Especially fat is seen in these areas. Despite exercising and eating a balanced diet, stubborn fat in the area may still be there. Apart from these areas, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat and strengthen your muscles in these areas by using the tool under the supervision of an expert.

What Are the Schwarzy Effects?

Schwarzy effects can be listed as follows:

  1. It provides rapid fiber contraction. In this way, muscle tissue increases and becomes prominent.
  2. Deep muscle stimulation is given.
  3. Lipophysis allows you to get the desired results in the fat ratio.
  4. Muscles become stronger and permanent.
  5. It makes spramaximal contractions for deep muscle stimulation.
  6. Provides focused magnetic stimulation.
  7. It creates a 35,000 shuttle effect in 30 minutes.

What are the Advantages of Using Schwarzy?

Schwarzy advantages can be listed as follows:

  1. You benefit from preset and adapted protocols.
  2. You will not feel any pain or pain during the procedure.
  3. It reduces the risk factors associated with pre-obesity and abdominal obesity.
  4. The operation is carried out in maximum comfort.
  5. It is suitable for use in different parts of the body that do not have dermo-epidermic involvement.
  6. It most commonly affects the hips, legs, abdomen and arms.
  7. It is strong. It provides a metabolic reaction. It deeply stimulates the abdominal muscles.
  8. Regulates body posture.

You start to see all these advantages with a single session application. After the number of sessions is completed, you will get exactly the result you want.

Who Is Schwarzy Suitable For?

People who Schwarzy is suitable for are people who have a balanced diet, do sports and still do not get the desired effect on their bodies. The method should definitely not be thought of as a magic wand. The lifestyle of individuals is decisive in terms of the results obtained from the procedure. Factors such as sleep quality, age of the person, current fat ratio will determine the result of the procedure. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the procedure to get the best effect. Cigarettes should not be consumed. Alcohol should be limited. It should be a regular and balanced diet. A person should sleep at least 8 hours a day regularly. You should exercise and have an active lifestyle. When these are fulfilled, the results you will get from the application will be much longer-lasting and permanent. These suggestions also increase your daily life and quality of life.

What are Schwarzy Treatment Protocols?

Schwarzy treatment protocols can be grouped under 3 different headings. The first mode is the aerobic mode. It is aimed at reducing fat and provides muscle development. Shaping mode is available. Improvement of muscle tone is provided in this mode. It is aimed to strengthen the muscles. In the strengthening mode, it is aimed to increase muscle strength and muscle volume. Among the different treatment protocols, a choice is made according to the purpose of the person. It must be done under the supervision of a specialist. In the specialist examination, the body structure of the patient is evaluated and the result of the treatment is listened to. For this, the number of sessions, session intervals, etc. determined and implemented.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Although the number of Schwarzy sessions can be different for everyone, it is necessary to do 8 sessions, 2 times a week on average. The application time varies from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. You start to see the effects immediately after the application. It helps you burn fat while building muscle. It makes you fit in a short time. For this, you do not need to sweat in long gyms. It is suitable for people of all ages. It can be preferred by men and women. It is a simple procedure that can be done even during lunch, as the application time is short and there is no need for rest afterwards. Patients do not feel pain with the Schwarzy application. It should be done regularly. When it is done continuously, the session intervals can be determined by the person himself under the supervision of an expert. However, it is necessary to complete the original session form and number first.

20 – 45 minutes

8 Sessions Twice a Week