What is Scizer?

Developed with a higher version HIFU, Macro Focused Scanning Ultrasound technology, Scizer Sonic is a regional slimming, tightening, body reduction and body shaping application.

  • Scizer Sonic, which can act directly on fat cells, aims to instantly break down fat cells with the help of high heat.
  • While creating a heat effect in the application area, it also cools the skin surface and protects the skin by preventing heat increase.
  • This is also a tool that makes the application painless and painless.
  • Cooling degrees can be adjusted according to the wishes of the practitioner and the patient.

It is aimed that the excess fat cells that are released from the first application will be broken down and removed from the body in a short period of 72 hours.

With Scizer Sonic, which is one of the best and successful methods in the field of regional thinning and shaping, the procedure can be successfully performed in any region with a fat thickness of 2.5 cm (belly, arm, hip, lower butt band, waist, knee, etc.).

30 – 60 Minutes Per Zone

1 Session