Types of Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment is a form of treatment that allows you to get rid of the orange peel appearance in the abdomen, legs, buttocks and belly area. Within the scope of our cellulite treatment options, we provide you with a smooth and healthy appearance in your problematic skin areas.

What are the Types of Cellulite Treatment?

We list information about the types of cellulitis treatment as follows:

  • LPG Endermologie,
  • X-Wave,
  • Velashape,
  • Accent Prime,

Within the scope of these treatment methods that we provide you to get rid of your cellulite effectively, you can get a healthy and aesthetic looking skin away from the orange peel appearance.

What is LPG Endermologie?

LPG Endermologie is the only mechanical skin stimulation technique that activates cellular processes, in 100% natural conditions, with no coercive conditions. In our LPG Endermologie treatment, we eliminate the problem of cellulite, which affects 90% of women, even those with the most athletic body. We eliminate the appearance of cellulite, which occurs as a result of water retention in the body and high fat storage in storage fat cells, with the skin stimulation technique.

Our LPG Endermologie treatment removes the excess stored fat that causes the deformation of your skin surface, the obstruction of circulation in this area, the accumulated toxins, the inevitable orange peel appearance. It offers slimming, getting rid of cellulite, tightening and skin renewal conditions together in a single procedure.

For what purposes is LPG Endermologie applied?

We list the details about the purposes of LPG Endermologie application as follows:

  • To combat the body’s tendency to retain water,
  • Removing toxins by stimulating circulation,
  • Allowing the skin to regain its oxygen,
  • To relax areas of muscle tension,
  • Eliminating stress with a comprehensive feeling of relaxation and care,
  • This way to balance the body and mind,
  • Eliminate the appearance of cellulite by stimulating stored fat cells and fibroblasts simultaneously,
  • To provide recovery and tightening in the body,
  • Increasing self-confidence by eliminating the orange peel appearance,
  • To ensure that the body has a shaped and proportional appearance,

With the LPG Endermologie cellulite treatment we apply for these purposes, you can have a healthier, smoother and firmer structure on your skin surface that has an orange appearance.

When Does Cellulite Treatment Take Effect?

We list the details about the time to show the effect of cellulite treatment as follows:

  • If you benefit from our LPG Endermologie treatment, you can observe significant results after only 3 sessions.
  • After 3 sessions, your skin area, which has an orange peel appearance, becomes smooth and soft.
  • 71% tightening is achieved.
  • Your cellulite will disappear 67% of the time.
  • It becomes possible to observe a 5.2 cm reduction in your waist circumference.

In this context, at the end of 3 sessions, you can observe a significant thinning in your body and you can have a smooth skin away from the orange peel appearance.

What is X-Wave Cellulite Treatment?

X-Wawe cellulite treatment is a new generation application that helps to lift buttocks without surgery and remove the cellulite appearance at the same time. Anyone with noticeable cellulite can benefit from this treatment. It is possible to easily get rid of the unaesthetic appearance within the scope of our X-Wawe application, even if your cellulite is on your belly, leg, pop bottom and above. Those who have low pop after weight loss, who have an orange peel appearance and who want to have a steeper looking butt have the opportunity to get definite results within the scope of this treatment.

Homogeneous reduction of fat on the buttocks, the formation of new muscle and connective tissue, achieving a firmer and lifted butt appearance, and eliminating the appearance of cellulite are the procedures we offer within the scope of our X-Wave Cellulite treatment.

How Many Sessions Should X-Wave Cellulite Treatment Be Applied?

The number of X-Wave cellulite treatment sessions is 6 sessions in total, 2 times a week. Our procedure time for one session is between 20 and 25 minutes. At the end of our application, we ensure the formation of new muscle and connective tissues by separating irregular fats. After our procedures, within the scope of paying attention to the diet and continuing light exercises, the butt shape is easily maintained in a tight and thick form away from the orange peel appearance.

X-Wave What are the Benefits of Cellulite Treatment?

We list information about the benefits of X-Wave Cellulite treatment as follows:

  • After the first session, the reduction of edema is clearly felt.
  • With the second session, you can get visible results in terms of thinning.
  • It allows you to get rid of cellulite without having to undergo a surgical procedure.
  • You have the opportunity to benefit from a technological treatment that supports muscle growth by separating irregular fat around your buttocks.
  • Thanks to the shock waves, you can prevent newly formed fat from exhibiting the same movements as irregular fat.
  • By breaking down the fat, you get the possibility to eliminate the orange peel appearance after 5 to 6 sessions.
  • After only 20 minutes of application in one session, you can return to your work and social life.
  • You will receive a painless and painless treatment without having to undergo anesthesia.

Within the scope of our X-Wave treatment, where we offer you all these benefits, we ensure that you get rid of your cellulite permanently.

What is VelaShape?

VelaShape is a treatment procedure that eliminates the appearance of cellulite, allows for tightening and regional thinning, and has a total of 4 sessions protocol once a week. It is a procedure that allows you to get effective results without having to disrupt your daily life. You can easily benefit from our VelaShape treatment to remove cellulite, eliminate the appearance of stretch marks and provide regional thinning.

How does VelaShape work?

We list detailed information about the VelaShape study as follows:

  • The main purpose of this procedure is to correct the problematic skin area with the principle of heat and to provide an aesthetic appearance.
  • The vacuum technology we use heats the application area with infrared rays while raising the target tissue.
  • In this context, we distribute heat to the targeted area with radio frequency energy without causing any damage to the skin area.
  • With this energy, we intervene in the appearance of cellulite while affecting fat cells.
  • Thanks to tissue heating and the vacuum technology that supports it, we stimulate collagen and elastin cells in the skin.
  • Thanks to this stimulation, collagen and elastin cells increase.
  • At the end of the increase, skin tightening, flattening and smoothing of the orange peel appearance occurs.

Within the scope of our VelaShape treatment, you can benefit from our cellulite removal treatment in the legs, hips, abdomen and all body areas thanks to the wide and narrow tip applicators in the device. You can benefit from 2.5 cm in the abdomen and 2 cm in the legs.

Who Cannot Use VelaShape Cellulite Treatment?

Those who cannot be treated with VelaSahpe cellulite treatment are pregnant women. If you are pregnant and there is an infection in the area to be treated, it is not possible to benefit from this treatment. It is not recommended to take VelaShape Cellulite treatment in case of photosensitive drug use, diabetes, vascular occlusion problem, blood clotting and aspirin use 2 days before treatment. Before this scope of treatment, we obtain the necessary detailed information from you during the examination phase and provide information about eligibility.

What are the Benefits of Cellulite Treatment?

We list information about the benefits of cellulite treatments as follows:

  • With our LPG Endermologie, X-Wave, Velashape, Accent Prime cellulite treatments, you can achieve tightening in your problematic skin area.
  • You will be able to get rid of the orange peel appearance completely.
  • With our treatments, you will be able to return to social life on the same day.
  • As long as you pay attention to your eating habits, you will benefit from permanent results.
  • You will benefit from a treatment within the scope of technological techniques.
  • With the increase in collagen cells, you can have a smooth and soft skin.

Within the scope of our cellulite treatment options that offer you these benefits, you can benefit from the opportunity to choose and apply the most suitable technique type for yourself.

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