Under Arm Sagging and Inner Leg Sagging

Problems such as under arm sagging and inner leg sagging; These are the factors that many people experience for various reasons and seek solutions. In such cases, it is not far to achieve the desired appearance by applying various treatment methods. Conditions such as sagging under the arm and inner leg sagging affect your inner peace as well as your appearance. After the necessary applications, you can be a more self-confident individual as you will like yourself when you look in the mirror.

Why Do Sagging Underarms Occur?

The causes of sagging under the arm are as follows:

  • Sagging, which is often observed in the upper parts of the arm, usually develops due to weight loss. If you have been overweight at some point in your life, the risk of developing flabby arms increases.
  • The skin under the arm, which is one of the thinnest skins on our body, becomes tense when weight is gained. However, when these weights are lost, it is difficult to take its old shape and this causes sagging.
  • These sagging usually occur on the upper arms and towards the inner side.
  • Sagging in the arm outside this area is very rare because in other areas the skin and subcutaneous tissues are very tightly attached to the underlying muscles. These strong connective tissues also prevent sagging.

What are the Treatment Methods for Sagging Underarms?

Underarm sagging, which is usually observed in women, is treatable. Accordingly, the treatmentmethods of underarm sagging are as follows:

Clatuu Cold Laser Lipolysis;

  • It is a non-invasive method widely used in the world for regional fat melting in different areas of the body, provided that the fats in the application area are frozen to a certain extent and deformed and broken down.
  • It is a painless treatment method with a single session protocol.
  • It is not necessary to use a special corset after the procedure.

Le Shape Hot Laser Lipolysis;

  • It is a non-invasive method widely used in the world for regional fat melting in different areas of the body, provided that the fat in the application area is deformed and broken down by heating to a certain degree.
  • It is a painless treatment method with a single session protocol.
  • It is not necessary to use a special corset after the procedure.

Onda Coolwaves;

  • Thanks to specially developed medical microwaves, Onda Coolwaves is effective both in removing the fat accumulated in the underarm area and in treating and eliminating the laxity in this area.
  • Depending on the condition of the person’s skin and the sagging under the arm, it can be applied in 3 sessions with an interval of 21 days.

What Should Be Considered for Sagging Underarms?

Depending on genetic or age factors, sagging under the arm can occur in many people. Although these factors do not allow too much intervention and directly affect the permanence of the interventions, there are always solutions for your problems. Accordingly, the factors to be considered for underarm sagging are as follows:

Fixed Weight;

  • It is always best to stay at a constant weight. Planning your daily routine according to your health and paying attention to your nutrition will help you a lot.
  • Frequent weight gain and weight loss or losing excess weight all at once can be a challenging phase for your body.


  • Regular exercise is a highly effective method for arm tightening.
  • Squeezing at most 30 to 40 minutes of exercise into your daily routine can be the biggest investment you can make in your arms.
  • Many movements such as the upside-down namaste exercise, push-pull stretching exercises, tennis ball exercise, and many others can help you get effective results if you do 20 sets of repetitions regularly without tiring yourself out.

For some body types, sports can be a late application method. In such cases, our specialist doctors can help you get the look you want with effective application methods in a shorter time.

Why does inner leg prolapse occur?

Living conditions and body style can cause a visible deterioration in our body over time. The causes of inner leg sagging, which is one of them, occur due to various factors. Deterioration occurs due to factors such as age, gravity, frequent weight gain and loss, and giving birth. When the sagging of the inner legs reaches advanced levels, especially in the summer months, it also brings rash formations. In this case, both visual and physical discomforts may require remedial measures. At this stage, you can apply professional and effective methods by contacting the specialist doctors of our clinic. You can contact us for detailed information about under arm sagging and inner leg sagging.

What are the Treatment Methods for Inner Leg Prolapse?

There is always a treatment for inner leg sagging that develops due to various factors. Accordingly, inner leg sagging treatment methods are as follows:

Accent Prime;

  • It is a versatile device developed by Alma Lasers, one of the world’s leading laser companies, for body contouring and skin tightening.
  • The special tightening program, which works with the radiofrequency system, can be applied once a week for a total of 4 sessions.

Onda Coolwaves;

  • Onda Coolwaves is effective in treating and eliminating skin laxity thanks to specially developed medical microwaves.
  • The special tightening program can be applied in 3 sessions with 21-day intervals.

What Should be Considered in the Inner Leg Prolapse Treatment Process?

It is always possible to improve the sagging that occurs with various methods. After the application of these treatments, there are also points that the patient should pay attention to. Accordingly, the things to be considered in the inner leg sagging treatment process are as follows:

  • After leg stretching, the leg should be prevented from moving for at least 1 week.
  • Activities such as walking should be suspended.
  • Protection of the suture site is also extremely important
  • Hygiene should be observed to avoid infection in the surgical area.

Since your communication with your doctor will continue after the post-operative procedures, expert guidance should always be a priority.

What Should You Know About Inner Leg Prolapse Treatment?

Inner leg sagging, which occurs due to lifestyle and biological factors, can be eliminated by treatment. Accordingly, the things to know about the treatment of inner leg sagging are as follows:

  • The operation is a very risk-free process.
  • Whether there is a need for additional treatment after the operation is shaped by the joint decision taken between the doctor and the patient.
  • After the operation, you can increase the permanence at the maximum level after paying attention to your doctor’s information.
  • Most of the time, operation scars do not leave a permanent effect.
  • After the procedure, hospitalization is required for 1 day. Knowing this and preparing yourself will ensure a smooth process.

Visual discomfort can be felt after sagging occurs in various parts of the body. The friction of the skin with each other causes diaper rash and makes you unable to move comfortably during the day. You can get professional help by contacting us to eliminate your problems such as under arm sagging and inner leg sagging. All important factors such as the tissue structure of the sagging skin, its suitability for surgery, and the permanence of the procedure can be resolved by mutual discussion. Depending on the problem, you can achieve the appearance you want with an increased satisfaction rate after the pre- and post-operative process is planned and acted together with our specialist doctor.

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