Veloce BBL Youth Light

What is Veloce BBL Youth Light?

Thanks to Veloce BBL Youth Light , it is possible to reach the lowest layers of the skin. This light therapy can be used to treat different skin problems. By making intense pulsed light pulses, it ensures that the treatment is fast and effective. It has different nanometric filters. Thanks to the high energy dissipation, an efficient field of activity is created in the treatment. Thanks to stable energy and focused light technology, it is possible to get fast results in a short time. There are 8 different smart filter modes for lesions. Optional treatment filters can also be selected. The device uses 20 Hz beam technology thanks to intense pulsed dual light technology and can apply all 320 pulses in 16 seconds. Spot shooting is possible in a controlled manner with a total of 1080 J and 20 Hz.

What are Veloce BBL Youth Light Treatment Filters?

The Veloce BBL Youth Light treatment filters are six in total. These filters can be listed as follows:

  • The 695 nm treatment filter is used for epilation.
  • The 640 nm treatment filter is used for hair removal and dermal melasma.
  • The 590 nm treatment filter is used in common rashes.
  • The 560 nm treatment filter is used for pigmented lesions on dark skin and for the treatment of superficial melasma.
  • The 515 nm treatment filter is used for photorejuvenation and pigmented lesions.
  • The 420 nm treatment filter is used to treat acne.

What are the Uses of Veloce BBL Youth Light?

Veloce BBL Youth Light usage areas can be listed as follows:

  • melasma,
  • Telangiectasia,
  • poikiloderma,
  • scar marks,
  • Rejuvenation,
  • acnes,
  • Vascular lesions,
  • Veloce BBL Youth Light is preferred for the treatment of many different skin diseases such as lentigo.

What Happens During Veloce BBL Youth Light Therapy?

The steps during the Veloce BBL Youth Light treatment can be listed as follows:

  • Enlarged or distorted veins are destroyed.
  • Excess melanin in the stained areas of the skin is eliminated. There is immediate improvement in skin color.
  • Fibroblasts are stimulated.
  • Cytokine release occurs.
  • Elastin and collagen stimulation in the skin is increased.

What are the Effects of Veloce BBL Youth Light Treatment on the Skin?

The effects of Veloce BBL Youth Light treatment on the skin are listed as follows:

  • Pimples are reduced.
  • Thin veins are lost.
  • Pores begin to shrink.
  • Skin discoloration occurs.
  • The skin tightens.
  • The skin becomes beautiful.
  • The skin gets a more youthful appearance.
  • It stays moist for a long time.

Who Can Prefer Veloce BBL Youth Light?

Individuals who may opt for the Veloce BBL Youth Light method include:

  • People who want to correct the sharpened jaw line,
  • Those who want to provide long-term youth in their skin,
  • People with large pores
  • Those whose capillaries are enlarged,
  • People with spots of sun, old age, pregnancy or congenital origin,
  • People with uneven skin tone,
  • People with a red face
  • People who complain about the appearance of a red vascular lesion,
  • People with mottled pigmentation,
  • People with skin laxity on the face and neck may prefer the Veloce BBL Youth Light method.

When determining the characteristics of the laser, it is necessary to consider the skin condition. It is used to serve different purposes according to wavelength and adjusted energy. It must be used by a physician. The frequency that will be used for skin tightening and rejuvenation will differ from the settings used to treat a blemished skin.

In Which Areas Can Veloce BBL Youth Light Be Applied ?

The areas where Veloce BBL Youth Light is applied are various parts of the body, especially the face, neck, hands and décolleté. It can be used in the whole leather area. The technology is proven, rejuvenating the genetic material of the skin. Thanks to this application, aged cells become structurally similar to young cells. Genetic damage is repaired. The treatment plan must be prepared individually. A special program should be made according to the results and skin characteristics that everyone wants to achieve. More than one treatment can be done in the same session. It is possible to do this if one or two wavelengths are used at the same time. It is possible to perform skin rejuvenation, spot treatment and capillary treatment in a single session.

Pain During Veloce BBL Youth Light?

Pain in the Veloce BBL Youth Light application may occur depending on the pain threshold of the person. Although it is not a painful method, cream anesthesia method can be used for people with low pain threshold. In this way, people can be treated comfortably without pain and pain. Generally, people stated that they felt a slight heat rather than pain. Veloce BB Laser has taken its place among the most preferred treatment methods due to its comfort and the absence of side effects afterward.

Can Veloce BBL Youth Light Application Be Done In All Seasons?

The season in which Veloce BBL Youth Light will be applied is the months when the effect of the sun is not intense. Red face treatments, acne treatments or facial rejuvenation treatments can be done except for the summer season. Even after the first application, the person begins to reach his goal. When spot treatment is desired, it is useful to prefer the Veloce BBL Youth Light method in winter seasons when the sun’s rays are less. It can be done after the summer holidays. A treatment plan is created at six-month intervals. Immediately after the application, the skin elasticity of the person increases, improvements occur in the enlarged vascular network, the pores begin to shrink.

15 Minutes / 2 – 3 Sessions

after 2 weeks