What is a Q-Switched Laser?

The Q-Switched laser is capable of delivering very powerful pulses in a very short time. It is different from all laser devices. It works with advanced technology. The pulse duration was measured in millionths of a second. Thanks to the use of this laser, treatments such as age spots, tattoo removal, freckle removal can be performed. Only the problematic area of the skin is affected by the laser. There is no damage to other tissues. Anesthetic cream can be applied before the procedure to reduce pain. The pain is not intense anyway, even without cream. It is a tolerable level of pain. This pain is instantaneous. Session durations vary depending on the area to be treated, but are short. Since it pulses very strongly in a very short time, heat escape to the surrounding tissue is minimized. Selectivity is maximized and only the targeted tissue is processed.

What are the Uses of Q-Switched Laser?

Q-Switched Laser usage areas include the following:

  • Toenail fungus treatment,
  • Age spot treatment,
  • Birthmark treatment,
  • Treatment of dermatitis and light brown colored spots called cafe au lait,
  • Sun spot treatment,
  • Skin rejuvenation procedure,
  • Hormonal spot treatment,
  • Fine wrinkle treatment,
  • Melasma treatment,
  • carbon peeling,
  • This laser is used for tattoo removal.

After enough sessions for age and sun spots, you will be completely free from unwanted spots. The duration of the application and the number of sessions varies from person to person. The more intense the blemishes, the more procedures are required.

What Should Be Considered After Using Q-Switched Laser?

Sun rays are one of the most important factors to be considered when using Q-Swithed Laser . Re-exposure to the sun can cause the spots to become more prominent. Therefore, sun exposure should be avoided. In order to avoid darkening and to get full results from the treatment, make sure to use sunscreen cream and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Due to this feature, the application is usually carried out in winter months. Sun protection is extremely important. It can be said that treatment is more effective in winter than in summer.

After the application, cold application can be applied to relax the skin or creams recommended by the specialist can be used. Especially people with very sensitive skin should relax their skin after the procedure. It is very important to use soothing and anti-inflammatory creams. The expert’s recommendations should be followed to the letter.

Q-SwitcWhat are the Side Effects of hed Laser Procedure?

The Q-Swithed Laser procedure has few side effects . It is a safe method. The laser beams, which turn into heat energy in the target tissue, burn and destroy the target. As a result, temporary redness of the skin is normal. There may also be edema and itching. However, all these effects are considered completely normal and are mild side effects. They will disappear on their own without you having to do anything. If you pay attention to the recommendations after the procedure, the side effects that will already occur will be at the lowest level. After aggressive high-dose treatments, the following may occur:

  • Wound development,
  • Bruising,
  • Water bubble formation,
  • In case of stain and scar formation, it is absolutely necessary to inform the specialist.

What Should Be Considered Before Q-Switched Laser Treatment?

Amongthe things to be considered before Q-Switched Laser treatment are the following:

  • Products such as face cream and lotion should not be applied before treatment.
  • You should stop taking medicines such as aspirin and vitamins up to 2 weeks before treatment.
  • Make sure you do not tan your skin in a solarium before going for your treatment.
    Q-Switched laser
    The effect is less on tanned skin and the tan also makes your skin more sensitive.

In which seasons is Q-Switched Laser Treatment performed?r?

The Q-Swicthed Laser treatment season covers all seasons and all weather conditions. However, the point to be considered here is not to be exposed to sunlight after the procedure. There is no harm in processing during the summer season. However, people should protect themselves from sunlight after the procedure. As long as you pay attention to the things to be considered after the treatment, it will be possible to benefit from the procedure in any season. Be sure to use sunscreen after the procedure, regardless of the season. You should also avoid all applications that will irritate your skin. Take into account that your skin will be delicate after the procedure.

How Many Sessions Is Q-Swicthed Laser Treatmentr?

The number of Q-Switched Laser treatment sessions is not the same for everyone. Treatments are not finalized in a single session. Therefore, the patient should not think that they will achieve results in a single session. Results can be achieved session by session. In each session, the skin has a better appearance and allows the person to approach the desired result. When the last session is done, the person gets the appearance he/she wants from the very beginning. People need to have an average of 4 to 6 sessions. This number may increase depending on the situation of the person. Factors such as the degree of skin problem are taken into account. All conditions are taken into account and a number of sessions is determined.

For example, imagine that a person wants Q-Switched Laser treatment for tattoo removal. If this person has more than one tattoo that needs to be removed, the number of sessions may even reach 10. The tattoo is too big, too colorful, too numerous, etc. situations mean an increase in the number of sessions. After analyzing the patient’s skin, the specialist can give a healthy information about the number of sessions.

What are the Advantages of Q-Switched Laser?

Q-Swithed Laser is an increasingly preferred application thanks to its advantages . This method, which is number one in laser treatment, gives effective results against different diseases. This method, which provides successful results, can be preferred with peace of mind because it is reliable. It is effective at the level of complete relief from most diseases. In addition, the person feels minimal pain during the procedure. If necessary, the person can reduce this pain to zero by using anesthetic creams. Q-Switched Laser has taken its place among the most popular applications of recent times for reasons such as being effective, not harmful to health and not feeling pain. It has a wide range of applications and is practiced by health professionals all over the world.

Q-SwitcDoes hed Laser Boost Self-Confidence?

Q-Swithed Laser is the number one procedure to boostself-confidence. People may feel insecure due to skin problems. Thanks to this laser, the person can say goodbye to skin problems and regain self-confidence. The Q-Switched laser works effectively to get rid of blemishes on, under or in other layers of the skin. Skin blemishes, especially on the skin, are one of these factors. Spots that appear due to pigments cause a bad appearance. For psychological and social reasons, both women and men express that they want to get rid of these spots. After the number of treatment sessions is completed, people return to their old healthy and beautiful days. They also regain their self-confidence, get rid of blemishes and feel younger and more beautiful.

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