Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is generally applied to the face. It effectively cleanses the skin. The mask easily penetrates the pores in the skin. Dirt, dust and unwanted oil are eliminated. It is highly preferred due to its positive effects on the face and the fact that it is a painless and comfortable procedure.

What is the Carbon Peeling Process?

Carbon peeling is the name of the process that is done by using the active substance called carbon to show the health effect on the skin. Carbon is brought into black and fine powder form before application. At this time, cavities begin to form in the coal. Toxins and chemicals are captured by the cavities. Activated carbon and normal carbon do not have the same structure. Carbon is also used to remove toxins from the body. The use of carbon for skin care has been groundbreaking.

What are the Benefits of Carbon Peeling for the Skin?

The benefits of carbon peeling for the skin can be listed as follows:

  • It cleans the dirt, oil and dust on the skin surface.
  • The mask easily penetrates the pores of the skin.
  • It keeps the pores healthy and tight, stops the expansion of the pores.
  • It helps to remove the dead layer on the skin surface.
  • It gives the skin a fresh and healthy appearance.
  • It maintains the oil balance in the skin.
  • There is no lubrication in hot and humid weather.
  • It relieves redness and acne on the skin.

How is Carbon Peeling Applied ?

Carbon peeling application must be done by a specialist. The dose of the chemical must be adjusted very well. The answer to questions such as how long the carbon peeling will last on the skin surface and how much the dose will be can only be determined by a specialist. Before the procedure, it will be necessary to consult a specialist and determine whether the skin structure is really suitable for the procedure. In order for the carbon to have a better effect on the pores, the face is thoroughly cleaned before the application. The applied mask is left on for an average of 15 minutes. Moisturizer should be applied to the face at the last stage. Because carbon peeling application causes dryness in some skins.

How Often Should Carbon Peeling Be Applied ?

The frequency of carbon peeling application should be once every 2 weeks. This frequency of application is valid for normal skin types. If the person has dry or sensitive skin type, it should be applied less frequently. After examining the skin type of the person, the specialist can tell how often the application should be made.

What are the Points to Consider in the Application of Carbon Peeling?

Among the things to be considered in the application of carbon peeling are the following:

  • There are various chemicals in the carbon peeling application. In order for these chemicals not to cause undesirable effects on the skin, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor beforehand.
  • It is normal to experience redness on the skin after the application. This is normal and is part of the healing process. You shouldn’t worry.
  • Peeling should not be used in people who use acne medication and who are pregnant.
  • After the peeling application, the sensitivity of the person to the sun increases at a high rate. For this reason, it is necessary to protect the skin from the sun’s rays after the application.
  • It is necessary to evaluate the suitability of the skin for peeling before the application.
  • It is absolutely necessary to consult a skin specialist about what to do before and after peeling.
  • All products given by the specialist doctor, if any, should be used as directed.

What are the Benefits of Carbon Peeling Application?

The benefits of carbon peeling application can be listed as follows:

  • It prevents acne formations.
  • Eliminates blackheads.
  • It prevents the skin from getting oily.
  • Increases skin radiance.
  • Refreshes the skin.
  • Removes wrinkles.
  • Increases collagen production.
  • It lightens the sun-related spots on the skin surface.
  • Eliminates the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Helps prevent skin sagging.
  • Increases skin tension.
  • Make the skin look younger and smoother

What are the Advantages of Carbon Peeling Application?

The advantages of carbon peeling application can be listed as follows:

  • The person can continue his daily life after the procedure is over.
  • It makes the skin look healthier and more beautiful.
  • It can be applied in both summer and winter seasons.
  • It provides effective results in every period of the year.
  • It gives visible results. It is highly effective.
  • The person does not encounter undesirable side effects such as wounds and crusting on the skin after the procedure.
  • The person does not suffer during the application. It is a comfortable procedure.
  • It is possible to get results even when applied in one go.
  • There is no harm in applying it on different skin types.

Undesirable effects will be completely eliminated thanks to short sessions and the person will have the skin they want.

30 minutes

4 Sessions