What is Quantum?

Quantum is a passive exercise and tightening program with applications such as slimming and thinning, lymphatic drainage. It helps to reconstruct the loosened, deconstructed muscles. Special pads are taken to the problematic areas of the body and low current is given to work in that area. It is an application aimed at tightening and recovering the muscles and especially the tissue. It aims to tighten and slim by applying applications on sagging legs, low butt, arms, abdomen and waist edges that have lost elasticity after birth. Quantum application time is 40 minutes and a total of 10-12 sessions are applied. 2 to 3 sessions per week can be done. It is a supplemental alternative for those who cannot get the result they want by doing sports. For those who do not do sports, it is a system close to ideal.

30 minutes

10 Sessions