Velashape 3

Velashape 3 Treatment

Velashape 3 treatment is one of the innovative treatments applied to achieve a smooth physique from head to toe exactly as you imagined. With the development of technology, the methods offered to people are updated in order to gain an aesthetic form physically. Velashape 3 applications come first among the painless, short-term effective and effortless treatments against regional weight gain problems, especially cellulite.

Thanks to the Velashape 3 treatment, which you can have in our professional clinic with the support of experts in this field, you can get rid of the physical changes that bother you. This technology, which reduces the appearance and volume of adipose tissues, helps you have the physique you have always dreamed of. As a result of the work carried out in the company of experts, you can obtain successful solutions to the need for tightening and recovery.

What is Velashape 3?

The definition of Velashape 3 treatment , in its simplest form, can be made as regional thinning and body shaping applications without disrupting your daily life. Velashape 3 applications, which can be reached by more people with the developing technology, are carried out by certified and experienced experts who are professionals in this field. In our private clinic, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of Velashape 3 treatment with the help of state-of-the-art devices without encountering any problems.

What are the Advantages of Velashape 3 Treatment?

The benefits of Velashape 3 applications are closely related to those who want to have a smooth physique and beautiful body. In addition to cellulite problems, Velashape 3 applications with innovative technology can be applied as a solution to regional weight gain problems, which are especially common in women over a certain age. The prominent advantages of Velashape 3 treatment are:

  • You can have the opportunity of regional thinning without disrupting your daily activities.
  • You can see a noticeable improvement in a short time.
  • You can feel the comfort of tightening without pain, aches and pains.
  • It offers successful solutions to the need for tightening and recovery after pregnancy.
  • It helps you find solutions to crack problems that occur for different reasons by making use of the latest technologies.
  • For the general improvement of the skin structure, you can benefit from the most effective treatments with the combination of Bipolar Radio Frequency, Infrared, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage.
  • Thanks to the effective regional slimming in the whole body, you can achieve the smooth physique that adorns your dreams in a short time.

Velashape 3 treatment is one of the operations that even world-famous models and athletes apply from time to time. Since advanced tools and devices are used, it provides advantages in skin tightening and burning excess weight.

In Which Areas Can Velashape 3 Treatment Be Applied?

The regions where Velashape 3 treatment is applied consist of areas where women have the most regional weight complaints in general. These procedures are generally applied in the hips, legs and abdomen areas where cellulite and stretch marks appear intensely. However, the detailed units in the professionally developed Velashape 3 treatment devices help the treatment to be applied to larger areas easily.

Therefore, the specially designed VSmooth and VContour applicators in Velashape 3 treatment devices enable this treatment to be applied to the whole body easily. In addition to being able to be applied to wide and narrow areas of the whole body, it offers great advantages as it is painless and painless. You can get a tighter skin by eliminating the cracks and cellulite in your body as soon as possible, especially by taking advantage of the careful work of our beauticians.

What Results Can Be Obtained With Velashape 3 Treatment?

Velashape 3 treatment results appear without disturbing your activities and habits in your daily life. Including the periodical treatment process, with Velashape 3 treatment, you can make the results much more permanent and visible. After this treatment emerged with the developing technology, it is applied in the form of skin tightening sessions for everyone, especially women, all over the world.

After scientific and clinical studies in this area, thinning of approximately 2.5 cm in the abdominal regions and 1.5 cm in the leg regions of the people who were treated for 4 sessions was determined. Thanks to the Velashape 3 treatment, you can achieve an average of 1 to 3 cm thinning in the desired area. As a result of this study, visible and satisfactory results are obtained in 97 out of 100 people, especially in people who have just given birth.

Who Is Velashape 3 Treatment Suitable For?

The suitability of Velashape 3 treatment is also one of the frequently asked questions. This treatment was suitable for almost everyone and did not have serious side effects. If you want to achieve visible results in regional thinning, tightening and alleviating the appearance of cellulite and cracks, you can have the Velashape 3 treatment with peace of mind.

Is Velashape 3 Treatment Safe?

The safety of Velashape 3 treatment has also been scientifically and clinically proven. Therefore, special tools are used in this application so that you do not suffer any damage. Velashape 3 treatment, which has been proven to be suitable for all skin types and approved internationally by the FDA, reveals that it does not cause any problems in the long term.

Does Velashape 3 Treatment Cause Pain and Pain?

The feeling of Velashape 3 treatment is extremely perfect and comfortable. Anyone who wants to get regional thinning can benefit from the advantages of this treatment in a very comfortable way. Velashape 3 treatment, with its special technology, has been developed for patients to benefit from the possibility of tightening in an extremely comfortable way and in accordance with their skin sensitivities.

45 – 60 Minutes

4 Sessions