Regional Slimming

Regional slimming methods are carried out successfully with the latest technology equipment and expert support offered in our private clinic. Regional weight gain is a very annoying situation, especially for people who pay attention to their physique and appearance. No matter how much you exercise and stick to your diet, you may notice that you cannot get rid of the fat, especially in the waist area. The accumulation of excess weight in the hips, as well as the waist area, causes people to appear heavier than normal despite their low fat ratio according to their body mass index. You can also get regional weight loss treatments in our private polyclinic, which uses scientific methods and state-of-the-art equipment in this field. Thanks to these useful solutions offered at affordable prices, you can achieve the look of your dreams and enjoy having a fit body.

Onda Coolwaves Treatment

Onda cold wave therapy is one of the world’s newest, fastest and most comfortable regional slimming methods. Since it is an application that makes a difference in the treatment of cellulite, it is a treatment that those who pay attention to their physical appearance often hear or know closely. This treatment method, which is performed using medical microwaves, was discovered by Deka laser and is an application that makes regional slimming possible without reducing the quality of life.

Onda coolwaves, which offers non-surgical regional slimming, is a technique that directly targets fat cells and eliminates unwanted fat. In our private clinic, state-of-the-art equipment is used in these treatments, each of which is performed by our expert and experienced beauticians. By using the patented head, it is aimed to shrink the fat cells. These caps, which reach a temperature of 55 degrees in just 2 minutes, target the fat cells, so the person does not feel any pain or pain. The results of the cold wave application instantly make a visible difference. Fat cells heated with microwaves are burned and removed from the body naturally. Usually one session is sufficient. In some cases and when deemed necessary 2. or 3rd session can be done. There should be 21 days between sessions. Paying attention to the eating and drinking order after the sessions, preferably sticking to a special list prepared by our Dietitian will help the results to be faster and more effective. Although it is successful especially in the hips, inner thighs, abdomen, arms and jowl area, it can be safely applied in all body areas with excess fat.

Clatuu 360 Royal Shaping Cold Lipolysis Treatment

Cryolipolysis is also of interest in that it is non-surgical. One of the regional slimming treatments applied in our clinic using the latest technology equipment is the cold lipolysis treatment. In this application, it is aimed to achieve the desired results without any incisions or surgical scars on the bodies of people who want to get rid of their regional fat. It can be defined as the non-surgical version of the fat removal application, which is generally called liposuction. Thanks to Clatuu 360 Royal Shaping Cryolipolysis application, the areas where you can get rid of your regional fat are:

  • Hip,
  • Waist,
  • basin,
  • Butt,
  • inner sleeves,
  • inner thighs,
  • abdomen and back

Clatuu 360 Royal Shaping cold lipolysis is performed without local anesthesia. First of all, patients are analyzed in detail according to body mass index and fat ratios before cold lipolysis. Then, the cold lipolysis caps suitable for the areas where the fat will be burned are prepared. After our patients who apply to this treatment method in our clinic, lie down on the application bed, cold application is made with lipolysis caps to the places where regional fats will be taken.

An average session of Clatuu 360 Royal Shaping Cryolipolysis takes approximately 45 minutes. As the number of body parts (such as waist, back, hips) where the patient requests cold lipolysis application, the total session time also increases. Because in order for the application to give a successful result, all areas are treated gradually, not at the same time.

In our private clinic, with the support of our staff and beauticians, each of whom are experts in their fields, you can start the Clatuu 360 Royal Shaping cold lipolysis application and have the regional slimming support you target as soon as possible. 15th day of treatment. The positive effects of the cold lipolysis application begin to be seen from the day of. In order to gain a visible difference, 15 days must pass after the first session. However, the removal of fat from the body continues for 2-3 months, the final results show themselves in a few months. The most common side effect of cold lipolysis application is slight redness and pain on the skin. Apart from these side effects, which pass within a few days, it has not been seen to cause any major problems. It is a single session application.

Le Shape Hot Laser Lipolysis Treatment

Hot laser lipolysis is one of the regional slimming treatments in which fat cells are heated and burned using the latest technology equipment in our private clinic. Our experienced beauticians offer you the ways of regional slimming in the most comfortable conditions. In this method, which proceeds in a controlled and painless way, the sessions have a short duration of 25 minutes per area. Immediately after the application, a visible slimming effect can be noticed due to the melting of fat cells with hot laser. Fat removal from the body and regional thinning continue for 2 to 3 months.

Le Shape Hot laser lipolysis treatment is very popular as it is a regional slimming treatment performed without surgery and local anesthesia. If you complain that excess weight has accumulated in places such as the hips, neck, abdomen, back, buttocks, arms and legs, you can come to our private clinic and take advantage of the hot laser lipolysis application. Our beauticians recommend that you eat healthy and act in order to remove the burned fat cells from the body much faster and easier after this treatment method. It is a single session application.

Accent Prime Treatment

Accent prime regional slimming application is the number one treatment method for those who want to slim down in a short time, especially in the legs, arms and abdomen. The astonishingly fast acting Accent Prime app combines advanced Ultrasound (US) and Radio-Frequency (RF) technologies with patented features. Thanks to the focused depth control feature in this treatment method, it is possible to burn these fat cells by focusing on the cells at various depths of the skin.

All criteria such as the patient’s skin type, application site, and fat status are comprehensively addressed in Accent Prime treatment. Therefore, patients who want to receive personalized regional weight loss support can benefit from this service without any problems by applying to our private clinic. There is also pantented fat cell selective technology in Accent Prime treatment. In this way, healthier and controlled regional slimming results can be achieved by focusing only on fat cells, without damaging the surrounding beneficial cells.

State-of-the-art equipment used in Accent Prime treatment using ultrasound and radiofrequency energies is available in our private clinic. Our beauticians, who have extensive knowledge and experience about these equipment, also provide professional support for those who are looking for personalized solutions for regional slimming. You can contact our private clinic immediately to reach the folds of your dreams in a short time and comfortably. Accent Prime treatment is applied once a week for a total of 4 sessions.

Lipostar Treatment

Lipostar treatment against obesity has gained fame in many parts of the world and is one of the most popular applications in the field of body shaping. It is possible to apply lipostar treatment on all body parts that you want to be thinned. These applications, which are performed without surgery and without anesthesia, are performed in areas such as the abdomen, lower and upper abdomen, sides, fatty areas around the waist, saggy areas, thighs and under the breasts.

One of the biggest advantages of the application is the direct targeting of unwanted fat cells, thanks to its reliable and effective use. Since these targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed, the advantage of regional slimming and thinning emerges. After the application, the fact that there is no scar on the skin of the person and no pain is felt makes a big difference. Lipostar treatment is one of the most preferred regional slimming methods by our patients, as it gives visible results in a short time.

LPG Endermolagie Alliance Treatment

The LPG Endermolagie Alliance application is the number one choice for those who want to slim down and gain a fitter appearance as soon as possible. The objectives of the LPG Endermolagie Alliance technology include:

  • body thinning,
  • Regional fat burning,
  • tightening,
  • Forming,
  • cellulite removal,
  • anti aging,
  • Refreshing and smoothing

This treatment method, also known as the Endermolab System (LPG), enables you to achieve the desired appearance by activating the fat burning in the locally lubricated areas. It stands out as a regional slimming method that results completely painless and without deformation. LPG application, which gives successful results, is applied in packages of 10 sessions, 2 sessions per week. For people who want accelerated performance, 3 sessions a week are also suitable.

It helps to remove toxins and restore oxygen to the skin by stimulating circulatory changes to combat water retention in the body.

– It helps to relax the areas with muscle tension, eliminate stress and regulate the body-mind balance, provided that a comprehensive relaxation feeling is provided.

– By stimulating the storage fat cells (thinning cells) and fibroblasts (revival cells) simultaneously, it allows the treatment of cellulite and the recovery and tightening of the body.

With this brand new technology of Endermolagie Alliance, which can help shape the body. From the session:

– The skin becomes smoother and softer,

– tightened by 71%,

– There is a 67% reduction in cellulite,

– It has been proven by clinical trials that there is a 5.2 cm thinning around the waist.

Velashape3 Treatment

Velashape3 body shaping therapy is a complex treatment method that combines radiofrequency energy, infrared rays and mechanical massage by vacuuming. There is no pain or deformation in this treatment, where regional slimming is performed by burning the adipose tissue 40 degrees below. Thanks to the Velashape3 treatment, which is applicable for different skin types, you can reach the folds you dream of as soon as possible.

The improvement felt from the first treatment reaches its maximum level when the sessions are completed and a visible thinning is possible. Velashape3 application, which is the most preferred treatment in cellulite treatment, is performed with maximum comfort in our private clinic, where the latest technology equipment is used, without surgery and without pain. If you have complaints such as cellulite, regional lubrication, sagging and shapeless body, Velashape3 treatment will offer you the most comfortable solution.

Vanquish Me Treatment

Contactless Vanquish Me treatment is one of the latest technology regional slimming methods. This method, which enables rapid application in large areas of the body without contacting the patient, provides controlled and safe thinning. In this treatment, which is applied using Selective Radiofrequency technology, it is possible to achieve effective results in a short time by destroying only the targeted fat cells. The Vanquish Me treatment, which never fails to be applied because it shows the most appropriate value according to the resistance of the oil, is perfect for those who are worried about having health problems, especially about regional slimming applications. It is very successful in removing stubborn fat accumulated around the abdominal muscles and calves.

Vanquish Me, one of the non-contact aesthetic pantented applications, is applied once a week for a total of 4 sessions. Depending on the treated area, the average duration of a session is between 30 and 45 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to walk, move and eat healthy after the Vanquish Me application.

Scizer HIFU Treatment

The high-tech Scizer HIFU treatment is also among the non-surgical regional slimming applications. In Scizer applications, which are carried out smoothly by experienced beauticians in our private clinic;

  • regional thinning,
  • tightening,
  • size reduction,
  • body shaping,
  • curving

targets such as While creating a heat effect in the application area, it is also ensured that the temperature increase is kept at an ideal level by cooling the skin surface. It is recommended because it is a painless and painless regional slimming application. With the Scizer treatment, regional slimming effectively results in every region such as arms, hips, lower butt band, waist, knees, which have 2.5 cm fat thickness. If you want to achieve the body shape of your dreams as soon as possible, you can choose our private clinic, which provides service with the latest technology equipment and experienced specialists, with peace of mind.