Hollywood Spectra

The Hollywood Spectra device is a Q-switched laser with different features. In the soft peel process of the Hollywood Spectra device, there is a carbon-based work. This product, which is especially used for skin rejuvenation, has Q-Switch mode application. The purpose of people using the product is in some cases to receive treatment for epidermal melasma. In addition, this device can also be used in the treatment of dermal melasma.

Gold Toning is generally effective in various inflammatory conditions. Gold Toning is the most preferred product in many cases such as acne, scarring, PIH and melasma. During treatment, wavelengths with high hemoglobin absorption are utilized. The pulses of wavelengths are kept short. Spectra, a highly advanced technique, offers a definitive solution to skin lesions. In addition, the healing of abnormal tissues and vascular structures around the lesion is also thanks to this device.

Hollywood Spectra Advantages

The benefits of Hollywood Spectra can be expressed as follows:

  • It is an FDA approved product especially in the treatment of melasma. The effect of the product has been clinically proven worldwide.
  • The product has a uniform beam profile.
  • Head and spot diameter can be detected automatically.
  • Users can program some parameters of the device according to their wishes.
  • This highly innovative device has 4 different wavelengths.
  • The device has multiple pulse durations.
  • A special laser peel method is used.
  • The highly reliable device has an automatic calibration.
  • The exterior of the device is technically robust. Proven durability.

4 Wavelength Hollywood Spectra Technology

With four-wavelength technology and dual operation modes, Spectra is the best product for your needs. Serving a higher level, the product has a high power output. A wide range of uses and effective treatment options are possible with Spectra thanks to the customized parameters.

Hollywood Spectra New Features

Thanks to the new generation features in the device , the desired effect can be seen. The features of the device can be expressed as follows:

  • Treatment choices in multiple ways
  • Laser Peel
  • Gold Toning
  • Gold Peeling
  • First Q-Switch Laser approved for melasma
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjusted guide beams
  • Automatic detection of head and diameter
  • Transmission of uniform beams
  • High power
  • Dual operation mode
  • Ideal heads adjustable in different mm sizes
  • Double pulse mode to the same area

Uses of the Device

The uses of Hollywood Spectra are described in different articles below. Hollywood Spectra usage areas are quite high:

  • Removal of different colored tattoos
  • Treatment of melasma disease
  • Epidermal pigment treatment
  • Dermal pigment treatment
  • Ota nevus
  • Skin tone can be balanced
  • Enlarged pores
  • Nail fungus treatment
  • Yellowing of feathers
  • Treatment of active acne and elimination of scars
  • Effective in redness of acne
  • Narrowing of large pores

Spectra Laser Toning

Laser Toning is generally used to treat various pigmentation problems on the skin. The application of special laser energy involves a low-intensity power. The skin is scanned with a multi-pass technique. Targeting melanin pigments, the product ensures the breakdown of pigments. Laser Toning is effective in improving skin texture and removing acne. It should be known that the application is approved by the US FDA.

Hollywood Laser Peel

Laser Peel is a US patented application. This application is used worldwide to create a radiant appearance on the skin immediately. The device got its name thanks to this application, which Hollywood stars use before walking on the red carpet.

Liquid carbon is used during the application. In the method also known as carbon peeling, 1064 nm wavelengths are utilized. Laser peel method is preferred for carbon-based skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. The effect of the laser on the skin during the application is as follows:

  • The melanin pigment in the cells is the target of the laser. Laser is used to break down and eliminate this pigment.
  • Thermal damage to the deep dermis layer and the stimulation of new collagen production is the result of the same method.

Device with Dövme Deletion

During Hollywood Spectra andtattoo removal, 4 different wavelengths are utilized. These wavelengths allow for the removal of any color tattoo. While 1064 nm wavelength is preferred for black and brown tattoos, 532 nm wavelength is used for red and orange color. Thanks to its 585 nm wavelength, purple and blue colors can be erased. At 650 nm wavelength, green colored tattoos are scraped off the skin.

The uniform light beams transmitted by the product have different power options. Therefore, an effective treatment method is possible without damage to surrounding tissues. The energy given by the device is homogeneously distributed to all body cells. In this way, side effects that may occur are minimized. Thanks to the high peak power, the desired photothermolysis criteria can be met. In this way, the target pigment can be destroyed.

Hollywood Spectra Multiple Treatment Options

Multiple treatment options are made possible with the device thanks to superior technological innovations. The device, which can be operated at four different wavelengths, can be used effectively in many areas from tattoo removal to the treatment of skin diseases. Various power settings on the device will deliver the desired performance.

The device is approved for use in melasma and similar pigment problems. In the application, the laser energy sent on the skin targets melanin pigments. In this way, pigments can be broken down and eliminated from the body. With this device, skin tissues can be improved, acne scars can be removed and skin irregularities can be eliminated in a short time. Those who want to have a much more vibrant, brighter and flawless skin structure than normal can benefit from Spectra application.

Known in different countries around the world, the device creates an instant glow and radiance on the skin. For this reason, it is frequently preferred especially by movie stars. Available at a wavelength of 1064 nm, the main source of this device is carbon. For this reason, the device can also be used to make the skin look much younger than normal. People who want to see more effective results can benefit from the dual mode capacity. The dual mode is applied in parallel with the carbon lotion.

Soft peel system is a carbon-based system that aims to rejuvenate the skin. The fact that the procedure is different from the Hollywood peel procedure is the application in Q-Switch mode. The treatment will effectively remove melanin from the epidermis. A treatment option can be created by utilizing the device in both epidermal melasma and dermal malaise.

Individuals who want to gain a more beautiful glow on their skin by taking advantage of Hollywood Spectra application can come to our clinic and get very detailed data about the procedure details. Each of the skin care devices we use in our clinic are new generation technologies. The use of the devices is carried out by experts in their field. We are proud to offer you the most accurate beauty process in accordance with your requests and demands. You can use the phone numbers on our website to reach us or you can use our e-mail address.