Classic Skin Treatments

Skin care is a beneficial application when done professionally. Thanks to classical skin care, it is possible to get the best and most accurate care. Deeply cleansing the skin, this application also adjusts moisture saturation. People who want to make a serious investment in their youth and beauty may prefer classical skin care.

Thanks to this application, the face will get a radiant appearance. Deep cleansing and activation of blood circulation are among the benefits of the application. During skin care, all layers of the skin can breathe. In this way, even the smallest pores can get the chance to be cleaned. Skin care, which includes all the applications that the skin will need, positively affects the skin.

During the application, the skin in the upper layer is first affected. This skin will be cleansed of the dirt that sticks to it and moisturized during the application. The application will also restore the sebum balance.

Some dermatological products are used during the application. The type of skin, the age of the person, existing skin problems, and the needs of the body can affect dermatological products. Men and women of all age groups benefit from classical skin care to maintain the health of the skin. Products without any side effects protect people against aging. Skin applications, which top the list of beauty secrets, slow down the aging of the skin and help it regain its elasticity.

A lot of dirt and makeup accumulates in the top layer of the skin. When these residues formed in the epidermis combine with the oil of the skin, it is seen that the pores are heavily clogged. Skin that cannot breathe will become unable to clean itself over time. Disruption of sebum balance is one of the most important factors that cause skin problems. High oiliness, dryness and other common skin problems exacerbate the effects of aging. Skin that loses its sebum balance can wrinkle much easier and faster.

Benefits of Classic Skin Treatments

Among the benefits of skin care is accelerating blood circulation. An active lymph drainage system helps the skin to regenerate itself. The skin needs care in the upper parts. The benefits of skin care can be expressed as follows:

  • It contributes to the beautification of the skin by providing anti-aging protection.
  • Thanks to pore cleaning, the skin can breathe easily.
  • The lymph system and blood circulation are activated.
  • It prevents loss of elasticity in the skin.
  • It offers intensive protection against skin blemishes.
  • Sebum balance is maintained thanks to these applications.
  • During the application, only the products that best suit the skin type are used. The products determined by our experts will protect your skin from irritation. Blemishes caused by improper application of cosmetic products can be removed with classical skin care.

Benefits of Classic Skin Care

The benefits of skin care include deep cleansing of the skin. Skin in need of classic skin care can be cleansed without irritation by utilizing the most effective serum and renewal systems. Pores will open up thanks to the cleansing that reaches every layer of the skin, not just some layers. The benefits of medical skin care are summarized in the following articles:

  • Problems that cause loss of elasticity in the skin can be eliminated with this method.
  • Dead skin accumulated on the skin is gently peeled off. In this way, the skin is renewed.
  • Vitamins and serums that increase the skin’s conductivity coefficient are integrated into the skin through this application.
  • Circulatory problems that cause loss of skin elasticity can be prevented with skin care.

Sessions of Classic Skin Care

Skin care sessions are more sensitive for areas with intense acne. Classic skin care is ideal for preventing unwanted conditions such as blackheads and acne. In the first stage, applications performed for a few sessions can be spread over a wider area over time.

Applications can be made in 21-day periods for people who cause irritation on their skin by applying intense make-up. In regular skin care routines, the ideal is to go to sessions at intervals that best suit the needs of the skin. Combining classical care with medical care will contribute to a more efficient improvement of the skin.

Classic Skin Care Practice

Skin care is performed by our experts in a clinical environment. Skin care stages that should be applied professionally are completed by utilizing the following steps:

  • The skin should be cleaned by using the most suitable products for the surface of the skin.
  • Steam therapies should be applied for gentle cleansing of the pores.
  • During the procedure, both blackheads and pimples are removed.
  • Pores that appear all over the skin are gently cleaned.
  • Moisturizing is also essential during the procedure.
  • Skin care, which can be used in combination with masks, radiofrequency and other applications, supports the collagen production of the skin.

Mini Consultation in Skin Care

In the consultation phase of skin care, our experts listen to your problems and have detailed information about the structure of the skin. It is important to understand what the expectations for skin care are. For example, if people have an expectation such as tightening, applications that support collagen production may need to be brought forward in order to meet this expectation. Those who want to get rid of acne or scars on their skin can combine applications for this procedure with skin care. The consultation phase of skin care, which appeals to all age groups and genders, consists of the following items:

  • Skin type analysis
  • Needs analysis according to the age of the skin
  • Identification of skin treatments that can be used on request
  • Deciding on medical products

Stages of Skin Care

The stages in classical care are described below:

  • Preparation of peeling for epidermis cleansing: In skin care, the skin, which is desired to have a soft structure, should be cleaned with peeling. For this reason, products suitable for the skin type are used. The products will prepare a gradually deepening and purifying skin structure.
  • Removal of dead cells: Products or devices selected according to the type of skin are used in this process. Cleaning of clogged pores is provided at this stage. Over time, the skin, which has to cope with dead cells and dirt, begins to revitalize rapidly.
  • Steam therapy on the skin: Steam therapy is of great importance for the gentle evacuation of the sebaceous buttons. The pores will open more and more with this therapy.
  • Removal of black and white spots: It includes cleaning the pores with manual devices or automatic systems without damaging their own structure. In this process, oil buttons are drained and comedone density is adjusted. Mild pain during the procedure is normal.
  • Disinfection Disinfection is of great importance for cleaning blackheads and cleansing the skin from residues. Pores that are open and empty can become contaminated, reaching a deep layer. Removing these impurities will ensure that the skin regains its healthy appearance.
  • Skin nutrition: This is the final stage of classic skin care. During this process, many products are used, from oxygen therapies to serums, vitamins, masks, creams and moisture bombardments. It is at this stage that the skin is deeply moisturized. Classic skin treatments can also be influenced by the quality of their products and can produce more powerful results.

If you want to receive the classic skin care treatments you want professionally in our clinic, you can contact us right now.