Scar Treatment

Scar treatment is also known as scar treatment. These wounds can occur on the body for different reasons. It is possible to get rid of them with scar treatment. Cut scars from surgery or scars from injury can cause people to feel uncomfortable. Although the wounds heal and disappear over time, the scars that remain cause people to experience self-confidence problems. Scars are not easy to remove. In order for the scar to be easily treated, the wound must have been treated appropriately. If this is not done, scar treatment becomes more difficult. Factors such as timely suture closure of the cut site and the use of appropriate products are among the determining factors in scar treatment. There may be scars after aesthetic surgeries, but since these scars are usually controlled, people do not feel uncomfortable with this.

How is Scar Treatment Planned?

Many different factors are taken into consideration when planning scar treatment . Among the factors taken into consideration are the following:

  • A person’s state of health,
  • The genetic makeup of the person,
  • The area where the wound is located,
  • Wound size
  • Skin properties,
  • Race of the person,
  • Depending on situations such as the age of the person, planning is done individually.

Two wounds of the same severity and characteristics have very different characteristics because they occur on different people’s skin. Therefore, it is of great importance that scar treatment is planned individually.

For which scars is scar treatment performed?r?

The types of wounds for which scar treatment is performed apply to all wounds. Some wounds may be easier to heal than others. For example, scars on the face heal more quickly than scars on the anterior chest wall. It is also possible to say that cuts parallel to the body line heal more quickly. So wound characteristics are very important in scar treatment. Special scar creams, sunscreens and moisturizing creams should be used during scar treatment. Thanks to these auxiliary products, it is possible to protect skin health and get rid of skin wounds in a shorter period of time.

What Should I Do to Make Scar Treatment Easy?

In order for scar treatment to be easy , there are important points to be considered when you are in the scar stage. After the wound is formed, the person must make regular dressings. It is also expected to create a moisture environment and bacteria-free space in a waterproof manner. If these are taken into consideration when you are still in the scar stage, scar treatment will be handled in a shorter time and more easily. These methods also reduce the risk of infection of the open wound, which significantly reduces the level of scarring. Stitches must always be removed on time. If your doctor tells you on which day the stitches should be removed, you should be ready on that day. Because when the stitches stay longer than planned, there may be a reaction on the skin.

Who Can Receive Scar Treatment?

The people to be treated for scarring can be anyone with a scar. Treatment is available for anyone who has a wound after surgery, after an injury or for other reasons. There are no prerequisites for scar treatment. People of all ages and genders can receive services for scar treatment. The important thing is to apply this treatment method correctly. The person who wants to have scar treatment should definitely pay attention to sun exposure. Because it is very important not to be exposed to direct sunlight after the procedure. Sun protection is an important part of the treatment.

Before the treatment phase, the specialist performs various examinations to ensure that the patient is suitable for treatment. Once it has been determined that there is no obstacle to treatment, treatment can be performed. It is useful to look at the hormonal values of the person. Because these values are important in laser treatment.

Which Y for Scar TreatmentStructured with methodsr?

Themethods of scar treatment vary. Depending on the desired result and the situation of the person, different options can be chosen. The most preferred treatment methods can be listed as follows:

  • PRP treatment,
  • Local steroid therapy,
  • Pressure treatment,
  • laser therapy,
  • It is possible to get rid of the scar with surgical treatment methods.

Poorly healing scars if surgical treatment methods are used. Through the surgical procedure, the wound is removed from the area and re-sutured. The healing process is thus activated again. In this method, the physician always takes preventive measures. It is of great importance that these measures are followed by the patient.

Which Wounds Leave Scarsr?

Surgical wounds are among the most scarring wounds . Scars remain where incisions were made for surgery. If there is superficial abrasion, there will be no trace of these, but in permanent scars, the very lower layers of the skin are usually damaged. In cases where the upper layer of the skin is damaged, the scars heal quickly and are not very deep. However, for cuts that reach the lower layers, the scars are more prominent and the time required for wound healing is longer. Wounds must be moisturized locally and protective creams must be used. If these applications are made, the scars become temporary. You will reduce the level of scars.

If you expose the wound to the sun, this causes an increase in pigmentation (coloration), leading to spotting. Even a simple scar can become permanent due to exposure to sunlight. Therefore, do not go to the solarium and avoid the sun when you have a wound. Even if you go out in the sun in winter, make sure to use sunscreen. Make sure you use specialist-recommended scar creams when you have a scar.

Is Scar Treatment Performed with Laser?

Laser scar treatment is among the most preferred methods recently. As in cortisone treatment, it is not possible to get results in a single session in laser treatment. More than one session needs to be planned according to the characteristics of the scar. These sessions should be attended regularly and the advice of experts should be followed between sessions. In this way, scar treatment is successfully performed with laser. The treatment, which lasts about 10 minutes, causes the person to feel minimal pain. If necessary, this pain can be reduced to almost zero with regional numbing creams. The person can return to normal life immediately after the procedure. She should pay attention to moisturizing her skin and protecting it against the sun. Today, laser is most commonly used for scar treatment. It can give good results in the treatment of dark scars and raised wounds.

Is Scar Treatment Performed with Dermapen?

Scar treatment with Dermapen can give successful results. When the tool called Dermapen is used, small wounds are formed on the skin surface in a controlled manner. This allows the skin to restructure. Small needles are used during the application. These needles do not cause skin pain. The procedure is performed after the area is numbed beforehand. When scar treatment is done with dermapen, the skin tries to repair itself. As it tries to repair itself, the skin regenerates. In other words, it both eliminates the scar and makes it possible for you to have a better looking skin. It is also preferred for skin rejuvenation, moisture balance and smoothness.

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