Regional Thinning

Regional slimming is an advantage that we bring to our patients with multiple regional slimming treatments and different medical machines for these treatments. We remove excess fat in your body in areas such as arms, legs, face, belly, hips, buttocks, buttocks, inner arms with our regional slimming techniques. You can learn all the details about our different methods and methods for regional thinning under the subheadings.

What are Regional Thinning Methods?

We list information about the ways of regional thinning as follows:

  • Acoustic wave therapy,
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Cold lipolysis
  • Hot laser lipolysis,
  • HIFU,
  • Ultrasound
  • Needle Lipolysis Procedures

Within the scope of these regional slimming treatments, we allow you to get rid of excess fat and cellulite appearance problems in many different body areas from the face to the hip area.

You can learn all of the detailed information about these different transactions we have listed under our sub-headings and find clear answers to the questions you have in mind.

How to Make Lipomatic?

We list the steps we follow to apply lipomatic as follows:

  • Within the scope of our first appointments, we take you for a detailed examination.
  • We discuss what kind of regional thinning target you have and for which body parts you want to benefit from lipomatics.
  • After these steps, we determine the appropriate appointment date for the treatment.
  • On this date, we apply local anesthesia at the beginning of the procedure.
  • Then we open the entrances where the cannulas will be placed in the regional areas.
  • By placing vibrating cannulas in these areas, we break down the excess fat in the area.

With these process steps, we carry out our professional intervention for you to benefit from the advantage of regional thinning within the scope of our successful and effective lipomatic treatment.

When Can I Be Discharged After Lipomatics Treatment?

The discharge time for lipomatics treatment is the day we perform your first session. After our lipomatic application, you can be discharged and spend time at home after resting and resting for 2 hours. After resting at home for the first day, you can return to work within 15 days.

What are the Advantages of Lipomatic Treatment?

Here is some information about lipomatic treatment opportunities:

  • Discharge on the same day,
  • Minimizing the bruising and edema effects experienced in liposuction, which occur on the same day as the session and disappear over time,
  • Eliminating the problem of experiencing any restriction in body movements,
  • To achieve skin tightening,
  • Successfully get rid of regional fat,
  • Benefit from a maximum session duration of 60 minutes for each area,

With our lipomatic treatment, which offers these advantages, you can achieve a more aesthetic, proportional and slim body.

What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is an application in which we remove excess regional fat, tightening and rejuvenating the skin. If you want to get rid of your excess fat, especially in the arms and abdomen, and get a more fit appearance, we offer our laser lipolysis technique for you.

What are the Advantages of Laser Lipolysis?

We list the details about laser lipolysis opportunities as follows:

  • In addition to the hips, waist and abdomen, you can choose our laser lipolysis treatment to eliminate excess fat on the face, inner arms and legs and under the chin.
  • With laser liposlysis, we enable you to get rid of fat in a single session.
  • In our laser lipolysis method, you do not experience bleeding risk.
  • You can achieve a more youthful, taut and smooth result on your skin.
  • You can get back to your work and social life in a short time.

How is Laser Lipolysis Performed?

We list the steps we follow to apply laser lipolysis as follows:

  • Before our procedures, we get information about your past illnesses and make sure that you are suitable for the procedure.
  • After the procedure, we perform a local anesthesia phase.
  • We transmit heat energy to the area to be treated with the help of a laser that reaches the fat layer.
  • In this way, we eliminate regional fat.

With our laser lipolysis technique, which you can also choose to remove your fat and unhealthy skin appearance in the face area, you can get rid of your excess fat in a single session.

Who Can Benefit from Laser Lipolysis?

We list the information about those who benefit from laser lipolysis as follows:

  • Do not have obesity problems and are not overweight,
  • Who doesn’t have cancer,
  • No bleeding disorder,
  • No uncontrolled diabetes,
  • No heart disease,
  • Those who do not have postpartum striae are the individuals who can benefit from our laser liposuction treatments.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cold Lipolysis
is a type of treatment that allows you to get rid of your regional fat without the need for surgical intervention. With cold lipolysis, we enable you to get rid of excess fat in your pop, inner arms, waist, arms, back, belly, hip, hip areas. Within the scope of our 45-minute session applications, we intervene in one or more areas of regional adiposity and reach the desired point at the end of the treatment at the end of a maximum of 10 sessions, depending on your fat ratio and the number of treatment areas.

How is Cold Lipolysis Performed?

We list the steps of our cold lipolysis application process as follows:

  • In the first step, we perform an examination and determine which parts of your body are suffering from excessive fat deposits. We obtain information about your medical history and confirm your suitability for this procedure.
  • We prepare suitable lipolysis heads specifically designed for each part of the body and deliver a special level of cold through the outer layer of your skin.

In this context, we offer you the thinning result that you will feel from the first session with the steps we follow.

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation is a treatment option that provides regional thinning by breaking down fat cells with the use of special tools, removing the damaged fat cells with sound waves and then ultrasound. You can have a slimmer body with this type of application, which is effective in removing cellulite and slimming as well as regional thinning.

How Does Cavitation Work?

We list the details about how cavitation works as follows:

  • Our ultrasonic cavitation devices work by breaking down the walls of fat cells.
  • Using high-frequency sound waves, our devices leak the contents of fat cells into the fluid areas of your body.
  • In this area, the lymphatic system takes over and starts the process of taking in waste fats and excreting them as waste sweat, urine and feces, which are processed by the liver.

With our cavitation devices that reveal this working system, you can easily get rid of your regional fat in ideal session processes.

Within two weeks after the first session, you will have the opportunity to experience a significant regional slimming after the waste fats are broken down with sweat and urine.

Who Cannot Have Cavitation?

We list the information about people who do not apply cavitation as follows:

  • pregnant women,
  • breastfeeding mothers,
  • People with heart disease,
  • cancer patients,
  • Those with tumors
  • People with epilepsy,
  • Those with extremely high or low blood pressure measurements,

We do not recommend these patient types to benefit from regional slimming treatment with cavitation.

If you do not have these ailments, you can benefit from our cavitation application. On the other hand, at the end of the breastfeeding period, you can get support to remove cellulite in different parts of your body and abdominal fat that you cannot remove with exercise within the scope of this technique. We offer you a solution with our regional slimming treatments immediately after your breastfeeding period for excessive fat that occurs during pregnancy and especially for sagging in the lower abdomen.

Does Sagging Occur After Cavitation?

There is no sagging after cavitation. On the contrary, after our cavitation procedures, you will get the advantages of regional thinning and tightening in regional areas. Our cavitation treatment provides tightening and aesthetic appearance of your sagging skin with the effort to lose weight quickly before.

Things to Consider Before Regional Slimming Treatments

We list the information about the things to be considered before regional thinning treatment as follows:

  • You should not attend our treatment sessions too hungry.
  • You should attend the sessions extremely full.
  • You can participate in the sessions by consuming a healthy vegetable meal and drinking plenty of water during the day.
  • Doing sports the day before the session is effective in increasing the success rate of our applications.

Things to Consider After Regional Slimming Treatments

We list the details about what to pay attention to after regional thinning treatment as follows:

  • After our different regional slimming methods, it is useful to be careful not to do heavy exercises on the first day of the sessions.
  • After the sessions, you should be careful not to consume excessively fatty fried foods and foods with high salt content.
  • At the end of all our sessions, you should start light exercises that we will recommend to you and you should not neglect the ideal daily water consumption.

By paying attention to these details, you can maintain the slim appearance you have gained with our regional thinning treatments and you can continue your social life and business life with a healthy and higher self-confidence rate without any problems.

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