Jalupro youth serum is a type of mesotherapy that contains hyaluronic acid and many vitamins. It is applied with the aim of rejuvenating the skin and gaining a more elastic structure. The application method is very simple and the Jalupro application is completed within a maximum of 2-4 sessions. Jalupro is a process applied with personalized methods and managed by our experts. The number of sessions is determined by our experts according to the health status of the person. Anyone who has completed adolescence can have the Jalupro procedure.

What is Jalupro Youth Serum?

Jalupro youth serum is a mesotherapy method used for different purposes. The purposes of applying Jalupro are:

  • Prevent skin dryness
  • Getting brighter skin
  • prevent skin sagging
  • Ensuring the skin gains its elastic structure
  • To nourish the skin
  • To remove wrinkles
  • prevent matting

The ingredients in Jalupro are healthy ingredients. So much so that Jalupro youth serum is also known as a vitamin filler.

How is Jalupro Youth Serum Applied ?

The application of Jalupro youth serum is done by injecting it into the skin in the face area. Before injecting, local anesthesia is applied and people do not feel any pain. They are not difficult or scarring methods like surgeries. In a short time, people can return to their daily lives. It is only necessary to pay attention for the first 1 day after the procedure, and then it is possible to return to the standard life easily. After making Jalupro youth serum, it is recommended that people protect their skin from the sun.

What are the Benefits of Jalupro Youth Serum?

The benefits of Jalupro youth serum include primarily giving a youthful appearance. A skin that looks younger is provided by being healthy, spotless, bright and wrinkle-free. The benefits of Jalupro youth serum include preventing skin thinning and sagging, especially caused by aging. Youth serum is often used to remove wrinkles and have a bright skin.

To whom is Jalupro Youth Serum Applied ?

Jalupro youth serum is applied by people who want to get a younger look and have a radiant skin. Jalupro youth serum, which is preferred more frequently by adults, is among the healthy and safe procedures. Some sagging, staining and damage may occur on the skin over time. Age, season, sun exposure, genetics and many different factors are effective on this. Solutions such as Jalupro youth serum are non-surgical methods and the procedure is completed in about 30 minutes.

It is among the methods used to make the skin look cleaner, brighter, younger and wrinkle-free. Jalupro youth serum is especially preferred by sensitive skin. The skin may have some damage not only due to age, but also due to air pollution and environmental pollution. These cause the skin to look dull and dry. Jalupro youth serum is applied to anyone who wants to prevent all these and achieve a healthy, young and bright skin.

What is in Jalupro Youth Serum?

The active ingredients of Jalupro youth serum consist of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin. The youth serum contains substances that make the skin appear brighter. With these substances, the young person is provided to look both radiant and younger. People who have Jalupro youth serum are satisfied with the result and have it done again after the effect wears off. Those who want Jalupro youth serum can have it done by our experts whenever they want and in repetitions. The healthy ingredients in the Jalupro youth serum are:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • Protein
  • Amino acid
  • glycine
  • L proline
  • L lysine
  • L leucine

Hyaluronic acid is the main material of every filling material and filling is not possible without hyaluronic acid. Jalupro, which is rich in protein and amino acids as well as hyaluronic acid, is a frequently used mesotherapy method in our center.

When Will the Jalupro Result Be Appear ?

The result of Jalupro begins to show its effect within a week following the procedure. In the first week, some patients may experience regional edema, but as of the first week, edema is eliminated and wrinkles are noticed to decrease. It usually takes 30 days for Jalupro to sit on the face and the person gets used to it. Jalupro, the effects of the procedure are made visible when the body starts to produce collagen again and protects the skin of the person. A younger appearance is obtained in the process following the making of Jalupro youth serum. Those who prefer Jalupro youth serum will be extremely satisfied with this process. It is a painless procedure that does not harm the skin and, on the contrary, nourishes the skin. You can contact our experts to take advantage of the Jalupro youth serum.

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