Hair Treatments

We offer hair laser and enriched stem cell treatment services within the scope of hair treatments . If you think that your hair is not as thick as before and has lost its vitality, you should contact us and have a hair analysis. According to the results of the analysis, we apply the treatment that is suitable for you among the hair treatments . You can have hair treatment without any pain or pain, without the need to shave the relevant part of your hair, without sacrificing your daily life. After determining the cause of your hair loss, we apply hair laser or stem cell therapy to eliminate or alleviate this cause. We eliminate hair problems, such as thinning of hair and thinning of hair strands, which are highly probable, with our fast and safe treatment methods.

What are the Services We Provide in the Scope of Hair Treatments?

Our hair treatment applications are 2 pieces:

  • With our hair laser service, we trigger the hair growth in areas where hair does not grow, with laser devices.
  • With the enriched stem cell treatment, we stimulate the roots in the areas where hair loss occurs, and ensure that your hair grows and becomes healthier.

What are the Health Problems That Make Hair Treatments Necessary?

The situations that need to experience hair loss are as follows:

  • As a result of the unhealthy living conditions brought by modern life, hair can become weak and shed.
  • One of the most common causes of hair loss is stress.
  • Hair loss may occur due to genetic factors.
  • Advanced age is one of the factors that affect hair loss.
  • Those with thyroid disease may experience hair loss.
  • Hair loss as a result of iron deficiency may require hair treatment.

What is Hair Laser Application?

Hair laser ; It is a treatment method that we can apply to both male and female patients. We apply hair laser treatment for those who have hair loss, who want to have a more impressive appearance and who prefer their hair to have the density they want. It is a treatment that we apply to our patients whose hair is weak or who have hair loss, without the need for them to interrupt their daily routines. Thinned hair strands thicken and hair loss stops.

With the hair laser application, we use a laser device to ensure that the hair can be healthier. With the laser device, which is suitable for today’s technology, we increase the blood circulation under the skin in the area where you do not have hair. It is a treatment that triggers the existing hair to be stronger if the hair in the area is not completely shed, and triggers hair growth in the area if the hair is shed. With the hair laser, which is one of the effective methods, you can regain your old hair in a healthy and safe way.

What is the Effect of Hair Laser on Hair?

Considering the effect of hair laser on hair; According to research results, it is known that the laser beam increases the blood circulation in the scalp by 54%. With the increase in blood circulation in the skin, it is seen that hair loss also decreases. We apply hair laser treatment using a diode laser emitting a beam of 670 nanometers. There are research results on hair growth in the temporal region and vertex in a patient who has undergone hair laser treatment.

Thanks to our hair laser treatment, we prevent the scalps of our patients from getting bloody or the existing hair follicles from being restored, and we ensure that new hair grows. Our laser devices produce a level of heat that will not damage the tissues, thereby accelerating the blood circulation in the area of hair loss. The cell absorbs the laser light and cell metabolism is supported by this light.

How is Hair Laser Application Made?

Before applying hair laser treatment , our expert dermatologists conduct consultation and hair analysis, and accordingly, we determine whether or not hair laser can be applied or how it should be applied. The number of sessions required for each patient’s hair structure and degree of hair loss and the frequency of these sessions vary. We prepare a treatment plan for hair laser for our patients according to the area to be transplanted and the hair analysis. We open small channels with dermapen to the hair follicles so that the hair can grow and be nourished faster. By massaging the serum we have prepared into your scalp, we move on to the stage of shooting with the laser device. We shoot the capillaries under the scalp that have lost their function with a laser device. In this way, it is seen that the blood circulation in the hair areas of our patients increases. In order to obtain more efficient results from hair laser application, dermapen and nourishing serum can be used. Laser beams can reach the skin deeply through the opened channels. After stimulating the hair follicles, protein synthesis and triggering of cell regeneration provide positive results from the hair laser.

How Long Does Hair Laser Treatment Take?

Considering the duration of hair laser application ; We do 20-minute sessions twice a week for our patients who will just start this practice. Although these times are different for each of our patients, we do hair laser sessions once a week. After 10 sessions, a noticeable difference emerges. When a minimum of 6 months has passed, our patients can see the effect they expect from the hair laser most clearly. You can have the hair that you dream of in a painless, safe and comfortable way.

In order to make the hair laser application much more effective, it may be possible to apply it together with hair transplantation treatment in some cases. Those who want their hair to reach the desired state with the combined treatment should have a hair laser application within 15 days or 1 month before the hair transplant. For those who want to have hair laser application after hair transplantation; We apply hair laser treatment one month after hair transplantation. We achieve effective and ideal results from hair laser treatment. For this reason, we ensure that the transplanted hair is more likely to retain.

Is Hair Laser Treatment Applied to Women?

The application of hair laser to women solves many hair problems. In our female patients, we ensure that the hair follicles in these areas are activated when their hair is reduced or not. With the hair laser, we make your hair look much more lively, bright and high quality. We ensure that hair loss, which is genetic at an average rate of 65%, is greatly reduced.

In order to be able to apply hair laser treatment to women, we first determine the cause of hair loss and its deficiencies. We investigate whether there is a hormonal situation and we are sensitive about the health status of our patients during the treatment process. Within the scope of the hair treatments they need, we stimulate the hair follicles with a laser device and ensure that they have thicker hair. In the hair laser treatment we apply to our female patients, it can be seen that there is a difference in the quality and density of the hair within an average of 6 months.

Is Pain or Pain Felt in Hair Laser Treatment?

There is no pain in the hair laser application . The reason for this is that there is no incision or surgical intervention in the hair laser. The laser devices we use during the procedure do not hurt you.

Who Is Enriched Stem Cell Treatment For Hair Suitable For?

Those who can apply stem cell therapy to the hair ; They are people over the age of 18. We apply stem cell therapy to our patients who need it, regardless of gender or age. After the stem cell treatment, it takes an average of 8 months to see the change in your hair at the desired level. Stem cells are constantly renewing and repairing themselves, and hair cells will begin to repair themselves over time. When we complete the stem cell treatment, after 3 months, the stem cells start to work to renew and repair.

How is Enriched Stem Cell Therapy Applied?

For the application of stem cell therapy, we first take fat from an area of your body. We provide the decomposition of fats into stem cells with laboratory special devices. Before injecting it into your scalp, we apply local anesthesia to your scalp in order not to hurt you. We carefully inject stem cells into the scalp. Injected stem cells adhere to the skin over time and begin to stimulate the hair areas. Hair follicles begin to be repaired and hair follicles that are both strengthened and revitalized no longer fall out. Our patients, to whom we apply enriched stem cell treatment, have brighter and thicker hair.

What are the Advantages of Enriched Stem Cell Therapy?

Considering the pros of stem cell therapy for hair ; It is a treatment method that allows hair follicles to grow healthier and faster after they are strengthened and revitalized. In the enriched stem cell treatment, it is an operation that has no side effects, as we apply the treatment with cells from our patients’ own tissues. It is completely organic. We can not only apply stem cell therapy so that the hair follicles can be stronger, but also we can apply stem cell therapy so that the hair follicles of our patients who have had hair transplantation can grow much faster. Although there is no scientific evidence that stem cell therapy delays graying of hair, it is known to have an effect on preventing pigment loss. For this reason, the hair of our patients, to whom we applied stem cell therapy, turns gray later. In addition to being a practical treatment method that does not require surgical operation, it is preferred for hair treatments because the desired result can be obtained in a single session.

How Long Does Enriched Stem Cell Therapy Take?

The duration of stem cell therapy for hair ; The average is between 1 and 1.5 hours. We obtain the essential oil from our patients in order to complete the stem cell treatment. This process is completed in 20 minutes. We ensure that the oils we take are separated into stem cells in the laboratory environment and then we enrich these stem cells. Their decomposition and enrichment takes an average of 1 hour. We can complete the injection of stem cells into the scalp of our patients in as little as 10 minutes. With stem cell treatment in one session, we ensure that your hair can get the vitamins and minerals they need. There is no special care that needs to be applied after a second session or procedure. None of our patients who receive enriched stem cell therapy need to disrupt their daily routines during this process.

Does an Allergic Reaction Occur After Enriched Stem Cell Treatments?

There is no allergic reaction after the hair stem cell treatment . Since we obtain stem cells by processing the fats we take from our patients’ own bodies, injecting these cells into the scalp does not involve any risk. Depending on the amount of hair loss, hair type and the causes of hair loss, the result of stem cell treatment varies. How long the process will be for you is a personal matter, but there is no situation that may cause side effects or allergic reactions.

Can Those With Baldness Problem Have Enriched Stem Cell Treatment?

Considering the situation of bald individuals receiving stem cell therapy ; It is not a treatment that can be applied to those who are bald. There is no harm in the application of stem cell therapy in order to make new-onset hair loss, lifeless and weak hair more alive. However, since enriched stem cell therapy is not equivalent to hair transplantation, our patients who are in search of hair treatments and have baldness problems cannot find a solution to these problems with stem cell therapy.