Tesla Former

What is Tesla Former?

Thanks to Tesla Former , you will get in shape using magnetic energy. You will be able to do 50 thousand squats in as little as 30 minutes! By entrusting yourself to Tesla Former, do sports from where you are sitting. This system allows the muscles to work isotonic and isometric. With Tesla Former , you can build this amount of muscle and burn fat.

Tesla Former, which is used to strengthen muscles in the abdomen, hips, legs, arms and pelvic floor areas thanks to the specially developed Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology, burns fat and shapes the body while structuring the muscles. Achieving the look you desire has never been easier! Apart from the squat, you can also do other fitness movements that come to mind, such as sit-ups and sit-ups with the Tesla Former.

What Are the Benefits of Tesla Former?

Tesla former benefits can be listed as follows:

  1. No recovery period is required.
  2. You shape your body.
  3. It is a non-invasive application.
  4. You provide easier fat burning.
  5. You can develop your muscles.
  6. You can stay in shape.
  7. You can lift your butt without surgery.
  8. Thanks to the magnetic field, you can do all of this without taking off your clothes.
  9. It is possible to use without skin contact.

Is Tesla Former a Painful Procedure?

There is no Tesla Former pain . Working with magnetic field technology, the machine strengthens the muscles. Thanks to the high-intensity pulsed magnetic field, it helps the muscles to contract without even touching the skin. In the meantime, definitely pain, pain, etc. You will not experience any unwanted feelings. Thanks to Tesla Former , which is both a quick and practical way to build muscle and shape the body, you reduce your fat tissue. Because the fat tissues in the body begin to be used by the muscles.

How Many Sessions of Tesla Former Should Be Applied ?

The number of Tesla Former sessions will vary according to the person’s current body condition, age, and desired results. It should be applied as 8 sessions in total, 2 times a week. If necessary, protection or continuation sessions are recommended once every 2 weeks or once every 3 weeks. 2 days are left between sessions. At least 2 sessions per week should be applied. It is a concentrated and effective device for body building. The magnetic field spreads through the clothes. Just like when you exercise, motoric nerves are triggered. The muscle contracts. You will feel like you are doing high-intensity sports. Body shaping is possible up to the desired level.

What Is Tesla Former Used For ?

The use of Tesla Former can be for butt lift, shaping the legs, core therapy, correcting the poster, and clarifying the lozenges. Thanks to the device that works with FMS technology painlessly and painlessly, regional thinning can also be applied. It is not enough just to be thinner to have a shaped body. It is also essential to strengthen the muscles under the fat layer. It is possible to achieve both together with the Tesla Former.

Can Tesla Former be Combined with Different Treatments?

Combination of Tesla Former is possible. It is completely safe to use in combination with the following applications:

  1. mesotherapy,
  2. Cold Lipolysis,
  3. Hot Lipolysis,
  4. Accent Prime,
  5. Onda Coolwaves,
  6. HIFU,
  7. By using it with RF, you can achieve the desired appearance in a shorter time in your slimming results.

Is Tesla Former Safe?

Tesla Former safety has been scientifically proven. Tesla FMS technology is also used for gynecology and physical therapy, rehabilitation, apart from the aesthetic field. It has results supported by scientific data. The device, which does not come into contact with the skin, provides such effective results even by working on the clothes. This method, called Functional Magnetic Stimulation, means that the muscles work at high intensity. Thanks to the focused magnetic waves, more than 50 thousand contractions can be achieved in a single session. Tesla Former has proven to be technically superior to other devices used in FMS technologies.

In Which Fields Is Tesla Former Used ?

The areas where Tesla Former is used are almost every part of the body. Its use in the abdominal area is extremely common. Targeting the motor neurons of the abdominal muscles with magnetic pulses, this device allows you to achieve 50 thousand contractions in just 30 minutes. Tesla Former can also be used in the arm and thigh area. By targeting the biceps, triceps, and quadriceps muscles, the muscle begins to contract and relax with each magnetic pulse. In this way, muscle mass increases in the application area. While the fat tissue is burned, thinning is also provided. If it is applied on the hip, you will reach the hip form you desire without having to shed a single drop of sweat. You don’t need gyms to get an athletic look. Get the form you want with your hips by connecting to Tesla Former.

Who Can Have a Tesla Former?

People who can have a Tesla Former are those who eat healthy, have an active life and still want to have a more muscular appearance. When you have a Tesla Former, remember that your results are closely related to your diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle features. 30 minutes is enough to get a Tesla Former. Rest after the procedure, etc. not necessary. You can resume your normal life immediately after exiting. Tesla Former is a process that can be done even during lunch. If you adopt a healthy diet and exercise with Tesla Former, you will be more satisfied with the results. It is not possible to have Tesla Former when you are pregnant or injured without returning to your normal state.

Can I Lose Weight with Tesla Former?

Tesla Former is not preferred for weight loss . It is preferred for slimming, increasing muscle mass and burning fat. A balanced healthy diet and regular exercise are required for weight loss. After complying with the original session programs for Tesla Former, you can have it done at any time you want. After the procedure, redness, pain, edema, etc. undesirable situations. On the contrary, people who come out of the Tesla Former process say they feel like they just got out of the massage. Make your appointment to get in shape, get the body you want and benefit from the massage effect!

30 minutes

8 Sessions Twice a Week