Accent Prime

What is Accent Prime?

Thanks to Accent Prime , it has been possible to obtain satisfactory results in cellulite treatment and regional slimming in different parts of the body. In the Accent Prime method, both Ultrasound and Radio frequency technology are combined and used. It is an application that gives personalized results. Since a patented technology is used, it is reliable and can be used with peace of mind. Alma Laser’s patented Unipolar technology is used. It has a working system based on the heating of the tissues located at different depths of the skin. With focused depth control, the treatment is adjusted according to the patient’s characteristics. While adjusting the treatment, attention is paid to the patient’s skin type, the thickness of the treated skin, and the indication.

On Which Parts of the Body Can Accent Prime Be Applied?

The body areas where Accent Prime is applied are almost everywhere. It is frequently applied in the leg area, abdomen and hips, especially in the underarms and back areas where cellulite is intensely observed. With aging, the skin on the arms, shoulders and back begins to lose its firmness. More adipose tissue is formed. This causes an undesirable appearance. It is possible to say goodbye to this look thanks to the effective application of Accent Prime . Ultrasonic waves provide tight arms and a smooth appearance.

Excellent results have been obtained with this device in the stomach and abdomen as well. The stomach is known as the most sensitive area in our body. Thanks to Accent prime, you can say goodbye to the fat tissue in the abdomen. You will have tight, supple skin. Your waist also gets thinner.

There may be sagging due to the decrease of collagen fibers in and around the face. Accent Prime picks up these sagging. It keeps the skin flexible. It helps to reduce fat. You will get results in a short time. You can choose Accent Prime for the following regions:

  1. under arm,
  2. inner leg,
  3. Back,
  4. Waist,
  5. Thigh,
  6. Hip,
  7. basin,
  8. Your wife,

What is Accent Prime Focused Depth Control?

Accent Prime Focused Depth Control is the name given to the technology used. This technology, which causes heating in the target tissue, precisely determines the depth of the treatment. It is possible for users to get optimum results. Desired depth can be adjusted. Deep and superficial treatment approaches are possible thanks to this technology. If you say you want to get more effective results, you can apply combined treatments by consulting your specialist. If it is applied with other treatment methods, it is possible to get more permanent and shorter results.

What are Accent Prime Usage Areas?

Accent prime usage areas can be listed as follows:

  1. Cellulite Treatment,
  2. skin rejuvenation,
  3. Increasing skin elasticity,
  4. skin tightening,
  5. Improving skin quality,
  6. Regional slimming and regional fat reduction,
  7. body tightening,
  8. Reducing regional fat,
  9. You can leave yourself in the hands of Accent Prime for body shaping.

What are the Accent Prime Benefits?

Accent Prime benefits can be listed as follows:

  1. It offers treatment in 4 seasons.
  2. It can be preferred by all skin types.
  3. It is painless.
  4. It has no side effects.
  5. Gradual heating is possible.
  6. It works with the integrated cooling system.
  7. Patient comfort is not compromised.
  8. It has a short application time.
  9. It has special applicators to apply in narrow areas such as the chin and the inside of the arms.
  10. It has fast and easy-to-use technology.
  11. It comes with focused depth control.
  12. Allows for customizable treatments.
  13. You get long-lasting results.
  14. Its success has been scientifically tested.
  15. It offers the opportunity to perform multiple treatments in the same session.
  16. It has FDA approval.
  17. You do not need to do any special maintenance after the application.
  18. No recovery period is required.
  19. It can be done even in the afternoon.
  20. The patient returns to his social life immediately.

How Does Accent Prime Work?

Accent Prime working principle includes the latest technological developments. The new generation body shaping system is based on both ultrasound and radio frequency technology. The merging of both technologies in the same system has been achieved. It has a wide range of applications from skin tightening to cellulite treatment. Accent Prime has a homogeneous working principle. Provides removal of stubborn oils. Deep thermal heating is provided in the tissue. Thanks to the powerful combination, powerful results can be achieved. The number of sessions required is also reduced. It has a capacity of up to 300 Watts. In addition, the self-resistance compatibility is high at the same time. There is minimal energy loss. You get maximum power with every application. Effectively, body impedance is eliminated in a short time.

45-60 Minutes Per Zone

4 Sessions