Q-Switched Laser

What is a Q-Switched Laser?

Q-Switched Laser is an advanced technology product. He is known for his very powerful throw. It is among the advantages of being a short-term treatment method. It is among the most effective methods known in the treatment of stains. Although various creams are used for spot treatment, this laser system is preferred because it gives much more effective results. Before the application, it is absolutely necessary to undergo a physical examination by the physicians. Accordingly, the treatment method is determined. Thanks to this laser, people can get rid of age spots and sunspots. For this, the laser must be applied for a certain period of time. Issues such as how many sessions should be performed and the duration of the procedure will all be determined by the specialist physician.

Does Q-Switched Laser Damage Tissues?

Q-Switched Laser does not cause damage . It is preferred because it targets only the areas that need to be treated without damaging the surrounding tissues. Heat loss to the surrounding tissues is minimal. It is a locally applied treatment method. He hits very fast. Thanks to its effects, tattoo removal is a method used to treat skin problems such as Mongolian spot, age spot, nevus of ota, nevus of ito and sunspot.

How to Treat Spots Using Q-Switched Laser ?

Except for tattoo removal, local anesthesia is not used during spot treatment using Q-Switched Laser . Generally, Q-Switched Laser treatments take 10-15 minutes. People finish their treatment after an average of 4-5 sessions, but tattoo removal sessions may be longer. Sessions are planned for individuals once a week or longer. When these sessions are over, people get the skin they desire. However, it is recommended to wait up to 6 months for full results. After the procedure, slight redness can be seen. These rashes also go away on their own.

Who Can Have Spot Treatment Using Q-Switched Laser?

People who can have spot treatment using Q-Switched Laser are usually those with advanced spots. Although the use of creams gives results for light spots, people with deep spots should resort to more effective methods. People who have tried creams but cannot get results can get rid of their spots by using the Q-Switched Laser.

In Which Areas Is Curas Q-Switched Laser Used ?

Although the usage areas of Curas Q-Switched Laser are very wide, the most important ones can be listed as follows:

  • carbon peeling,
  • sun spots,
  • age spots,
  • feather yellowing,
  • soft peeling,
  • epidermal spots,
  • dermal spots,
  • Tattoo removal in any color,
  • This type of laser is used for the treatment of nail fungus.

Since the Q-Switched Laser is extremely effective, it can be used successfully in all these problems.

What are the Curas Q-Switched Laser Advantages?

Curas Q-Switched Laser benefits include:

  • Laser provides stable energy.
  • Double lamp and double rod laser system is used.
  • It is easy and reliable. It provides stable shooting. User errors are minimized as there are registered treatment parameters.
  • It had a specially designed 8 mm honeycomb shaped focus slot. Pico allows shooting.
  • The pain experienced during treatment is minimal. It provides working with a short-range double shot system.
  • The target is reached with maximum energy and minimal damage.

What are the Curas Q-Switched Laser Side Effects?

Curas Q-Switched Laser side effects are almost non-existent. Redness can be seen in the treated area immediately after the procedure. This will also go away by itself. It may also be a payment. However, none of these side effects are permanent. Shortly after the treatment, you will witness that they disappear without you having to do anything. Be sure to follow the recommendations given to you by the physician. In this way, you will ensure that the side effects pass more easily. If high-dose treatment is applied, the formation of water-filled bubbles may occur. It is also known that bruising and scars are seen. If these situations occur, be sure to contact your doctor.

People may be concerned about scarring after laser tattoo removal. However, such is not the case. The crusting that occurs is temporary and is not a wound. As the ink deteriorates, the skin is exposed and this skin is new skin. You can choose to try laser therapy for tattoo removal without worrying about the scar.

How Many Sessions Are Required for Tattoo Removal with Curas Q-Switched Laser ?

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal with Curas Q-Switched Laser varies according to tattoo characteristics. The pigment loads and colors of the laser directly affect the number of sessions. In general, this treatment method takes between 4 and 8 sessions. It is known that in some tattoos, this period may increase even more depending on the size. After receiving treatment, the person should take a break of at least 6 weeks to clean the broken ink. Some people may want to get rid of their tattoos as soon as possible. In this case, people are offered higher-dose treatment options. However, this option is not recommended as it can cause damage to people’s skin.

Whichever treatment method you want to receive with the Q-Switched Laser , make sure that you have determined the correct treatment time and dose with the specialist beforehand. Instead of hurting your skin in a hurry, start the treatment by listening to the expert advice.

30 minutes

3 – 6 Sessions 30 Min. / 3 – 6 Sessions