Hot Lipolysis

Hot Lipolysis is a regional slimming method in which we remove the fat from the body without the need for surgical intervention by breaking down subcutaneous fat cells with a 4-head diode laser reaching between 42 and 47 degrees. Within the scope of our Hot Lipolysis procedures, we enable you to get rid of your excess fat and make your skin look firmer.

How Does Hot Lipolysis Work?

We list the details about how hot lipolysis works as follows:

  • Our hot lipolysis device works by targeting fat tissues.
  • It performs fat burning by heating and destroying your fat cells in a controlled manner with laser energy.
  • In this system, only fat tissue is broken down, while no other tissue is damaged.
  • A movement occurs at the molecular level in adipose tissue.
  • With our hot lipolysis application, the 47-degree heat we transmit afterwards gradually breaks down the fat cells.
  • Thanks to the working system of our application device, all the fat cells that are broken down are completely eliminated from the body within two months.

For Which Purposes Is Hot Lipolysis Applied?

We list information about the goals of hot lipolysis application as follows:

  • Removing excess fat in the hips,
  • Eliminating waist fat,
  • Eliminate excess fat in the inner arms and legs,
  • Burn fat in the thigh area,
  • To ensure thinning in all these areas,

With our hot lipolysis treatment that we apply for these purposes, we enable you to benefit from fat burning in more than one area of your body. We achieve successful results by removing regional fat in both male and female patients.

Is There Pain in Hot Lipolysis?

The pain sensation of hot lipolysis is experienced at a very low level. Our hot lipolysis device, which works with a special technique, gives heat shocks at certain intervals. With the heat shock, you will feel a tolerable and short-term pain. Immediately after the procedure, you will not feel this pain and you can continue your daily life. Mild swelling and redness that lasts only one day disappears the next day and does not cause discomfort.

How Long Does Hot Lipolysis Treatment Take?

Hot lipolysis treatment time is 25 minutes for each session. Within the scope of our 25-minute sessions, we ensure that you achieve the slim-looking body you have in mind within a 6-week period. If you benefit from fat burning in more than one area, we ensure that you can get the most effective results in a maximum of 12 weeks depending on your fat tissue ratio.

When is the Effect of Hot Lipolysis Noticeable?

The time when the effects of hot lipolysis are noticeable is the day immediately following our first session. Starting from the second day, you can observe the changes in the area that are the result of fat burning, and you can notice a significant thinning within 3 weeks. At the end of one to 2 months, you can easily fart that you are significantly thinner. After our clinical studies, we enable you to achieve the advantage of regional thinning up to a maximum of 4 cm in one session.

Things to Consider After Hot Lipolysis

We list the information about what to pay attention to after hot lipolysis as follows:

  • After our hot lipolysis application, you should take care to consume 2 liters of water every day.
  • Avoiding excessive consumption of fatty and salty foods will help you maintain your fit appearance for longer.
  • The weight should be lifted immediately after our procedure. After an hour of rest, you can return to social life.
  • Taking care to rub the areas where we apply hot lipolysis with light movements with the help of cream every day accelerates the removal of fat with circulation.

Are There Side Effects of Hot Lipolysis?

Hot lipolysis is an application without side effects. After this regional thinning method, in which we do not perform a surgical intervention, only a slight redness and swelling occurs. These effects disappear within a few days and are due to the fact that our intervention is still very fresh. Hot lipolysis does not leave any permanent side effects on your body and does not leave an incompatible reflection on health conditions.

Is Hot Lipolysis the Definitive Solution for Regional Slimming?

Hot lipolysis is considered as a definitive result in regional thinning. With our hot lipolysis method, we break down your regional area fats and ensure that they are removed from your body with zan. In this context, the same fat you lose will not come back again. After our interventions, you can maintain your fit and slim appearance in permanent conditions with the food preferences and water consumption level we will recommend to you. In order for a method that effectively breaks down fat, such as hot lipolysis, to lose its effectiveness, you need to continue eating high-fat, salty and high-calorie processed foods, which in any case has a negative impact on the treatment results.

What are the Advantages of Hot Lipolysis Treatment?

We list the opportunities for hot lipolysis treatment as follows:

  • You are not subjected to any surgical procedure within the scope of our hot lipolysis method.
  • As a result, no incisions or surgical scars occur on any part of your body.
  • With short 25-minute sessions, you get effective solutions.
  • You can resume your work life after just one day of rest.
  • You can be discharged on the same day and spend time at home as you wish.
  • With technological devices, you have the opportunity to eliminate regional fat deposits.
  • With our hot lipolysis procedure, you are protected from damage to the surrounding area tissues other than fat tissues.
  • Within the scope of the bit session, you can have the chance to get rid of a minimum of 15% fat tissue.
  • You get the chance to slim down by a minimum of 2 cm in a single session.

With our cold lipolysis technique, which we offer these advantages, you can get rid of excess fat in your regional areas such as arm, leg, belly, hip, waist.

How Much Thinner Is It Possible With Hot Lipolysis?

With hot lipolysis, the slimming measure is between 4 cm and 16 cm. Within the framework of our single session application, we ensure that you benefit from a maximum of 4 cm thinning advantage depending on the amount of fat tissue and the type of regional area we intervene. After 7 to 8 sessions, we do not apply surgical intervention in our hot lipolysis procedures that allow you to slim down up to 16 cm.

Thanks to the slimming you will achieve within the scope of our hot lipolysis procedures, your self-confidence will increase, and when you look in the mirror, you will see a more proportionate body and a body that suits your clothes better. With our hot lipolysis applications, especially in the arm and waist area, we make it possible for you to have more dynamic, proportional regional areas without sagging skin, cellulite and excess fat.

Who Is Hot Lipolysis Not Suitable For?

We list the people for whom hot lipolysis is inconvenient as follows:

  • Mothers who continue breastfeeding,
  • Expectant mothers during pregnancy,
  • People with heart disease,
  • People with psoriasis and skin conditions,
  • People with cancer, AIDS, kidney disease,
  • Those with advanced liver disease,
  • People with epileptic seizures,
  • Those with umbilical hernia,
  • Those with the skin condition vitiligo,

These patient groups are individuals who are not suitable for the hot lipolysis method.

If you do not have these discomforts and are uncomfortable due to your regional fat deposits, you can benefit from our hot lipolysis method that we perform with professional steps. If you wish, you can remove excess fat in all different parts of your body such as hips, buttocks, hips, arms and legs within a single treatment period through our session programs.

When you come to us with the request to get rid of all your regional fat, we prepare the session program suitable for you and carry out the most effective treatment stages.

What Should Be Done Before Hot Lipolysis?

We list the information about what to do before hot lipolysis as follows:

  • You should not be too hungry or too full before our sessions.
  • On the day of your session appointment, you can eat nutritious fruits, salads or vegetable dishes.
  • It is beneficial to consume a minimum of 3 liters of water the day before your session.
  • In addition to water consumption, a light sport with jogging or walking will be appropriate to prepare for the session.
  • It is useful to experience a good night’s sleep the night before.

If you pay attention to these details, we ensure that you go through a very comfortable, trouble-free and successful treatment process in our sessions.

Is Hot Lipolysis Performed Immediately After Childbirth?

It is not possible to have hot liposuction immediately after birth. As part of this process, you need to provide the milk your baby needs through breastfeeding. We do not recommend using the hot lipolysis method during breastfeeding. Since there is no risk if your baby stops breastfeeding, you can comfortably remove your abdominal fat and regional fat deposits that occur during pregnancy with hot lipolysis by taking advantage of our professional steps.

On the other hand, not only hot but also cold lipolysis and laser lipolysis are not medically recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this critical period, it is important for the mother to breastfeed the baby and to ensure the quality of the milk with healthy nutrition and rest.

Hot Lipolysis or Cold Lipolysis?

While giving details about the choice of hot or cold lipolysis, we should state that both methods offer a successful fat shredding effect, so there will be no loss of advantage in the choice of both. Within the scope of our hot and cold lipolysis applications, you will not experience risks such as feeling pain, sagging, tissue damage. Depending on this, you can get rid of different regional fats in your body with our hot or cold lipolysis technique after a maximum of 10 to 12 sessions.

There are only technical differences between our two methods. In hot lipolysis, with our special device, we deliver heat under the tissue at a level that breaks down fat cells and breaks down the fat, while in cold lipolysis, we first cool the fat tissues to -10 degrees and then break them down to +10 degrees.

Hot Lipolysis for Waist Area

Our hot lipolysis procedures for the waist area are our method that allows you to have a slimmer and curved waist. If you have excess fat on both sides of your waist area that prevents you from wearing tight clothes or restricts your mobility, our hot lipolysis application offers the definitive solution for you.

The heat effect that we will transmit to the excess fat in your waist area with our special hot lipolysis device helps you to achieve the appearance you have in mind within an average of 1 month by breaking down your fat.

This technique, in which we provide slimming by breaking down the fat in the waist area, is a method preferred by our male patients as well as women. In order to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance, especially when wearing t-shirt models, excess fat on the sides of the waist should be effectively removed. Accordingly, we eliminate your excess fat that you cannot lose after applying exercise and diet lists with precise results within the scope of our hot liposuction application.

Is There an Age Limit for Hot Lipolysis?

The age limit for hot lipolysis is 18 years. People over 18 years of age who cannot get rid of their regional fat can achieve a slimmer body with our hot lipolysis applications. Before the age of 18, people who do the necessary exercises and lose weight, who cannot melt their regional fats despite achieving weight loss throughout the body,
hot lipolysis
We offer precise solutions with our application.

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