Rope Hanger

Rope suspensionis a kind of suspension method applied to the skin to lift the tissues up. Sincerope suspension is biocompatible with the body, it does not have any side effects. The main purpose of this procedure is to prevent wrinkles, loosening and sagging of the skin. Threads containing polycaprolactone, polylactic acid and polydiaxanone are used during the procedure. The threads do not cause any damage to the tissues. People who want to look younger but do not favor surgical procedures can benefit from rope suspension. Flexible threads are used during the process. In this way, the wrinkled parts are stretched as much as desired. Threads are not only used to look younger, they are also an ideal treatment for people with facial paralysis. Wrinkles that appear on the skin of the person can be treated in a planned manner with this method. It is important for the success of the procedure to be completed in a short time.

How Rope Suspension Surgery is Performedr?

The following applications are performedinrope slingsurgery:

  • First, local anesthesia is applied to the patient’s skin. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain or ache during the procedure.
  • The duration varies depending on the operation to be performed. The procedure usually takes 30-45 minutes.
  • Since the thread application is not surgical, no stitches are required.
  • Individuals undergoing the procedure do not need to rest or take home rest.
  • Patients are discharged on the same day and return to their social lives.

Does Thread Lift Surgery Hurt?

Whetherthe rope sling ispainful or not is the most hesitant part of people who are thinking of having this application. In the procedure, the threads are placed at depths that cannot be felt by patients. This eliminates the feeling of anxiety. There is no uncomfortable feeling of pain. Since extremely fine yarns are used, there is no sensation when touched by hand.

The Rope Hanger Remained Noserma Worklemi NasıWhat Happens?

Lifting the nose with arope sling is especially preferred for slightly arched or low-ended noses. This medical application is used to make the arch less visible or to lift the tip of the nose. This application, which does not cause both pain and pain sensation, is applied by our experienced physicians and produces successful results. It is not possible to talk about any side effects of the nose lift procedure.

Especially people who do not favor surgical applications such as surgery often prefer the nose lift method with rope suspension. The nose shape and profile appearance of suitable candidates can be improved instantly with this method.

Low nasal tip is a problem that restricts air passage. Women or men with this problem may have difficulty breathing. To improve quality of life, it is necessary to eliminate breathing problems. This is made possible by the rope suspension method.

Whether a person is a suitable candidate for this procedure is revealed after the examination. Suitable candidates are provided with cleaning of the application area in the first stage. Then the nose and its surroundings are numbed with local anesthesia. In this way, a comfortable and painless procedure is completed. The applications performed in the nose suspension procedure can be expressed as follows:

  • It is entered through a small hole made in the skin of the nose.
  • The cartilages at the tip of the nose are suspended to the cartilage called septum with the help of a rope.
  • Based on the hanging process, the name of the procedure is also known as the nose hanging technique.

In this procedure, which takes an average of 20 minutes, different numbers of threads are needed to lift the nose. The number of threads varies between 3 and 6 for nose tip lifting depending on the person. For the back of the nose, between 4-6 ropes are needed.

Rope Hanger with Almond Göz or How It Is Done Surgicallyr?

İp askI yömethod ofözlere application takes about half an hour. Surgical lifting of the eye takes more than two hours. While hospitalization may be required for eyelid or eye contour surgeries, no hospitalization is required for the thread suspension method. Other differences between eyelid surgery and thread suspension almond eye procedure are mentioned below:

  • After the surgery, there is some swelling and bruising around the eye or in the eye itself. Depending on the structure of the skin, the disappearance time of bruises varies and bruises disappear between 7 days and 10 days. In the rope suspension almond eye method, there is no mention of any bruising.
  • Some stitches appear during eye surgeries. Stitches or dressings are unnecessary with the rope sling method.
  • Surgical interventions such as eye surgery cause pain and pain sensation. This feeling is absent when the rope is suspended.

Slanted G with Rope Hangeröz Businesslemi NasStructuredr?

İp askI yöwith an upward slanted göz The main reason why the process is preferred is the feeling of difference it creates in the gaze. Thanks to this procedure, people with round eyes can gain a slanted appearance in their eyes.

Rope sling application is performed under local anesthesia. Threads named PDO are indispensable in this process. The eyes are pulled to the side with these strings. The most advantageous part of the procedure is that it is only locally numbed without general anesthesia. In this way, individuals can return to their daily lives immediately. Since there is no surgical intervention during the procedure, no stitches or scars can be mentioned. The PDO threads used are biocompatible with the body. In this way, no side effects are expected. Slanted eye thread lift procedure can be more permanent if combined with botox or fillers.

Anyone over 18 years of age and looking for a slanted look in their eyes can benefit from the rope suspension method. The procedure is especially preferred by people with a low eye structure. The duration of the procedure varies between 20-30 minutes. You can return to daily life immediately after the procedure and it can provide 10 months of permanence.

How long does a rope suspension neck lift take?rer?

Materials such as Polylactic Acid and Polydiaxanone are utilized during theneck stretching applicationof the rope sling. Rope suspension application can also be used in the treatment of double chin suspension. The general feature of the ropes used during the operation is that they are the same as the ropes used in heart surgery. These threads dissolve over time and activate collagen tissue. The melting of the threads does not adversely affect the permanence.

The permanence of rope hangers, which are used safely on the skin and do not cause any harm, varies between one year and two years. At the end of this time, it is very rare that the threads melting under the skin cause any reaction in the body.

What are the Types of Rope Hangers?

Thetypes of therope suspensionmethod can be grouped according to the application areas of the rope suspension. In general, rope hangers selected according to mimic movements are most commonly used on the face. In addition, the rope suspension method can also be used in the following areas:

  • Cheek
  • Under the chin
  • Neck
  • Crowbar region
  • Cheekbones
  • Oval part of the face
  • Eyebrow region
  • Forehead lines